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First Names Stacy
Religion Jewish
Ethnic Background Polish American
Education/Degree MA in Educational Psychology
Profession School Psychologist

My Story

Hi!  I am Stacy and am honored that you are taking the time to look at my profile.  I am an independent, fun, active, single woman.  I hoped and expected I’d get married someday, but I haven’t yet met "Mr. Right" so I have decided to make my dream of being a mother a reality on my own.

I absolutely adore children and have known that I wanted to be a mother from a very young age.  I am lucky enough to work with children every day as a School Psychologist and impact their lives in a positive way.  I am also very fortunate to have wonderful family and friends who mean the world to me.  Everyone I know is so excited to welcome a child into my life with open arms!

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Family Life

I grew up in a small but close-knit family.  I am very fortunate to have grown up with an extremely supportive, loving mother who has always been my best friend and closest confidante.  She lives about 15 minutes away from me so I am lucky to be able to see her very often.  I also have an older brother, Michael with whom I am close. When we were children, we loved playing board games, making tent forts, and making up little skits to act out. He lives with his long-term girlfriend who I consider to be my sister-in-law.  My Dad would have loved to be a Grandfather but unfortunately, he passed away 7 years ago.  He was very outgoing and generous and instilled in me the meaning of the word, "respect."  He also always provided for me financially and I feel lucky and so appreciative for all that he was able to give me.

I am also very close with my Aunt and Uncle and their 2 daughters, my cousins, who have been more likes sisters to me.   They both have 2 small children each.  They are all under the age of three and I cannot put into words how crazy I am about them.

Talking about my family would not be complete without mentioning my best friend, Chris, who in my heart, is truly my sister.  Chris and I have been best friends since our freshman year at college and I am an honorary aunt to her 3 children.

And most important of all is my beautiful dog, Shayna, that you see in many of my pictures.  This gentle, loving 12 pound ball of fluff came into my life and my heart 8 years ago.  She is the most joyful, friendly, playful soul who loves absolutely everyone (children and adults)!

I am truly excited to welcome a new child into this growing family.

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I own a beautiful townhouse which would be a great place for a child to grow up.  I live in a lovely community with neighbors who have become great friends.  My home is located in a town with a great school district and is close to stores, shops, and restaurants.  It also gives me the opportunity to take advantage of its beautiful parks, playgrounds, lakes, and hiking trails which Shayna and I often visit.

I also have many interests that keep me busy. I love the water and look forward to teaching my child how to swim.  Whether it’s a lake, pool, or the ocean - I love to be in the water. I especially enjoy boating, rafting, tubing, andswimming.  I also have a very creative side and love painting and crafts.  When holidays or occasions roll around, I try to make very personalized gifts for friends and family.  I feel that there is nothing like receiving a gift especially made for you.  This helps me to show my loved ones how very special they are to me.  When my cousin got engaged, I painted 40 wine glasses to look like little bridesmaids as party favors for the bridal shower.  Some other activities I enjoy are reading, Yoga, and board games.  I also love to travel and am eager to see and learn more about the world with my child.

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Having the chance to love and raise a child has been a lifelong dream of mine. A dream I’ve hoped and prayed would come true for as long as I can remember.  I admire you immensely for making such a selfless decision and I promise to love, protect and cherish your child.

I am a kind, compassionate, and generous person who will give your child the most beautiful life I possibly can.  I would like us to be able to design an adoption plan that includes a level of openness that we are both comfortable with.  I am open to sending letters, pictures, and emails and annual visits and am willing to consider anything else that you might want to explore.

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Genre of Music Everything!  I love everything from Pop to Rock to Classical to Broadway.
Childhood memory Spending time reading and sharing stories from books with my Aunt.  Also swimming in our pool with my brother and friends.
Quote “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…she became a beautiful butterfly.”
Subject in school Reading/Writing.  I liked Math too.
Magazine People
TV show Three’s Company, Friends & Survivor
Movie Rain Man
Hero My Mom
Holiday 4th of July – summer, beach, and fireworks!
Bedtime story I’ve Loved You Since Forever by Hoda Kotbe
Dessert Key Lime pie
Actor Jennifer Aniston
Video Game I love to play Boggle on my phone.  Not sure if that counts.
Sport to watch or play Swimming
Author No one in particular but I love psychological thrillers.
If your life was a theme song what would it be? Dream on - Aerosmith
Mac or PC? PC
Coffee or Tea? Neither.  Water.
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in weekdays.  Dine out weekends.
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl

Best Wishes

Lastly, I‘d like to tell you what I picture when I dream of raising a child.  I picture myself as a warm, patient, and loving mother who puts her child above everything else in the world.  I picture walks on the beach and trips to my friend’s lake house in the summer where we’d go tubing and make s’mores.  I picture cuddling up and drinking hot chocolate together on snow days.  I picture school lunches always packed with notes letting my child know how much they are loved and sandwiches cut out with special cookie cutters, Friday movie and pizza night, Birthdays where they will wake up to kisses and special treats as soon as they open their eyes.  I picture myself as being a lot like my mother, who was my biggest cheerleader and showed my brother and I every day that there was no one more important to her than us.  Who sent me care packages filled with my favorite things to make my college transition easier.  I picture instilling many of the lessons my father taught me like respect and generosity.  I picture slowing down in this world where everyone is so rushed to get their children to sports and activities, to take it all in and not miss out on any of these special moments. I picture all this and so much more.

I am so thankful that you took the time to look at my profile and get to know me better.

Best wishes, Stacy

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