Shelby & Bobby

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Mother to be Father to be
First Names Shelby Bobby
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background Polish Irish
Education/Degree Bachelors in Science of Nursing Bachelors in Business Administration
Profession Labor & Delivery Nurse Quality Assurance Manager

Our Story

Hi there, it’s nice to “meet” you! We are Shelby & Bobby. Thanks for stopping by and welcome! If you were here in person, we’d pull up a chair for you and sip some hot coffee while we not only shared about our story, but listened to yours as well. For the sake of this setting, we’ll share the short and sweet with you!

Eleven years ago, we met during our freshman orientation of high school. During our senior year in a psychology class, we sat next to each other and the rest is history! Shelby went off to nursing school at Seton Hall and Bobby went to school at Kutztown in PA, but we made long distance work during those four years. Even though we only spent weekends together during that time, some of our most cherished memories happened that we are still talking and laughing about today!

Bobby moved back home after college and we got engaged in May 2017. After seven years of dating, we couldn’t wait to finally be married so six months later we were newlyweds. We now live in our ranch-style home in Central Jersey, with our two playful pups- Hudson & Ricky.

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Family Life

Family is so important to both of us! We live down the street from Shelby’s childhood home- her mom & siblings still live there which is such a blessing having them so close. We have the best vacation spot in Florida where Shelby’s dad & step mom live. We visit them several times a year, and although we love their new location- we wish they were closer! Growing up with divorced parents wasn't always easy but as Shelby has gotten older, she realized a few things: more family members means more love to go around; there's always more room at the kitchen table; and families created through love are just as special as the ones created biologically.

Bobby’s family is about 15 minutes from us and we spend time with them often. His parents have been married 37 years and he is the middle child with one sister on each side. This past Christmas we told our families that we are planning to adopt and their reactions were priceless. Take a look below at their reactions. Everyone is so excited that we are adding another member to our family!

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This might seem a little corny- but we truly love spending time with each other- it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing. Date nights usually include a great meal at a local restaurant, maybe a competitive game of scrabble (Shelby always wins) or a seasonal activity like going to the beach, apple picking or going to see a movie- with some popcorn and diet coke of course!

Our community is always filled with neighbors chatting, kids riding their bikes or walking to the school that’s down the street from us. We also have a brand new park up the street, so the sound of kids playing always fills the air around here.

On Sunday’s we make church and family time a priority. One day we hope our Sunday’s look a little different: rushing around in the morning so we can get the kids to Sunday school on time... heading home so we can fill the house with smells of their favorite home-cooked meal….and lots of fun & games outside as a family while we wait for dinner to be done.

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We recognize that there is an ebb and flow in adoption, and we want to respect your boundaries whatever that may look like, now and in the future. Our hope is to work on a healthy and honoring relationship with you as they grow and to create a plan to connect through phone/texts, pictures, annual visits and events like the Family Options picnic.

In our house, we seek to honor each other’s differences. We believe everyone’s differences make them unique and deserve to be celebrated. In adoption, we are given the awesome opportunity to celebrate a variety of differences- and we can’t wait for that!

If you were to choose adoption with our family, your child would always know their background, and we would seek to continue your traditions and culture as their birth family. We would also maintain relationships in our community that reflect your child’s ethnicity, with the hope that your child would always have role models who mirror them culturally & physically.

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Mother to be Father to be
Genre of Music EDM/pop/Christian Rock
Childhood memory Summer vacation to Topsail & Lake Norman, NC Playing paintball in the woods with friends
Subject Meal Short Ribs & mashed potatoes Chicken Parm & Spaghetti
Subject in school Science History
TV show This is Us Breaking Bad
Movie Couple’s Retreat Star Wars
Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas
Dessert Cheesecake Ben & Jerry’s ice cream- Half Baked
Actor Vince Vaughn Denzel Washington
Sport to watch or play Football Football

Best Wishes

Each present moment on this earth touches eternity and we want the sum of those moments to create a beautiful and flourishing life. With this as our foundation we can promise your child a life full of love, acceptance, laughter, guidance, adventure and wonder.

They will be taught that they are made in God’s image and because of that, they have infinite value.

They will be loved unconditionally- it will be given freely, not something that is earned.

They will be cheered on from the sidelines, or the bleachers, or the school auditorium seats.

There will be comfort and encouragement and second chances.

We will never be perfect, we will never get it right 100% of the time, but we will take each new moment as a chance to do better than the last.

With all of this said, it has truly been our honor to share our story with you. We are praying for you and we hope you find peace, comfort, and support in whichever decision you make.

With Love,

Shelby & Bobby

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