Shauna & Patrick

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Mom Dad
First Names Shauna Patrick
Religion Catholic Catholic
Education/Degree Associates Degree in Business Management High School Diploma
Profession Insurance Learning and development specialist Designer

Our Story

Hi, we are Patrick and Shauna! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page!  We hope our story will give you a small glimpse into our life together including the love, support, and appreciation we have for each other!

Our love story began in 2004 when we started dating, as we got to know each other our relationship blossomed into the beautiful friendship and marriage we share today.  As a couple, we always knew that our pathway to parenthood would look a little different and have always been sure that adoption is the path we are meant to follow in building a family.  We can’t wait to become first-time parents and provide a child with a nurturing and caring home filled with love, laughter, support, and creativity!

A little more about us…we are a kind-hearted and fun-loving couple who are best friends and love spending time together whether its relaxing at home, enjoying an evening out, or embarking on other fun adventures (especially camping)! We grew up within the same county, where most of our family still resides, and we are both the youngest of our siblings.  We are very family oriented, share similar values, and have a wonderful support system made up of our family, friends, and so many others!

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Family Life

We were both raised in a nurturing home and have a strong relationship built on honesty, trust, respect, open-communication, and authenticity.  Family is important to both of us and continues to be a staple in our lives; we speak to our families a few times a week and get together at various times throughout the year. When we do get together, it’s never quiet and there is plenty of kids varying in ages from toddler to teenager!  Our parents are also extremely supportive, they are excited about us building a family and can’t wait to welcome another grandchild into their lives (to love and spoil).  Through all the wonderful people in our lives, we have learned to love more, laugh a little harder, embrace every moment, and most of all, make lasting memories that we can cherish forever!

We enjoy celebrating various holidays with our families from Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Our favorite holiday as a couple is Christmas.  We enjoy the magic of the holiday; each year we decorate our home both inside and out, shop for fun / silly holiday sweaters, watch holiday movies, bake cookies (Shauna bakes while Patrick taste tests), and take time to gather with our families!  We hope to someday share our traditions with a child along with incorporating their heritage and traditions into our lives to blend our cultures.

We really enjoy the outdoors; Fall and Winter are our favorite seasons.  We enjoy apple and pumpkin picking, minor league baseball games, and getting ice cream on those hot summer days.  We also really enjoy camping!  Every year we embark on several camping trips throughout the northeast with family and friends giving us an opportunity to explore new places.  One of our favorite trips (which has become a yearly tradition) is in the Fall, the campground where we stay hosts their Halloween festivities and everyone gets into the holiday spirit!  Throughout the weekend, they offer a variety of activities including painting pumpkins, creating treat bags, trick-or-treating throughout the campground, a Halloween parade and more!  We look forward to this trip every year as it gives us a chance to have a little fun and spend quality time with our family.  Our camping trips are always adventurous; the best part is discovering the hidden gems at each place we visit from homemade donut shops, little farmers markets, or lakes where we can float in tubes or kayak all-day!


We have two cats (Herman & Lilypie), both were rescued from the animal shelters in our area and have made themselves right at home.  Herman loves to eat and sleep; he is a bit skittish but will allow us to snuggle if it’s on his terms.  Lilypie is more outgoing and friendly, she loves to play sparkly ball and enjoys snuggling.

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We reside in a single-family country home in New Jersey with ample space to raise a family.  We are surrounded by nature and wildlife along with a great yard that is waiting for a child to run, play, jump, sled, and tumble down the hills! The neighborhood where we live is rural, quiet, and safe.  Our county has excellent schools and offers a variety of things to do such as zoos, museums, local farms, minor league baseball games, parks, hiking trails, and more!

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Our desire is to establish an ongoing relationship with you which is based on mutual respect and understanding.  We feel that having an open relationship provides a child with valuable connections to his or her past and helps to build the pathway into their future.  In having an open relationship with you, we would love to share letters, pictures, emails, and more.

Diversity is important to us as it’s what makes each of us different and unique.  We understand its natural for a child to wonder about themselves and those that are different from them.  Starting at an early age, we plan to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their lives by encouraging them to ask questions, having open discussions, reading books, attending cultural events in the community, and participating in other learning activities or educational opportunities.  As your child grows and develops, we want to help them maintain a connection to their culture.

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Mother to be Father to be
Genre of Music Country Various
Childhood memory Vacationing with my family; mainly at the Jersey shore Time spent with family and friends
Subject in school English Math
Movie Grease, Beauty and The Beast Groundhog Day, Boondock Saints
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Sport to watch or play Football – Pittsburgh Steelers Football – Pittsburgh Steelers
Author Janet Evanovich and Linda Lael Miller Michael Crichton
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Coffee or Tea? Neither Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in

Best Wishes

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.  We can’t imagine what you are going through and the emotions you must be feeling.  You have such strength!

We hope that through our profile you gained a sense of comfort that we are the right match for both you and your baby.  We want you to know that we will provide your child with a home that is safe and secure, filled with lots of happiness, and where they will be loved unconditionally.  We truly hope to learn more about you, hear what wishes you have for your child, and offer our support.

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