Shabnam & Jon

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Mom Dad
First Names Shabnam Jonathan
Ethnic Background Persian Italian
Education/Degree Doctorate Doctorate
Profession Physician, Emergency Physician, Gastroenterology

Our Story

Hi, we are Jon and Shabnam. Welcome to our page. We met in 2011 while we both were doing our medical internships. We met on the same rotation and it was love at first sight. We had our first date going to the movies and having dinner. We stayed up all night talking about our future. We dated for a few more years, and we became engaged in 2017. After a year of engagement and living in Texas while Jon finished his medical training, we married in Baltimore, MD, in 2018.  We have had many adventures together and are now looking to expand our family.

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Family Life

We are very spiritual.  We believe in God and respect all religions.  We pray and go to Church, donate money to the less fortunate, volunteer, and are involved in our community.   Jon was raised Catholic and participated in confirmation and communion.  We also celebrate Persian holidays, including Nowruz.  We have a large family gathering every year for Thanksgiving and take a family vacation once a year.

As we are both physicians, we highly value education. We believe that education provides an ability to become a well-rounded adult. Education is not only at school, but also traveling, arts, and music.

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Our home is location on 3 acres with a fenced in yard and large patio. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Our friend’s children love playing baseball in our backyard. Our community is diverse with a lot of young children. Our community was once voted the best place to live in America!

We enjoy traveling, museums, and the arts. Shabnam loves to cook, bake, and dance. Jon loves sports, movies, and cooking with Shabnam. Our last trip prior to COVID was to Portugal. Locally, we love hiking, yoga, and trying new restaurants. We love spending time with our family, including two young nieces.

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We are very open to communicating with you throughout this journey via letters, pictures, e-mails, and annual visits. We would like to honor you as the birth mother/family and keep you up to date on how your child is progressing over the years.

We are a very diverse family. Shabnam’s family is Persian and Jon’s family is Italian. Both of Jon’s sisters were adopted from Korea at birth. Having two adopted aunts, we believe will allow your child to have ability to make a connection with someone who has gone through adoption.

We celebrate holidays from all different religions including our friends and neighbors. An example of this is Diwali. We would love nothing more than to incorporate your child’s heritage and traditions from your family into our melting pot.

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Mom Dad
Subject in school Science Science
TV Show This is Us The Office
Movie The Notebook Cinderella Story
Hero Mom (Nahid) Mom (Domenica)
Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas
Sport to watch or play Soccer Tennis
Mac or PC? PC PC
Coffee or Tea? Tea Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Dine out Dine out
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night owl Early riser

Best Wishes

There are really no words for us to describe how we feel about Birth Moms or Birth Families. You are some of the strongest people in the world. Know that you are not alone, and we will all come together for the opportunity for a child to succeed and grow. Our values of education and family as well as having family members who were adopted we believe will make us an excellent family for a child.

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