Robyn & Fawkes

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Mama-to-be Dad-to-be
First Names Robyn Fawkes
Religion none none
Ethnic Background Mixed Race (Chinese/Caucasian) White (Nordic/German/Eastern European)
Education/Degree Master of Arts (MA) Master of Science (MS)
Profession Middle School Teacher Environmental Policy Specialist

Our Story

Hello! We are Fawkes and Robyn, a young couple from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Thank you for taking some time to get to know our family.

In 2017, our first date (at the local restaurant patio that’s still our favorite!) got cut short by a rainstorm, but as we ran back to our cars, soaking wet and laughing, we each already knew we had found someone special. Years later, we were married at the foot of a waterfall in one of our favorite local parks, through which we’ve hiked, biked, and otherwise spent hours exploring. Even now, we delight in the little and big adventures we share every day, and our two sweet hounds, Lupin and Shiloh, are our ever-present adventure buddies. They even join us in the canoe!

We’ve created a wonderful life together with jobs we’re passionate about, a beautiful home, and an incredible network of friends and family for support. Now we can’t wait to begin the next phase of our lives by welcoming a baby into our family. We are an out and proud LGBTQ+ (queer) couple, and both of us have always imagined building a family through adoption. From camping trips to cuddles, we’re excited to share every moment with a little one. We have so much love to give!

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Family Life

As we enter parenthood, we know we’ll have the wisdom and support of a network of loved ones to lean on.

Fawkes’ parents live just minutes away, and they’re looking forward to sharing weekends at the cabin with grandbabies and celebrating Pikku Joulu (“Little Christmas” in Finnish), a favorite family tradition with a gift-giving game, a giant meal, and plenty of homemade Christmas cookies! In warm weather, we love walking to their house for lunch on the patio with Fawkes’ brother and sister.

Robyn’s family is tight-knit, and we stay in touch with frequent phone calls and family vacations. Robyn is the middle of 3 in her family, and her sister and brother-in-law just had their first baby - we’re all excited for cousins to meet! And with relatives in Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Colorado to name just a few, there are some beautiful places we can’t wait to visit with our kiddos.

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The cozy house we own once belonged to Fawkes’ grandparents, so our home is full of happy memories. We have a big yard with a vegetable garden out back and a native wildflower garden up front, so there’s plenty for future kids to explore right at home. Our diverse neighborhood is full of young families, and the beautiful park next to our house (yup, right next door!) is always alive with small children playing on the playground and older ones shooting hoops or, in the winter, skating on the ice rink.

We fill our lives with good people, cozy moments, and plenty of goofiness. We both work Monday-Friday, so weekends are reserved for family time and fun. Our weekends often include homemade waffles, hikes, game nights with our friends and bonfires in the backyard (with s’mores, of course). Robyn has summers off, and she can’t wait for playgrounds, farmers markets, and beach picnics with little ones. Teaching our future kids to swim in Minnesota’s 10,000+ lakes will be a perfect summer pastime for the family!

Our friends mean the world to us, and they’ll be a big part of our future child’s life. We have a tradition of planning elaborate birthday celebrations for one another including Harry Potter-themed parties, scavenger hunts, and even live house concerts. This tradition will be even more fun with kiddos! Several friends are also growing their families right now, and we can’t wait to have play dates.

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We hope for an open adoption, which could include phone calls, cards and letters, emails, photo sharing, and/or annual in-person visits to keep you, baby, and our family connected for life.

We are open to adopting a baby of any racial, ethnic, or cultural background, with the full understanding that it is crucial for the child to grow up knowing, understanding, and participating in their unique heritage.

We are excited to create and share our own family holidays and traditions with a child, but know that learning about and incorporating traditions from their culture(s) of origin will help a child feel connected, whole, and secure in their identity.

As a queer couple, we both understand what it’s like to feel different from those we love and who care for us, and how critical it is to have people in our lives that have shared experiences with our own. We will do everything we can to make sure that a child has access to that same sense of community, history, and self; that they are reflected in the community around them; and that they know we will love them unconditionally for who they are - every part of them.

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Mama-to-be Dad-to-be
Type of tree Birch (like the ones we painted in the nursery!) Bur oak
Book(s) Ella Enchanted Harry Potter series
Season Summer Fall
Subject in school Science! Science! (any/all kinds)
Mythical creature Dragon Phoenix
TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender The Office
Movie 10 Things I Hate About You Spaceballs
Band/Musician Brandi Carlile Motion City Soundtrack
Holiday Christmas Halloween
Dessert crème brulee chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Best Wishes

Our promise to you is that you will always hold a special place in our family and our hearts.

We offer the baby our open hearts and a lifetime of unconditional love. Through all the joys and heartaches of growing up – from learning to walk to moving out on their own – we’ll provide stability and support so the kiddo always feels safe taking risks and trying new things. As a family, we value honesty, integrity, and kindness, and want to pass those gifts on to the next generation.

Unconditional love also means celebrating every aspect of the child’s story and their identity. We are dedicated to celebrating both our family history and a child’s culture(s) of origin, whatever that may be, with them as a whole family as they grow. A kiddo will always know they are special and loved exactly as they are, and that they can be who they are because of that love.

We are sure you’ll have questions for us, and we’re eager to learn about your dreams for the future and for a baby. Thank you for taking the time to read about us, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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