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Father-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Roberto Timothy
Religion Catholic Methodist
Ethnic Background Puerto Rico German/Irish
Education/Degree Bachelors Masters
Profession Teacher Engineer

Our Story

We met 4 years ago on and have been married for 1 and a half years.  Immediately after our first date, we knew that we both would be continuing to get to know each other and embark on a new journey as a couple.

Our first date was at a cute little Cuban restaurant where we discussed our passion for travelling. Funny enough, our first trip together was to Havana, Cuba 4 months later! In our time together, we have travelled to many countries in South America, Europe, Asia, and in The Middle East.

Our dream is to continue travelling the world and be able to share that experience with a family of our own.

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Roberto + Tim

Family Life

Roberto grew up in a small town in south Puerto Rico. His father was in the Navy which prompted them to move to Virginia before finally settling in New Jersey. Growing up he was raised Catholic. Roberto always enjoyed family vacations together and annual trips to beach resorts. At this time, most of his family resides in different towns of Florida, New Jersey and a few in Puerto Rico.

Tim grew up in a small town in NJ near the shore; he is the youngest of 3 and has 2 older sisters. Tim’s parents shared their passion for travel with their children at such a young age. He has fond memories of traveling throughout his childhood, from summer trips to Florida and the Caribbean to many countries in Europe. While growing up he was raised in a Methodist background. Right now, Tim’s immediate family still resides near the Jersey shore.

Roberto + Tim
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We live in a beautiful townhome with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The wonderful community is filled with diverse people from all different backgrounds and cultures. We are very friendly with all our neighbors and enjoying getting to learn about their culture - even trying new foods! Within a 5 mile radius, there are many playgrounds, parks and soccer fields. What we really love seeing in our community are children of all different ages playing outside with each other, riding bikes, playing tag or simply just socializing amongst each other without a cellphone or electronic device in sight.

We both love to travel and plan new adventures whenever we can. We tend to travel to about 10-15 countries a year. With Roberto being a teacher, we tend to plan extended travels in the summer. Our longest trip we ever took was a five week trek in Asia. We love to emerge ourselves in new cultures and take cooking classes to learn how to make different foods of different ethnic backgrounds.

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We would like to communicate with you by sending photos of every milestone via emails and/or text. We would love seeing you at the annual picnic hosted by the agency.

Being an interracial couple, we always felt it was important to learn about our different backgrounds. Tim has learned a lot about the culture and celebrations that Roberto celebrates with his family, such as Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day); Roberto has learned more about Tim’s background such as traditional foods and holidays.

Being that we travel so much, we have been fortunate enough to celebrate many traditional holidays and experiences in many different countries. We have celebrated holidays such as Passover and Three Kings Day. We have been blessed by a monk in Cambodia, participated in rituals in Indonesia, and even celebrated a national holiday in Colombia. All of these experiences have allowed us to really embrace many cultures - which is something we truly cherish. We hope to pass down our passion for travelling to our child so they could see how educational and fun it can be to allow yourself to learn about a new culture or backgrounds while experiencing something new.

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Father-to-be Father-to-be
Genre of Music Top 40 Top 40
Subject in school Spanish English
TV show Survivor Friends
Movie Disney Classics Harry Potter
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Food Tacos Thai food
Dessert Chocolate peanut butter cake Peanut butter pie
Favorite Travel Destination Cambodia Indonesia
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in

Best Wishes

We want to thank you for taking the time to view our profile and consider us to be parents to your child. We know this might be a tough process for you but we hope by reading our profile and viewing our photos you can get an idea of what type of home your child would be raised in. This would be a home with loving parents who will share their passion of travelling with your child, who will love them unconditionally, and raise them to be loving and kind to others. If you are interested to get to know us more, we will always make ourselves available to you to answer any questions you may have.

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