Michelle & Steven

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Michelle Steven
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Irish/French/German Italian/Irish/German
Education/Degree Masters in Education Masters in Education and Law Degree
Profession Educational Administration Educational Administration

Our Story

Hi there – we are Michelle and Steven - welcome to our page! We’re so excited to share our story with you.  We met through eHarmony in September 2013.  After a few months of chatting away through e-mails, texts, and phone calls, we met in-person in November 2013.  A little under a year later, and after living about an hour apart, Michelle moved to be closer to Steven - and Steven proposed the day after Michelle moved into her new apartment.  Steven proposed by claiming that he had a house-warming gift to give her that evening.  He came over for dinner in Michelle’s first official night in her new place, and got down on one knee in the kitchen - his housewarming gift was a frame and in the middle of the frame was a picture that said “Will You Marry Me?”  Of course Michelle said yes!  We were married in the Fall of 2015, and had a large Irish/Italian wedding.  All of our friends and family were there to celebrate our special day - we are blessed to have wonderful people in our lives that are there to support us in every way, and we can’t wait to bring a child into our amazing families!

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Family Life

Family is of the highest importance to us - we actually use the saying, “Family First!” regularly in our home.  We both really enjoy visiting family, celebrating holidays and get-togethers, and we both come from pretty large immediate and extended family backgrounds.  Michelle has 10 nieces and nephews on her side (ranging in age from 9 months to age 17), and Steven’s parents just welcomed their first grandchild (and our niece) about a year ago - we love spending time with the youngest generation of the family!

We were both raised Catholic and that is the religion we plan to raise our future children.  We continue to practice our faith and find comfort in the values, beliefs, and traditions that we hope that our child will get to experience as well!

Our family is so supportive of this journey and can’t wait to welcome another member into our already large family!

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We live in a suburban town in New Jersey on a quiet street and have friendly neighbors with a few children on the block.  We live in a small, family town, close to many other great family towns - we can’t wait to meet other families and create our own traditions!

We’re both incredibly hard working, down-to-earth people.  We both work full time - and the best thing about that is that Michelle gets to take our future child to work with her 🙂 so there will be a built-in structure to provide for child-care but with a unique closeness.

Michelle is crafty - you name a DIY project, and chances are it’s been attempted or made!  She loves to bake, trying new recipes or making the classics (especially in the Instant Pot or slow cooker), for holidays or family get-togethers. Steven is into following sports - he loves to watch football, baseball, and basketball and he’s a Mets/Jets/Nets fan!  Steven is smart and funny - he is incredibly hard working and dedicated to providing a great life for our family. Together we both like to travel, read, & cook together (more like Michelle cooking and Steven trying to supervise! haha).  One of our favorite places to travel was Aruba - we went on our honeymoon and can’t wait to go back one day.  At the same time, we love a quiet evening at home (especially after a day of work) just as much!

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We believe in finding a level of comfort that is acceptable for both families.  We are open to letters/e-mails, pictures, & connecting at the Family Options picnic.  It’s important to us that our child knows how much he/she is loved at all times, but, of course, we want to respect your wishes as well as this is a very personal decision.

Understanding and appreciation of a child's diverse ethnic background and culture is very important to our family.  We both grew up in diverse cultures and have diversity within our families that strengthen our support system.  Diversity would be integrated in a number of ways such as exposure to diverse cooking and getting an understanding of various cultural traditions unique to the child's individual backgrounds.  We would incorporate developmentally-appropriate engagements with the child beginning at a young age including introduction to additional languages apart from English.  Being that we are both in the education field, we believe in a well-rounded childhood and adolescence including a great diversity of educational experiences both in and out of a formal classroom setting.

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Mom Dad
Childhood memory Huge Christmas Eve get-togethers and Labor Day shore vacations with my family Growing up working during the summers and busy seasons in my family’s catering business
Subject in school Math History
TV show Mostly reality TV shows/Game shows The Sopranos and The West Wing
Holiday Christmas Thanksgiving
Dessert Anything - I’m a baker! Ice Cream
Sport to watch or play Watch - football / Play - soccer and swimming Watch - football / Play - baseball
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Early Riser
Dinner Pasta, Steak or Hibachi Chicken Parmesan
Season Fall Fall

Best Wishes

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to view our profile and pictures – we hope that you will choose us in your journey.  Just like you see in our pictures, we promise our child a life full of unconditional love, laughter, and so much more.

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