Lindsey Cover 01
Mom to be
First Names Lindsey
Religion Catholic
Ethnic Background White
Education/Degree B.A. Psychology
Profession Human Resources

My Story

Hi! I am Lindsey! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am excited to tell you about myself, and also share a bit about how I hope to raise a family one day (hopefully soon!).

My passions are playing with my goldendoodle (Levy), taking long walks on the beach near my house at the Jersey Shore, attempting new dessert recipes I see on the British Baking Show, reading an excellent article on any topic from sports to current events, cheering on Philadelphia sports teams, enjoying a good cup of coffee while watching the Today Show, running on a fall day, planning an itinerary for an upcoming trip, and spending as much times as possible with my friends and family.

I grew up in a household that stressed the importance of hard work and education, and these things have led me to where I am today. I now work remotely in South Jersey for a healthcare technology company where I am in a leadership role in Human Resources, with a team of employees.  And while I get to work remotely, my company is headquartered in New York City, so I get to visit often.

I don’t have a story of how I met my significant other because I still haven’t met Mr. Right. And while I would love to find him, the thing that I have dreamed about since being a little girl was being a Mom. That is why when I was 33, I started the process to make this happen. I have spent the last 4 years working towards this goal, undergoing multiple rounds of IVF and other fertility procedures. I was able to get pregnant a few times, but sadly I lost each pregnancy which is what has brought me to adoption today.  It has been an emotional roller-coaster, but it has not dampened my strong desire to be a mother.

Some picture their wedding, I picture all things I hope to one day do with my future children - coaching them, helping them with their math homework, taking them to Phillies games, taking them to new states and countries, and of course riding bikes and eating Kohr brothers ice cream with them on the boardwalk.

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Family Life

My family is very much a mix of those I’m related to, and the friends (and their families) who I have befriended throughout my life. Your baby will grow up surrounded by amazing grandparents, an adorable goldendoodle, and an extended family full of cousins, aunts, uncles, and life-long friends.

My parents can’t wait to welcome a grandchild. They are retired lawyers, who taught me the importance of family from a very young age. Our traditions are watching the Eagles on Sundays, going to musicals and plays, Friday pizza nights, passionately rooting for the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, and buying Christmas trees that are too large for our homes.

I grew up with a brother, Paul, who I loved very much. When I was 20, and he was 22, he died tragically in an accident. I loved growing up with a sibling. He blazed a path I could follow, helped me with both my right handed lay-ups and my homework, and was a best friend. I can only offer an adorable goldendoodle sister (and many cousins) at this moment, but I have every intention of continuing to grow my family.

My extended family members are clustered in California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and yet somehow find ourselves all together at least a few times a year. Those of us who live on the East Coast spend Saturdays in the fall and spring cheering on my nephews at soccer, and summers at the Jersey shore, where I have a house. My vacation home is only a block away from my Uncle’s house where he, my cousins and nephews spend their summers. All of us spend a few days a year in the spring convening in either Arizona or Florida to watch baseball spring training and the NCAA basketball tournament on TV. Our East Coast family finds any opportunity to go to California, which in recent years has been to meet new nieces, nephews, and golden retrievers.

I grew up Catholic, but only attend services on holidays. I believe strongly in providing my children with some type of faith, but as to exactly what that will be I am still not sure. It was an important part of my childhood because it helped me to learn kindness and values, and also provided comfort when things happened that were outside of my control. Ultimately, I will expose my children to faith, and then leave them to make their own decisions on religion as they grow up.

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For the first 10 years after college, I lived in cities, but when it came time to start to prepare to build a family, I moved back to the suburbs, and bought a home to try to give my future children a similar experience to the one I had growing up. I loved my childhood, the public school I attended, and the tight-knit community where I was able to build relationships that have lasted my entire life.

I live in a 3 bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood in Southern New Jersey, which I moved into in November 2019. With the help of a Mom who watches a lot of HGTV and has one of the best collections of Christmas ornaments you will ever see, a Dad who is an expert in all things yard work, and a best friend who doubles as an incredibly talented maker of all things, I am working to make the house my own.

My parents still live in the house I grew up in, which is located in a neighboring town. My cousin, his wife, and 2 children live next door. My best friend, her husband, and 3 children (1 of whom is my goddaughter, Amelia) live a mile away. I have wonderful neighbors, and am within walking distance of a cute downtown filled with shops, restaurants, and playgrounds.

My town has great small public schools - schools that are similar to the ones I attended, where I could excel academically, and where as a tone-deaf, mediocre athlete I could still be a 3 sport varsity athlete, and participate in the high school musicals. The smaller school afforded me the opportunity to explore everything, get a well-rounded experience, and to get to learn what I loved. It is very important to me that my future child has the same opportunity.

Philadelphia is a quick car ride or a trip on the Speedline away. I try to visit as often as I can to check out new exhibits at museums, go to Phillies or Sixers games, or see shows at the Walnut Street Theater. One of my favorite childhood memories was visiting the Natural History Museum (which I still call the dinosaur museum) - I cannot wait to take my future child there to experience it!

I love to travel, which was a passion that was instilled in me at a young age, and a passion I hope to instill in my future child. My parents took my brother and I all over the United States, and to Canada, England and France. It was so exciting to get exposed to new people, new museums, and new cultures. My parents also usually found a way to work in a local sporting event. We went to soccer matches in England and France, and baseball games in almost every US or Canadian city we visited. I studied abroad in Ireland in college, and since college I have traveled to Canada (where I also worked briefly), Ireland, Australia (where I saw my first live cricket match), England, Scotland, Italy, Iceland, the Netherlands, and France, bringing the countries I visited to 9 and the states visited to 24. I cannot wait to visit more states and countries with my future child.

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I know the decision you are making is a tough one, and I both admire and am grateful for you. I am very open to letters, pictures, annual visits, and email contact. I know that it is very important for a child to understand their story, and if you would like to be, you will very much be a part of that.

In each step in my life, I have found myself in more and more diverse spaces (college, city life, jobs), and I’m better for it. Experiences at Harvard, Google, and my current company, and in New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia have opened my life to a much wider world. I have friends not only from many different backgrounds here in the US, but also from different places all over the world.

I live 20 minutes from Philadelphia, and 90 minutes from New York City. If I am fortunate enough to adopt a child of another race, I would not only rely on my own experiences, and the experiences and support of my diverse friend group, but also draw on the rich culture of the places and activities of those cities. I would also be sure that I did everything I could to make sure that your child felt as connected to their racial identity as I could - whether this is doing research and ensuring they have the opportunity to do the same, or considering finding them a mentor to ensure they are able to have the support of someone of their own race.

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Mom to be
Genre of Music Classic rock - and in true Jersey girl fashion, primarily Bruce Springsteen.
Childhood memory The Christmas Season. Reading the Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Spending time with family. And eating eggs benedict on Christmas morning.
Quote “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
Subject in school Math
Magazine Vanity Fair
TV show The West Wing, British Baking Show, Parks & Rec
Movie Love Actually
Hero My parents
Holiday Thanksgiving
Bedtime story Madeline
Dessert S’mores
Video Game Mario Brothers
Sport to watch or play I love watching baseball and have been going to games since I can remember. Fun Fact - My dad carried me into the 1993 Phillies World Series.

I played a ton of sports growing up, and am now a runner and a barre enthusiast.

Author Malcolm Gladwell
Gadget My Apple Watch - as a runner there is nothing better!
Mac or PC? Mac
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Dining out. But I love to bake - I have made wedding cakes, and gender reveal cakes for friends and family.
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser

Best Wishes

I feel so very lucky for the opportunities that I have had in my life – a loving and supportive network of family and friends, an excellent education, and the opportunity to travel. The thing I want most in this world is to give your child that same luck. I will love and support your child unconditionally. I promise to make it my life’s mission to ensure your child will have every possible opportunity to pursue his or her dreams, and of course have fun along the way.

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