Lindsay & Glenn

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Mom to be Dad to be
First Names Lindsay Glenn
Religion Jewish/ Catholic Christian
Ethnic Background Russian, Polish, Italian Polish, German, French
Education/Degree Masters in Educational Leadership Associates Degree in Criminology
Profession Educator- Supervisor of Language Arts K-5 Heavy Equipment Operator

Our Story

Hi, we are Glenn and Lindsay! Welcome to our page so you can get to know us a bit. We met in 2008 through a mutual friend but did not start dating until 2010. Our relationship has been anything but ordinary. Our time together has been filled with adventures like concerts, trips, and laughter. We got engaged in Philadelphia at Love Park with one of our close friends capturing the moment in photos.   We got married on a snowy Wednesday night and have been married for seven years. We have two very lovable cats, named Belle and Jack.

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Family Life

We are from the same small town that our hard-working and loving parents brought us up in. We hope to do the same for a child. Our family is a mish-mosh of all different religions; we are planning to teach our child about what is out there and about being a good person who is kind to others and themselves. We want them to be able to make choices and decisions around religion when they are older. We plan to celebrate and share our traditions with our children, like having Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations with our respective families.

We are the type of people that others count on. We are always happy to help a neighbor or friend, and we want a child to grow up seeing that. Even though we are total opposites, both are open-minded and believe in listening to others and learning about different perspectives and views. Like our parents, we both work very hard, but we make time for each other because that is a priority. Our family is significant to us, and we see them often, not just on holidays.

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We live in a beautiful community with a park with hiking trails and a lake within walking distance from our house. We love to walk the trails, and Glenn often goes fishing at the lake when the weather is good. We have amazing neighbors, and they are often outside playing with their kids, and sometimes we join in. Glenn loves to be active and plays softball and golf. He is a big bbq and meat-smoking guy and usually has something cooking. Lindsay is a true introvert and loves running, reading, and yoga. You can find Lindsay reading most weekends, curled up with our cats.   We like exploring new foods and watching our favorite TV shows. Most evenings, we are on the couch with the cats watching a movie or TV, relaxing from the day, or hanging out with friends and their families. Our family is close by, and we see them for family dinners and visits. We are a close family and go out together often. Our moms' hangout regularly, and everyone is very excited and supportive of us adopting.

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We view open adoption as a relationship.  We would love to be in contact with you pictures, letters via email  and of course the annual Family Options picnic.  As we grow and get to know each other we can decide on how we all want to proceed.

Diversity is important to our family because we are diverse with different backgrounds, religions, and races in our family, and it makes us stronger.  It grows our perspectives and our world.  Our priority is to have  happy and healthy children, and we want to make sure they feel loved, accepted, valued, and respected for who they are.  Incorporating their ethnic background, if it is different from our own, is an integral part of helping them find community and seeing that they are valued for who they are.  We will make sure as much as we can that they do not grow up feeling like an outsider and that they see people who reflect them in their life.

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Mom to be Dad to be
Genre of Music Pop/ Rock Country
Childhood memory Going on vacation with my family Playing outside and playing sports
Subject in school English- I love to read Woodshop
TV show Sweet Magnolias NCIS
Movie Harry Potter Movies Rush Hour and Pitch Perfect
Bedtime story Where the Wild Things Are The Spot books
Dessert Ice cream Apple crisp
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Dine Out Dine out if I can’t make it myself better
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl

Best Wishes

We see adoption as a connection and the greatest love for all involved. When Glenn and I got married, our families merged invitingly and inclusively. Everyone viewed that we were coming together and would be there for each other. We believe open adoption is the perfect match for our family because that is what we do. When Glenn’s brother married his wife, it was the same way with her family. We became an even bigger family unit. We welcomed them with open arms, and the same goes for any child that we adopt.

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