Laurient & Mike

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Laurient Michael “Mike”
Religion Catholic Christian
Ethnic Background Puerto Rican, Jamaican Italian, Irish
Education/Degree Bachelor Degree, Fashion Merchandising High School Diploma
Profession Product Marketing Amtrak, track work

Our Story

Hi, we’re Laurient & Mike! Thanks so much for visiting our profile! We grew up in the same small town in New Jersey, but somehow our paths didn’t cross until sophomore year of high school in 2006. We didn’t date then, but we kept in touch throughout the years. It wasn’t until we were in our early 20’s that we decided to give dating a chance and immediately we were inseparable. After a year of dating we were engaged and then married two and a half years later in 2015. We’ll be celebrating 4 amazing years of marriage in October.

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Family Life

Family time is very important us, we love our older family traditions and creating new ones. One of our favorite traditions is the Thanksgiving dinner we host every year. Our home is small, but we all squeeze together and have a great time. We also try to take a family vacation every other year alternating which side of the family we go away with. It’s a great way to unplug and really catch up with our loved ones.

Our three tiny dogs are a huge part of our family life. Brody is an 8 year old Yorkie Mix, Mia is a 5 year old Chihuahua Mix, and Charlotte is a 9 month old Chihuahua. We spend a lot of time outdoors waking and playing with them. They absolutely love children and think kids are the best playtime partners!

Religion is also a part of certain holiday traditions. We plan on raising our child in a welcoming, Non-Denominational Christian church. We do celebrate religious holidays and attend church occasionally, but church and religion are not the main focus of our lives. We tend to focus more on family and the morals we were raised on.

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When we have spare time we are usually with our families or soaking up quality time with our nephews! We love going to sports games - we are NY Yankees and Brooklyn Nets fans! We’re also foodies, so we’re always out trying new restaurants and visiting local food festivals together. The two of us love traveling, even if it’s only for a weekend getaway. Our favorite trip so far was to Paris, France, but we also had a great time spending the weekend tubing in the Poconos!

As much as we love to explore, we also love to be at home together. We live in a townhouse with a small fenced in yard within a quiet little community. There are lots of children and open spaces to play. We’re also very close to two different public parks that have big playgrounds and are perfect for picnics and long walks.

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We really want to honor our child’s birth family and hope to keep contact throughout the child’s life. We would love to exchange letters and photos, share occasional phone calls to catch up, and have annual visits.

We plan on telling our child early on that they are adopted and want them to know about their birth family and the incredible sacrifices you made. It is important for us to keep the lines of communication open so our child grows up knowing how loved they are by all parties involved.

As an ethnically diverse couple coming from different backgrounds ourselves, diversity is very important to us. We preach and believe in cultural acceptance and are always learning more about our backgrounds as well as other cultures.

If our child is a different ethnic background than our own we plan to honor them by learning about it and teaching it to our child. We plan to celebrate our child’s cultural holidays and milestones, we plan to cook their customary dishes, and even travel to new countries to immerse our family in their culture.

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Mother-to-be Father-to-Be
Genre of Music Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock R&B, 80’s Rock
Childhood Memory Christmas Eve sleepovers with my brother while we waited for Santa Family vacations to Ocean City, Maryland
Movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s Billy Madison
Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas
Bedtime Story Corduroy Curious George
Dessert Tres Leches Cake Cheesecake
Sport to watch or play Baseball Basketball
If your life was a theme song what would it be? Hand in My Pocket - Alanis Morissette Beautiful Day - U2
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat Out Eat Out

Best Wishes

We haven’t met yet and already we pray for you often. We are excited to not only welcome a child into our family, but also to welcome you.  As the child’s first parent(s) we will love you, honor you, and cherish the gift you gave us always.

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