Laura & Nate

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Mom Dad
First Names Laura Nathanael
Religion Catholic Christian
Ethnic Background Italian Indian Guyanese
Education/Degree Bachelors of Science In Radiologic Science MBA with concentration in Finance
Profession Stay at home parent Contract Specialist
Ages/Names of Children Natalie, Age 6 (Biological)

Our Story

Hi, we are Nate and Laura and welcome to our page.  We hope that you enjoy our story!  Let’s start with how we met.  We met online on a dating website called, “”  At first Laura was skeptical of online dating, but decided to give it a chance with persuasion from her sister Michelle. Laura messaged Nate first while her sister and her were looking at profiles and critiquing them for fun.  After chatting online for about a week, we decided to meet for our first date.  Nate picked the location, which was The Olive Garden.  Laura found it funny that his first choice for taking an Italian girl out for fine dining was The Olive Garden!  After our first date we decided to just be friends since online dating was new to both of us.  Our friendship turned into a relationship which then turned into unconditional love and mutual respect for one another.

After dating for over a year, Nate proposed on Christmas eve in a gazebo in Haddonfield surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights.  Our wedding took place on a beautiful spring day 9 years ago.  After being married for 3 years, we decided to have our first child, Natalie.  Laura had a very healthy pregnancy but had unexpected complications.  Natalie and Laura both survived HELLP syndrome and overcame the odds.  Even though Natalie was born premature with a low birth weight and a very traumatic birth, she was smiling immediately after being born.  Natalie is a very smart, funny and loving child who is very excited to become a sister.  She loves helping both mommy and daddy and is looking forward to helping us with a sibling.

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Family Life

We have a very close family on both sides.  We spend Sunday dinners with Laura’s family every week.  Since Nate’s family lives in Delaware we are only able to see them a few times a year, but we Facetime with them every day and visit for holidays.  We try our best to split holidays with both families so that everyone gets to spend it with our daughter.  We were both raised in loving and compassionate households and continue that tradition with our own family.

Nate and Laura were both raised in Christian based religions and baptized Natalie into the Catholic Church.  We have an 8-year-old Maltese/Poodle mix named Lucy who is so great with babies and children.  Lucy and Natalie have been best friends since the day Natalie came home from the hospital.

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Our favorite times are spent together as a family.  We love family beach days in the summer and often take day trips to Avalon. We also have been to Disney World a few times and have become Disney fanatics.  Our daughter is excited to spend her next Disney trip with a sibling.  We live in a quiet, diverse neighborhood that is close to parks and is within walking distance to our elementary school.  Some other activities we like to do together is go to the playground with our daughter, family movie nights, go for walks in our neighborhood, and spend time playing in the backyard with friends and family.

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We would like to keep an open line of communication with you as long as you are comfortable.  We plan on sending emails, photos, letters, and would like to do annual visits.

In our family, diversity is very important since we are an interracial couple and have a biracial daughter.  We find it important to teach our daughter both of our cultures (Laura is Italian and Nate is from Guyana).  We make it a point to expose our daughter to both of our cultures’ traditions, holidays, and food.  We will make it a priority for your child to learn their cultural background because we know how important it is for them to be in touch with their identity.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Pop, hip-hop, alternative Country and alternative
Childhood memory First family trip to Disney World in the early 90’s Trips to New York City to visit extended family
Subject in school Science and math English
TV show Seinfeld Sports Center
Movie Home Alone Saving Private Ryan
Holiday Christmas Easter
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Jennifer Aniston
Mac or PC? Mac PC
Eat in or Dine out? Dine out Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night owl Early riser

Best Wishes

Thank you for taking the time to consider placing your child with us.  We know how difficult of a decision this could be, but we would like for you to know that your child will be forever loved unconditionally.

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