Kiley & Mike

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Mom Dad
First Names Kiley Mike
Religion Christian Agnostic
Ethnic Background Caucasian (Irish/German) Chinese

B.S. in Economics & MBA

B.S. in Psychology & MBA

Profession Finance Finance
Ages/Names of Children Zoe, 1 ½ years old (Adopted-Korea/Caucasian heritage)

Our Story

Hi, we’re Kiley and Mike! Thanks for taking some time to view our profile and get to know us. We’re excited to have the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves with you!

We met in college where we both went to Rutgers. We still have many college friends with lots of kids who live nearby. We married after college surrounded by our family and friends and we’ve now been married 15 years.

When we decided to try to grow our family it didn’t work out as we initially thought it would. While it was heartbreaking, we chose to take some time for ourselves to establish our careers, finish school, and especially to travel. We’re grateful we spent that time because it really strengthened our relationship.

In 2020 we decided we still wanted to become parents, so we chose adoption to grow our family. In March of 2022 our daughter Zoe was born and we were fortunate enough to be able to meet her birth mom and birth grandparents when she was one day old. We were so grateful to have had that immensely emotional and humbling experience. They met us with kindness, warmth, and genuine curiosity about us, and we got the opportunity to know a little about Zoe’s birth family.  Our lives were forever changed and we’ve been a very happy family of three ever since. Zoe’s adoption was the biggest blessing of our lives so far, and we enjoy being parents so much we hope to have the chance to expand our family again through adoption.

About Kiley (written by Kiley):

I’m basically an open book! While I am an introvert and tend to avoid drawing attention to myself, I’m a pretty open person and I am happy to share just about anything you want to know about me if we get the opportunity to meet.

I am the middle child of three. Because of my upbringing, I have a very strong sense of responsibility and I tend to be very organized and thorough. As a kid I absolutely adored animals (still do) and I enjoy seeing that love passed on to children.

I love reading (fiction, thrillers, murder mysteries), spending time with Mike and Zoe, listening to podcasts while I keep busy around the house, and traveling when we get the chance. I work full time and manage a team of about fifteen people so while that keeps me busy, becoming a mom has taught me how to set boundaries and prioritize my family and personal life.

I absolutely love being a mom and I feel like my strengths (organization, researching, patience, planning) have been an asset. Like I said, I’m an introvert, so being a parent to a very extroverted child like Zoe has been an interesting and fun experience for me! I love that Zoe is so different from me – I would never want our kids to feel like they have to conform to expectations, and I will continue encouraging our kids to be individuals. If we’re lucky enough to be placed with another baby, I’ll continue to prioritize our kids’ needs, education, individuality, and happiness.

About Mike (written by Mike):

I’m an outgoing and ‘go with the flow’ type of person (a true Pisces). I like to say that Kiley is the yin to my yang and I think that makes us true compliments in personalities as well as strengths and weaknesses.  I work in Finance and spend Monday through Thursday in New York City, but have been fortunate enough to work for a company that is giving me much needed work-life balance. The best part of my day is spending some time in the morning and evenings being able to hang out with Zoe.

Like Kiley I’m also one of three kids in my family, but being the youngest made my childhood a lot different than hers.  Being the baby of the family, I got away with a lot and basically could do no wrong.  I love that we both grew up with multiple siblings and we would love for Zoe to be able to experience that joy (and sometimes frustration haha) and we think that Zoe would be an amazing big sister.

I love to stay active – I’m an avid runner and golfer.  Fitness and sports are a stress reliever for me so I try to make that time for myself so that I can be the best husband and father I can be.  Lord knows I need to stay fit to keep up with little ones running around all over the place. In my spare time I am also learning Mandarin (I grew up speaking Cantonese which is the dialect most spoken in Hong Kong) so that I can connect more with my heritage, culture, and parents. We often look to find ways to introduce Zoe’s Korean culture to her and will endeavor to give her opportunities to gain exposure to that part of her background. We will absolutely do the same with your child if their heritage differs from ours.

Fatherhood has been an incredible ride so far and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, even with its ups and downs.  The ups have by far outweighed the downs and I can’t wait to continue this parenting journey with Kiley as she is an amazing mom.

About Zoe:

Zoe is an exceptionally outgoing, bright, happy child. She has a great sense of humor, loves to play and explore, and laughs a LOT. She is biracial of Caucasian and Korean heritage. We talk to her often about her own adoption story, her birth family, and how we all came to be a family. She loves her pets, music, reading, coloring, and playing with friends at school. She can’t wait to become a big sister and give a baby brother or sister lots of hugs and kisses.

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Family Life

We live in a charming little town in NJ where we bought and renovated our home several years ago. It’s a single family home with a spacious fenced in yard with plenty of room to grow. We share our home with our two cats, Teddy and Goblin, and our little dog Ashi who is a rescue pup originally from Puerto Rico.

We live in a quiet neighborhood with lots of families with young children. We have lots of friends on our street and in the surrounding areas so we get to go to lots of birthday parties and barbecues. The schools in our town are excellent, and there are lots of parks, pools, and activities for young kids.

While Kiley was raised Christian (Protestant), and Mike’s family follows Taoism and Buddhism, we don’t actively practice a particular religion. We each believe in a higher power and we respect and value each others’ backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. As our children grow we expect they will choose their own paths and beliefs, and we will fully support them.

We celebrate many of the major Christian, Chinese, and American holidays throughout the year. Thanksgiving is a big one because both sides of the family celebrate (Mike and his sister are both amazing cooks, so we really enjoy this one!). We typically host Christmas at our house every year, and it has become so much more special since becoming parents, so this will continue to be our biggest and favorite holiday. We spend all of December watching Christmas movies to get in the spirit with Elf and Love Actually being our favorites. We also celebrate Easter with Kiley’s family. With Mike’s family we celebrate some of the Asian traditions like the New Moon festival and the Dragon Boat festival, but Lunar New Year is the biggest. We get together with family and friends to exchange lucky red envelopes and enjoy lots of amazing homemade Chinese food. Our area also has a lot of Lunar New Year festivals, and since Zoe is part Korean, we’ve really enjoyed sharing the opportunity to bond over the similarities and differences in Asian cultures and foods. If you were to entrust us with your child, we’d be humbled to have the chance to incorporate your baby’s culture into our own blended family culture.

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We have a pretty typical, busy family life! Mike and Kiley both work full time in finance. Mike works from home on Fridays and Kiley works from home three days a week so we have a decent amount of flexibility with our schedules to allow us to attend fun activities like the school Halloween parade (or to drop everything and pick up sick kids from school, hah!).

More about Mike (by Mike): I love to golf and try to hit the range or the golf course at least once a week. I enjoy keeping fit and I’m often found running or working out; I view it as both a physical and mental health practice. As our children grow, I look forward to sharing my love of movement and especially golf. Kiley loves that I’m an extrovert and a risk taker. A “habitual line stepper” is how she puts it. I push Kiley to take risks she wouldn’t otherwise take, she keeps me in check, and Zoe just laughs at us!

More about Kiley (by Kiley): I love quiet activities like reading, yoga, meditation, and enjoy learning new crafts like knitting and cross stitching. I really like starting projects like scarves, hats, and new cross stitch patterns but I have a hard time finishing them! It’s just so fun to start new things… What I enjoy most is doing anything with my family, from running errands to traveling to cooking, to dancing in the kitchen like a bunch of goofballs. We almost always have music playing and we just really love to laugh and have a good time, all the time.

Zoe attends a wonderful pre-school where she learns Spanish and Mandarin in addition to having tons of activities. The teachers and administrators are so caring and compassionate and they have a real passion for early childhood education. The children at the school are quite diverse, and Zoe gets to see many different kinds of families, including lots of other biracial students, multicultural families, and other families grown through adoption. We intend to enroll a second child in the same daycare/preschool since it is such a good fit for our family.

We love to travel as a family and hope to continue doing that as a family of four. We were pretty efficient travelers as a couple, and we’re still refining our travel skills with kids in tow (it’s so much harder, but so rewarding). We’re really excited to show our kids the world and all it has to offer.

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We want to know what level of openness you are comfortable with, and we would do our very best to honor and respect it. We would really like the opportunity to meet you at least once, exchange pictures and letters periodically, and meet annually if you’re open to it. If you prefer less contact we will definitely honor that, but we would really value the opportunity to know just a little bit about you so we could share that with your child as he or she grows up. We have an open adoption with Zoe’s birth mom. We text from time to time to check in and to send her pictures via text. We send her pictures and letters over a private web portal every couple of months, and we’re even hoping to travel to see her sometime in the next year in Florida where she and her family live. We hope this might give you some peace of mind knowing that we honor our word and we will want the best for your child.

We are hoping to welcome a child of any race, ethnicity, or gender just like we were with our first adoption. All three of us come from different backgrounds and we don’t choose a culture or religion to follow – we integrate everything into our day to day. We love that Zoe attends a very diverse daycare with children and teachers of different ethnicities, and we think this is encouraging her to grow into an open minded, confident, loving person. If you were to choose us to parent your baby, we would be honored and excited to celebrate his or her culture.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music 70s classic rock, singer/song writers like Jackson Browne Pop / Hip Hop
Childhood memory Taking horseback riding lessons because I was obsessed with horses The Mickey Mouse ice cream cake my dad brought home for me on my 5th birthday
Subject in school
Art, English, & Biology Psychology
TV show Anything Bravo, The Sopranos, Lost Succession, Game of Thrones, SNL and Yellowstone. Throwback: Lost, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Family Matters, Growing Pains, and Friends
Movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Braveheart and Armageddon
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Reading, trying new crafts (knitting, stitching, etc.) Golf and Running
Dessert Cheesecake Tiramisu
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The DaVinci Code
Sport to watch or play
Watch: anything in the Olympics Sport to watch = Football,
Sport to play = golf

Best Wishes

We hope that we’ve been able to give you a sense of who we are and what your child’s life could look like if you were to place him or her with us. While we can’t possibly understand your situation without having lived it, we’ve had a glimpse of what could be ahead from our past experience with adoption. We truly care a great deal for our daughter’s birth mom and we’re very much dedicated to doing right by our daughter and by your child should you choose us to raise him or her. Again, we’re very open communicators and would love to share more about ourselves if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time. We wish you peace and confidence with whatever decision you make. You will make the decision that is best for you and your child.

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