Kerry & Ryan

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Kerry Ryan
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Caucasian Caucasian
Education/Degree Professional License Bachelor’s Degree
Profession Massage Therapist & Birth Doula Communications Specialist, Supervisor
Ages/Names of Children Stella (4) - biological

Our Story

Hi there! We are Ryan and Kerry! Thank you for taking the time to check us out and consider us as the adoptive parents to your child! We’re so appreciative that you are exploring this route for your child and giving a family like ours a chance to expand!

We have been together for over eight years and married for five. We met through Ryan’s sister.  Ryan used the game “Words with Friends” to chat with Kerry and eventually asked her out, we have been together ever since. During our relationship we’ve traveled a lot, went to a lot of concerts and enjoying dating and each other’s company.

We got engaged in Central Park! We married in July of 2014 in a Catholic church and then had an outside reception in the gardens of a beautiful old estate.  Our honeymoon was a once in a lifetime trip to Europe. We toured 7 countries in 19 days! Travel is something that we love to do together and even though our current trips aren’t as exotic, we do try to go on a few little trips a year.

In July of 2015 we had our daughter Stella!  We are so extremely grateful to have her! She is such a ball of energy and she brings up so much joy and laughter. Parenting isn’t without its challenges but we look forward to what each new day will bring and giving her everything we may not have had and more!

Complications after Stella’s delivery ultimately led to infertility. Having PCOS, we weren’t even sure if we’d ever conceive at all, so it was amazing when we did but adoption was always something we’ve discussed. We went through multiple rounds of treatment, procedures and surgeries until it became clear we’d have to get much more vigorous with our efforts to conceive again with no guarantee and we just felt adoption was the better fit for our family.

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Family Life

We were both raised Catholic and we are raising our daughter Catholic. We both have our own relationship with God and sometimes we honor that in different ways, but our core beliefs are in the same place. Ryan helps out at church with his father ushering every Sunday!

We value family and our friendships and the time we spend together! Ryan works full time and has the flexibility to work from home on some days which is really great for Stella and when he comes home from the office, he is always ready to play. Kerry is home most days with a flexible schedule as a massage therapist and birth doula! It gives her a lot of time to be one on one with Stella and also do a job she has a passion for. Now that Stella is in preschool, any child that enters our home will have that same one on one time that Stella was lucky to have!

Every year we host Thanksgiving. We love this holiday because everyone just comes over to eat and relax. There is no pressure of gift giving it’s just a time to eat with family and enjoy each other’s company. Kerry usually puts out a Christmas craft for the kids to do after dinner. We also have the fire pit going outside so when the weather is mild, whoever wants to go out by the fire can, and the kids go out on the swing set. We like to visit one of the local farms every holiday season to drive through and look at the lights and it’s been our tradition to go there and visit with Santa. One of our neighbors also has Santa come and turn on their holiday lights and he visits with the neighborhood kids.

One of our favorite summer traditions is every other year about 30 of us from Kerry’s side of the family and her brother in laws side rent a house on the beach in the Outer Banks. There are lots of kids there and we enjoy the beach for a week and getting together with extended family and it has become something that everyone looks forward to. Our group is getting larger every year between new children and new family members wanting to join in the fun!

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We enjoy staying active as a family. We like to go out hiking and on the kayak. We recently bought a small boat and we’ve been taking it out on the local lakes and relaxing out there as a family. It’s really nice because there are no outside distractions and it gives us a chance to talk as a family and hear about each other’s lives. We also love music and enjoy going to concerts, shows, plays and just sitting in our yard and listening. Kerry is currently learning the ukulele and also plays the piano. Ryan loves basketball and enjoys an occasional round of golf. Stella is currently in dance class and also plays T-ball in the spring. Ryan was the assistant coach of her team and plans to do it again this year!

Our neighborhood is quiet. We live on a cul-de-sac and it’s a mixture of young couples with their families and retirees. It’s really nice to have that mix and it feels very safe here. Ryan grew up in our neighborhood and his parents live within walking distance and are our daycare for when we are both working which is great!

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We hope that we can have an open relationship so that the birth family is an extension of our own family. We will honor and respect any wishes the birth family would like, but the door is always open on our end. We truly believe it is beneficial for everyone involved especially the child to have a connection to who they are and be able to have those questions answered as they come up. We like to think of adoption as a group of people who are just choosing to love this child and all support and be there for them in the best way they know how and as a team!

We are open to adopting a child who is of a different ethnicity than ours.   Our family has a lot of children in it from different Hispanic backgrounds.   Aside from having extended family members from different backgrounds, we also live in a very diverse area and have many friends of different backgrounds.  A lot of our friends are excited at the thought of us adopting a child that may be of their ethnicity and are eager to help us bring in their culture and also be a support system for the child growing older so they have a sense of who they are.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Indie Folk, Everything 80’s, 90’s Alternative, Rap
Childhood memory Santa on the firetruck Going to the boardwalk in Wildwood
Subject in School Science History
Grandmom Walter Payton
Holiday Thanksgiving Halloween
Dessert Apple crisp with vanilla Ice cream Ice cream
Video Game Bubble Bobble on Nintendo Super Mario Bros 3
Coffee or Tea? Green Tea Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat In Dine Out
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl

Best Wishes

One thing we’d like you to know about us is that we are very open and honest people. We have a sense of humor about most things and take parenting in stride. We believe we have everything it takes to add another child to our home and the environment where they can thrive and live a great life. We don’t know what the magic phrase is that will make us look more appealing than any other couple looking to adopt. We wing it every day and hope that we make decisions that will only benefit our daughter and when we mess up, we hope that we won’t make the same mistake again and learn from it!

If you’re looking for the perfect parents and your child to have a perfect life, you might not get that with us but we are definitely the best parents we know how to be and we take it on a day to day basis. We give our best efforts every day to show up for our daughter and do the best we can and some days fall short but there is always a lot of love.

We want to wish you the best on your adoption journey and hope that whatever you choose do to, whether it’s to parent or place, that you have a lot of support and peace with your decision.

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