Kerry & Peter

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Kerry Peter
Religion Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
Ethnic Background British/Irish/German Irish/Italian
Education Some College Some College
Profession Administrative Assistant Media Specialist

Our Story

Hi, thank you for visiting our page, we are Peter and Kerry!  We met while working at the New York Renaissance Faire on the day Peter turned 21! Kerry was working for a booth selling jewelry and Peter was playing a peasant.  We would never use the term “love at first sight” but it’s not too far off from how we instantly knew there was something between us. On our first date, it was evident we were meant for each other…even discussing our favorite baby names. But knowing that we still needed to get to know each other and our families, we waited a few years and were married on a beautiful day in May.

Our desire and drive to be parents has remained strong even though that road has been tough.  However, we’ve discovered that with our loving relationship and patience, we can surmount any obstacle. We look forward to all future challenges because we know we will face them together.

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Family Life

We both come from large, loving families that helped shape our strong sense of values. We are both Roman Catholic and hope to raise any child we are blessed with as such.

Peter, as the son of a blended family, never felt that his brothers and sister from his blended family were anything less or different from his siblings from his mom and dad. Even his cousins were counted as siblings! As the oldest child of her family, Kerry enjoyed her role as leader and protector of her siblings and cousins. Both our families joyfully celebrate holidays, not just for the tradition, but as a way to spend extra time together.

Our home have been filled with pets as well, from growing up with dogs and cats to also having birds & gerbils once married. Right now we are holding off on getting a new pet, because we hope to focus on a child placed with us, and match their personality to a pet at the right time.

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We are creatively driven people who love entertainment, and our hobbies reflect that. We love television, movies, theater, music and games. We’ve even worked on film and theater projects and are lucky enough to have a circle of friends that includes many artists, actors and writers. Peter is also a published author, and through this work we both attended several comic conventions.

Most of our hobbies deal with creativity: we take sewing lessons together, and our skills allow us to make puppets and costumes for ourselves and friends.  Peter likes to cook, Kerry like to eat what he cooks. Kerry likes to sing, and Peter likes to listen to her sing.

The town we live in is a small, quiet town with an excellent school system. We feel very fortunate because we are not far from New York City, and very close to most of our relatives.

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We desire to have an open adoption because we believe that both the child and the birth parents are deserving of the truth of each other. A child should know their own history and ethnic background, where they came from, how they came to us, and even though we do not share DNA, we share a love for them that will never diminish. We will never hide from the child the truth about themselves.

We understand that you will have a bond with any child placed with us, and we want you to be at ease with your choice. All forms of contact are desired by us if it is desired by you.

We are lucky in that we have diversity already in our families. We also have a large network of friends to whom we can rely on for help in teaching any child placed with us about their background.  We are open to learning about different cultures. We understand it will be a challenge, but we are ready to face it together.

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Mother-to-be Father-to-Be
Genre of Music Alternative Rock
Subject in school Drama Class English and Theater
TV show The Good Place Game of Thrones
Movie Star Wars Star Wars
Holiday Halloween Thanksgiving
Dessert Crème Brûlée Key Lime Pie
Actor David Tennant Harrison Ford
Author J.K. Rowling Stephen King
Mac or PC? PC Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea Coffee

Best Wishes

This journey we take together, with its many challenges and opportunities, has the same goal: to create a wonderful life for a child. Our hearts are filled with so much love! We feel gratitude to you for your decision to help us become the loving parents we know we will be.

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