James & Vik

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Father-to-be Father-to-be
First Names James Vik
Religion None Hindu
Ethnic Background White/American South Asian/Indian
Education/Degree J.D. (Law Degree) Master of Business Administration
Profession Tax Attorney Hotel Industry Executive

Our Story

Nice to meet you and thank you for getting to know us.  We are James and Vik, we’re a down-to-earth, fun-loving, honest, globe-trotting couple looking forward to getting to know you.

Right now our home is just us and our furry friends, but we are ready and eager to bring a child into our family and to give him or her all of our love and support.  We have reached a place in life where we can provide a child with a stable environment and the resources they need. Adoption was the natural choice for us, as we hope to work toward our and your common goal of raising a smart, successful, ethical adult within a caring and supportive village of friends and family. We would welcome you as a part of that village.

A love for aviation brought us together over 12 years ago on an online forum for enthusiasts. Somewhere along the way we became friends, then boyfriends, moved in, then relocated together across the country for careers and education, before getting married in 2013 when same-sex marriage became legal.

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Family Life

We believe our different backgrounds have improved our lives – Vik grew up in India before coming to the US for college, and James had a conservative upbringing in Utah.  In our relationship, we have taken and shared with each other those elements of our traditions and values from our upbringings and backgrounds that have contributed positively to our lives in addition to finding our own traditions and values.  Openness to new experiences and ideas is a core value for each of us and makes life more meaningful.  We hope to raise our child with this philosophy as parents.

Our mutual love and devotion is never in doubt, and rests on a foundation of trust and respect.  We are on the same page about our goals and values, and share a calm and rational approach to living.

While our families are in many pockets of the globe, we remain very close with them.  Every other Summer, Vik’s mother travels from India to visit us for a couple months at a time, while his dad sees Vik when we visit India, usually about once a year.  Vik’s brother lives in South Africa, and his “cousin-sister” (first cousin raised together) is in London, each with a daughter born one day apart who love to spend time with their Uncles Vik & James. This makes for many crisscross trips a year around the globe because we genuinely love spending time with each other. Vik’s large extended family of aunts and uncles all have a fantastic sense of humor. Family gatherings are fun-filled with laughter all the way and we’re sure this loving family will dote on the latest addition with adoration and love.

James’ parents and stepparents live in Utah but visit often, for Fourth of July, Christmas, and New Year’s in NYC. James enjoys visiting home, especially for Thanksgiving when he spends time with his Grandma who has been an incredible role model (she’s part time now, but she’s still a teacher at 90). James’ mom and stepdad plan to live closer to us when we start a family. James’ mom is a pediatric clinical social worker who has specialized in working with medically fragile children and their families for 25 years, so she will surely be a capable grandma for our child and is really excited about it!

Our home right now is just us and our two four-legged little ones who, as 8-week old kittens, chose us in July 2011 on a visit to our local animal shelter.  Juanita and Celia, as we named them, immediately jumped onto our shoulders and have since been a constant source of joy and love.  Juanita is playful and crazy while Celia quietly asks for love.  They cuddle every moment they possibly can and jump into our laps every single morning while we have our coffee.  They are both friendly once they have a chance to inspect you and are very gentle with kids.

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James about Vik:

Vik is the most genuine person I have ever met.  In his eyes, there is no greater sin than to be “fake.”  He is intensely interested in the people he cares about and has a unique intuition for seeing the real person behind the masks we wear and appreciating who they really are.

This quality makes people naturally comfortable around him. He is passionate about everything he does and takes great care to do things right. He goes out of his way to make sure his friends and family are happy – being mindful of small things, like surprising me at my desk with a hot cocoa when I’m having a particularly stressful day at work. He is funny, warm, playful, and even mischievous, with a child-like energy that kids and kids-at-heart naturally respond to. Combine this with his intelligence, vision, and character, and I know he will be an excellent father.

Vik wanted to either be a pilot or a teacher when he grew up. Neither of those became his profession, but he went for another passion – hotels. After hotel school, Vik worked his way up through operations into revenue strategy – how hotels figure out what to charge, when to charge it, and to whom. It’s a niche field and working for a worldwide hotel company gave him the opportunity to travel the world consulting with individual hotels in his prior road-warrior job. Now, he doesn’t travel much for work and oversee an entire company’s portfolio of thousands of hotels. He loves every bit of it. Vik has a great set of colleagues at a company with family-first values that gives all parents incredible flexibility and support for a work-life balance.

Vik about James:

James is the very definition of genius, but that’s just the beginning of a loving, caring spouse who is also my best friend.  He’s a bit introverted, but has a very witty sense of humor and is outgoing with those lucky enough to be his close friends.

I’m the extrovert, so we balance each other well. He is my voice of reason and my pillar of support, both of which he will also be for our child. I’m spontaneous and he’s measured, so I’m sure he will be the quiet advisor in the house while I teach our child the passionate side. Over the years. I’ve learned that nothing makes James happier than to see his loved ones happy; it’s a selfless satisfaction that he takes great pains to make happen. I have nothing but love and respect for a wonderful human being, while secretly rejoicing that I did rather well for myself for a lifelong companion.

James is a lawyer and CPA by profession, practicing tax accounting for a couple years before he went to law school. He joined a national law firm where he’s worked for eight years, advising and negotiating for clients on tax aspects of corporate mergers and business transactions. His job can be demanding, but he loves what he does. Tax practice is incredibly interesting (to him) and provides great flexibility in his work schedule so he can balance work and family. Most of his colleagues are working parents so schedule flexibility is a shared value in his workplace.

Our Home:

We are the first owners of our brand new, three-bedroom home.  We especially enjoy our bright, large kitchen where we gather around the island to work, read, chat, cook, or just hang out.  Our passion for aviation and travel features prominently with numerous airplane models and souvenirs from around the world. Our future child’s bedroom is spacious and quiet, overlooking the green backyard.

Our neighborhood is mostly young professionals who have left Manhattan to start a family. We love the incredible diversity in our community, particularly for the delicious food we get to enjoy from our neighbors. With many young children of different ages on our street, our child will make fast friends while cycling around the neighborhood or playing driveway hoops. There are plenty of local parks for children and pets to play, which we’ll frequent With New York City so close, we will spend weekend afternoons in Central Park, visit museums, or catch a show. With so much to do in our town and in New York, we will give our child the coziness of a tight-knit community, as well as the unlimited adventures of urban life.


There is nothing we like to do more than travel and we can’t wait to show our child the world.  Combined, we have visited 56 countries and are hoping to add more to the list.  It has truly enriched our lives knowing and integrating so many different cultures of the world.  We have good friends all over the world, and no trip is better than the one where you can hang out with a local. We have a special affinity for Scotland and have been there 8 times in the last 12 years – whether to do the traditional all-night dance at the wedding of one of our best friends or to show James’ mom her ancestral homeland. There is so much of the world left to see and we intend to take our child on this amazing journey of not just seeing the sights of the world, but also becoming a better person for having understood their cultures.

At home, we like to play games on a quiet afternoon, which will be quality family time with our child. We like to explore new places around town or our community, and occasionally play a match of tennis (extremely poorly).

Vik has his pilot’s license and loves flying planes, collecting antiques (especially tea sets), and reading murder mysteries. James likes to ski whenever he heads home to the mountains, tend to his houseplants, and nerd out researching anything under the sun—kinda like doing homework for fun. We will take our child flying on warm summer days and on ski trips in the winter. We will encourage our child to explore a variety of sports, musical instruments, and other activities and give them support to turn the hobbies he or she is most passionate about into life-long endeavors.

We love to cook.  James is in charge of making a good burger, steak, Sunday dinner, or pasta. Vik has culinary training and cooks a variety of cuisines, but best are his family Indian recipes—anything from chicken curry to somehow making cauliflower taste amazing. Our child will enjoy a variety of healthy and tasty foods.

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As adoptive parents, we intend to be open with your child about their adoption story and believe it is in their best interest to have a connection to their history.  We are very open to providing updates via email, exchanging photos, and participating in the annual picnic/visit.  We want to work together with you to develop a path that is best for everyone.

Coming from quite different backgrounds ourselves, we appreciate how diversity has enriched our lives.  Our family and friends come from various walks of life – we have close friends and family from Belgium, France, India, Iran, Israel, Jordan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, and Sweden, to name a few.

We have always chosen to live in diverse communities as being around people just like us sounds boring.  To the extent our child’s birth culture is not one in which either of us were raised, we believe it is important to their sense of identity to do as much as possible to be involved with that culture and have an understanding of the language, foods, holidays, traditions, and values associated with that culture as they are developing their own personal identity.

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Dad Dad
Genre of Music Alternative, Power Pop Indian Classical
Childhood memory Weeks at Grandma’s house in Idaho School picnics
Quote I think grown-ups just ACT like they know what they’re doing.  – Calvin, Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Watterson) The most successful relationships were always based on both partners feeling they had done rather well for themselves.  – P.D. James
Subject in school Geography Physics
Magazine National Geographic The Economist
TV show West Wing, Veep, Rick & Morty Any British Murder Mystery
Movie Dr. Strangelove Gosford Park
Holiday Christmas Ganpati
Dessert Chocolate Chip Cookies Ice Cream
Actor Olivia Colman Olivia Colman
Author Douglas Adams P.D. James / Agatha Christie

Best Wishes

We’re honored that you’ve taken the time to learn more about us.  We promise to provide your child with unconditional love and surround him or her with supportive friends and family who want nothing more than to see your child blossom into a smart, determined, young adult who is full of life.

We cannot imagine how difficult this is for you and hope we can be a part of your adoption plan, if that is the path you choose. We take this responsibility seriously and are overjoyed we can have a chance at building a loving family. We will be transparent with your child from an early age and want to work with you to figure out how you can participate in their life. All of our lives will change with the arrival of this child, and together we can make this journey a great experience for everyone.

The only thing that matters to us is that your child has a happy and fulfilling life. As parents, we will provide structure, support, and love. We will have high expectations for your child’s character, ambition, and problem-solving, but we want your child to find their own way in life – we are not looking to raise a “mini-me.” Nobody is a perfect parent, and we are certain to make mistakes, but your child will always have a loving home with parents dedicated to their success.

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