Erin & Jonathan

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Erin Jonathan
Religion Catholic Christian
Ethnic Background Irish & German Irish & Scottish
Education/Degree BS, ASN Juris Doctorate, BA
Profession Registered Nurse Attorney

Our Story

Hi, we are Jonathan and Erin. Thank you for getting to know us.Our paths first crossed back in 2003 up in Connecticut. Jonathan was a 3rd year Law School student at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. Erin had just received her Bachelor’s degree and was working in New Jersey at the time. Fast forward 6 years later to November of 2009 and we happened to cross paths again only to realize that we were both living in New Jersey. Jon asked Erin out on a date and the rest was history. Our first date was at the Bamboo House for Sushi and then for a hike on the Delaware Water Gap afterwards. We both agree that day symbolized the beginning of many exciting times to come!

After dating for 2 years to the day, Jonathan proposed to Erin. It was November 17, 2011!  Of course, Erin was happy to say “yes”!  The special part of our engagement was that Jonathan was able to use Erin’s grandmother’s diamond and turn it into a beautiful engagement ring. It is a beautiful family heirloom and we love to pass it down to our future child one day to keep the tradition going of sharing this beautiful diamond. We got married in a beautiful lake ceremony in July 2015 surrounded by friends and family!

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Family Life

Our life is heavily focused on time with family and friends. We love to do Sunday dinners with those we love. We incorporate family and friends into every single part of our lives. We hope to promote good morals and honesty in the child that we are chosen to parent. We plan to raise the child as Christian. We are also very strong believers in a good, well-rounded education. We are financially stable and able to provide a college experience to our future baby.

Another big part of our lives is our fur babies. We have two labradoodle dogs named Toby and Winston Quinn. They are the best dogs. They love children, animals, people, etc. They are looking forward to a brother or sister one day!

We also have many traditions to share with a new baby. We go to Virginia several times a year to visit family, we love to grab a hot chocolate and doing our annual Christmas shopping outing on Thanksgiving weekend, when fall hits we go pumpkin picking and shopping for mums on a Sunday in October. These are some of many traditions that we share as a family.

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We currently reside in a beautiful lake community (about an hour west of New York City). We bought a beautiful home in July of 2017 right across the street from a lake with picturesque lake views. We love our community.  We have many wonderful friends and neighbors that we are close with. We love that we can walk right to town to the many shops, restaurants, and our favorite ice cream place! We also have a fantastic playground that we would love to bring a little one too that is less than a 30 second walk from our house. We picked our community because it is family-oriented and that is important to us. We are looking forward to raising a family here. In our free time, we love to go boating

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We want an adoption that is open!  We believe that this is important for many reasons. The child should know where their roots come from. We plan to openly discuss adoption with our child from the minute they come home from the hospital and vow never to keep it a secret. We are open to calls, texts, monthly updates and pictures, and Facetime chatting sessions. We look forward to visits during the year and forming traditions with the birth family that chooses us, even if it’s something so simple as making Christmas cookies every year before the holidays! We welcome a healthy relationship with a birth family!

We are very lucky that we live so close to New York City which is home to many cultural events and gatherings that we can incorporate into our family life if we are chosen to parent a child who’s ethnic background differs from ours. We are open to all races and promise to always provide cultural experiences into your child’s life.

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Mom Dad
Childhood memory Getting a trampoline for Christmas; Family vacations in Cape Cod Sailing on the lake with friends
TV show Fixer Upper (anything on HGTV or Food Network) The Soprano’s
Movie Pretty Woman Home Alone
Holiday Thanksgiving with family Halloween
Dessert Anything with brownies and Oreos Chocolate Molten Lava Cake
Actor Johnny Depp James Gandolfini
Favorite car I’ve owned? Jeep Wrangler 1926 Ford Model T
Favorite lifetime experience? Studying abroad in Florence, Italy during college Road tripping across the USA for two months with some friends
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Early Riser

Best Wishes


Thank you for taking the time to stop in and meet us!

We know that this time is probably proving to be an extremely difficult time for you as you make a decision that is going to take a tremendous amount of time and consideration for you and your precious baby. We admire your courageous decision to consider adoption.

We would love for you to know that if you choose us to raise your baby, we promise to love and care for your baby unconditionally and eternally.  A warm and loving home, summers on our boat on the lake, s’mores and fireworks on the Fourth of July, rides in Jon’s old Model T car, endless playdates with our friends’ children, holidays with family, hay rides and pumpkin picking in the fall…the list is never ending! But most importantly, we vow to be amazing and loving parents who will raise your baby with good morals and compassion for others. He or she will always feel loved to the end of the moon and back.

Thank you for considering us in this very important decision for you and your sweet baby.

With love,

Erin and Jonathan

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