Erin & Andy

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Mom Dad
First Names Erin Andrew (Andy)
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian/Irish American Italian American
Education/Degree Bachelors Masters
Profession rt-PCR specialist Business Administrator
Ages/Names of Children Caterina – 5 (biological)

Our Story

Hello & Welcome!

We are Andy, Erin & Caterina, thank you so much for stopping by our page to learn more about us and our family!

We met through mutual friends over a decade ago discovering our common love of food, traveling and working out.  We were married in 2013 and have embarked on many adventures together since then - traveling/exploring many countries and areas around the globe, purchasing/selling a few properties before we finally bought and rebuilt our home at the Jersey Shore as well as our best accomplishment - welcoming our 5 yr old biological daughter, Caterina (Cat) into our lives.

About Andy (from Erin): Andy is an amazing dad; he is patient, encouraging, fun, caring and thoughtful.  He is very supportive and puts everyone's needs before his own.  You can find him in the kitchen or at the grill always cooking something up with his sous chef Cat.

Andy loves being active - he enjoys working out regularly, going to the beach, building and/or fixing things around our home and being with family and friends.

About Erin (from Andy): Erin is a lovely mother and very supportive wife. As a mother, she always gives 110% teaching Cat right from wrong and raising her to be a good person. One of her favorite things to do is cuddle with Cat at night before bedtime. She also enjoys taking long walks to the beach, reading a good book, baking with Cat, vacationing & hosting parties in our home.

About Cat: Cat is our fun loving 5 yr old.  She loves dance, gymnastics, soccer, the beach, going on vacation, playing with her friends, being pampered & anything Disney.  Cat is extremely thoughtful, compassionate and bright.  She enjoys pre-school, reading & learning how to write.  She is looking forward to kindergarten next year.  She is patiently awaiting her baby cousin to arrive and I know would love to have a little sibling of her own to love and play with.

We both come from large families of 5, so naturally, also wanted to have a big family of our own.  We hope to give as much love and support as our children need, the way our parents did for us.

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Family Life

We both grew up in the same town in New Jersey and come from families of 5.  Andy is the middle of 3 siblings & Erin the oldest of 3.  Family is extremely important to us and we see each other regularly since we all live so close.

Due to our mostly Italian heritage, holidays and meals, in general, are very important to us.  We have many holiday traditions we have kept from our families growing up and have also added quite a few of our own with Caterina - such as cutting down our own Christmas tree, eating dinner as a family, Sat/Sunday morning pancakes & long walks to the beach.

We believe in kindness, gratitude, honesty, hard work, responsibility & setting boundaries.  These are the values we are working at to teach Caterina and any other children we will be blessed to welcome into our family.

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We live in a 3 bedroom 21/2 bath home in a quiet Jersey Shore neighborhood.  Our home is around the block from the elementary school as well as walking/biking distance to many parks, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, family & friends’ houses.

We are a very active family, normally spending days at the beach, in our pool, taking Caterina to activities, and spending time with friends and family.

We love taking Cat on trips to explore new places, whether it be a quick day trip or weekend getaway.  She enjoys exploring a new city’s cuisine as much as we do (as well as the aquarium)!

Our favorite time is Saturday or Sunday as a family, when we can have lazy mornings, pancake breakfasts, take a nice long walk, spend time at the beach and then back to our house to hang in the pool with friends and family.

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Our family supports an open adoption and would love to maintain contact with you.  Of course this is open to discussion to determine how much contact you are comfortable with as well.  We want what is best for your children and knowing where they came from is an important part of who they are and who they will become.

Diversity is very important to us as we have friends/family from the LGBTQ+ community in addition to bi-racial family members.  We love traveling so much because it allows us to explore other cultures.  Since we live in central NJ, we are surrounded by many cities that offer cultural festivals and a diverse environment we can participate in.  We love cooking cuisines from different cultures as well as listening to music.

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Mom Dad
Subject in school Science Math
Movie Bridesmaids Gladiator
Holiday Thanksgiving Christmas Eve
Dessert Anything chocolate Ice cream
Actor Scarlett Johansson Denzel Washington
Sport to watch or play Beach Volleyball Soccer
Gadget Kitchenaid Mixer Meat Smoker
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early riser Early riser

Best Wishes

A mother’s love for her child is like no other love, to be able to put that feeling aside because you want the best for your child is the most unselfish thing I know.”

Although we have many blessings, we have also experienced much loss as a couple.  This has caused us to become better, more supportive partners, as well as stronger, more patient parents.  We know our children can count on us for anything and we will give them whatever they need in life to succeed and help them be the best individuals they can be.

We admire your strength and will be praying that you find the loving family you seek.

All the best,
Erin, Andy & Caterina

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