Donald & Layton

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Dad Dad
First Names Donald Layton
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background African-American African-American
Education Masters Masters
Profession Cybersecurity Real estate

Our Story

Hi!  We are Layton and Donald and we hope you get to know us a little better through our profile.  We met through mutual friends when Layton was 20 and Donald was 25. Layton was in college at the time, so we were not able to date due to the distance. Eight years later, when Layton was 28 and Donald was 33 we would randomly see each other on several occasions at friends parties and even on the street and decided to rekindle our friendship.  After deciding to give dating a try, we began dating in the summer of 2012.  After being together for 3 years, we married in September 2015. We have been together for six years and will have been married for three years come September 2018.

We both had dogs entering into our relationship, they are our fur babies. Donald’s dog is Morgan and Layton’s dog is Tru. We have always known individually and as a couple that children would be in our future, so naturally our next step in life is to start expand our family with children.

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Family Life

Family is very important to us.  We enjoy spending time with extended family and friends. Layton has a big family, and holidays and special occasions are generally spent with them. We also enjoy spending time with our two dogs Morgan (boxer) and Tru (beagle), who are rambunctious, loving, and great with children. The dogs are a big part of our family life and regularly accompany us on pet friendly trips.

In addition to family, we have a close support system of friends who are like family to us. Several of those friends have children of their own and are very excited to have more kids in our close knit circle. We enjoy hosting social events at our house with family and friends and their children and are thrilled to extend that to our own.

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Donald Layton House


We are very active and love outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, boating, etc. We also have a love of gardening. Layton loves to work in the yard landscaping, while Donald has started his own vegetable garden. We also enjoy traveling and seeing the world and we are excited to be able to share that experience with a child. We believe early exposure to different cultures and people is important.

We live in a quiet suburban community, with a rural vibe in Upper Marlboro, MD. We have plenty of space for a child to play and grow into. We are also active in our community. Layton is the vice-president of the HOA, while Donald is the chairman of the Covenants committee. Thru this community we have met wonderful people who support us unconditionally. Our community is within a short distance to the multi-cultural hubs of Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Annapolis, MD.

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Life comes pretty quickly and it’s not always easy, we realize this is a big decision that does not come lightly. Being able to be in the position to adopt is a big honor, but we realize the range of emotions a birth parent will feel. Every parent wants to know that their child is happy, healthy, and loved. We are comfortable with providing a birth family with letters, pictures, email contact, and annual visits.

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Father-to-Be Father-to-Be
Genre of Music R&B/Jazz Jazz
Subject in School Electronics History
TV Show Game of Thrones Anything on HGTV
Movie The Color Purple A Perfect Murder
Holiday Halloween Christmas
Dessert Ice cream Strawberry Shortcake
Sport to watch or play Basketball Golf
Gadget All gadgets iPhone
Mac or PC? PC Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea Tea
Eat in or Dine out? Eat In Dine out
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Early Riser

Best Wishes

Thank you so much for considering our family to show your baby unconditional love. We know we will be great parents because our parents instilled in us compassion, honesty, creativity, individuality, and most of all love. We will do the same for your child.

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