Dawn & Steve

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Mom Dad
First Names Dawn Steve
Religion Presbyterian Presbyterian
Ethnic Background Caucasian Caucasian
Education Masters Social Work Bachelors Accounting
Profession Social Worker Hedge Fund Accountant
Ages/Names of Children (indicate if adopted or biological)

Mason – age 2 (adopted)

Our Story

Hello!  We are Steve and Dawn and we are happy you are taking time to get to know us.  We met in college and we were friends before we started dating.  We were part of a group of friends who spent a lot of time together, just like in a sitcom.  We dated during and after college and were married in 2006.  Our wedding was a great time and involved a lot of laughter and dancing. We were fortunate to travel and spend time renovating our house before we adopted our son Mason in 2015. Now we are lucky to have a new set of memories with Mason and we often spend our weekends together going to local events or spending time with our family.

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Family Life

Both of our families live nearby and we spend a lot of time together.   Mason enjoys spending time with all his cousins.  We enjoy hosting friends and families at our house often, including a large Thanksgiving dinner. We value our time together with Mason; we often go to local events, parks and play places. Our dog Rizzo is the diva of the house and is often in the yard with Mason to play as well. We are both Presbyterian and our children will be raised in that religion, with the ability to explore any other religions they may find of interest.

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We enjoy the outdoors and try to take regular vacations, both near and far, and spend time visiting relatives who live out of state. Our home is a Victorian style house with many unique features that keep us busy. We are currently adding on a new playroom for all of Mason’s toys! We live in a suburban area of New Jersey that has great schools, parks and events. We are active and enjoy exploring new places. Steve is very handy and has many DIY projects that he enjoys. Dawn enjoys cooking and entertaining our family and guests.  Diversity is important to our family as our son is of Mexican descent and it is important to us that he is able to learn about his background and incorporate it in to his life as best as possible.

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We are comfortable exploring various levels of openness with the birth family, depending on their preferences. We have exchanged pictures and letters with our son’s birth mother and have had visits scheduled by Family Options. We realize the importance of a relationship with a birth family.

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Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music Classic Rock, Country Country; Pop
Childhood memory Summers at the Shore with family and friends Sunday dinners at grandmas
Quote Every expert was once a beginner. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Subject in school Art Class History
Movie The Shawshank Redemption Grease
Holiday Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Dessert Yes please! Anything chocolate
Actor Morgan Freeman Tom Hanks
Sport to watch or play Baseball Basketball
Gadget Any tools Cell phone
Mac or PC? PC PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Both
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in – Dawn’s a great cook Both
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Early riser
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Best Wishes

After our experience adopting Mason, we truly understand the sacrifice of a birth mother and what an honor it was to be chosen to have him join our family and we look forward to continuing the growth of our family with adoption.

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