Dani & Jonathan

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Dani Jonathan
Religion Jewish Jewish
Ethnic Background White White
Education/Degree Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts Phd in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Profession Nanny Senior Systems Engineer

Our Story

Our first date was Salsa dancing, Jon is a wonderful Salsa dancer, Dani not so much, however she was swept off her feet. We continued to date, and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love, we were married in 2016. From the very beginning we dreamt of becoming parents and raising a family.

We enjoy spending time together while doing fun things, ordinary things, or absolutely nothing. Sometimes we choose to stay home, enjoy an evening playing games, (Rummikub, Racko, Jenga are all favorites), watching a movie and cuddling.

Cooking dinner and trying new recipes is always an adventure. There was the time we accidentally made lasagna soup because we added too much Ricotta cheese. We ended up ordering take out that night!

Comedy shows and stand- up is a favorite Saturday date night. We have friends who live all over, which is pretty neat as we go visit for the day as well as weekends at times. They too, come to us with their children.

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Family Life

We are spiritual and enjoy celebrating the traditions with our family. We occasionally attend Sabbath services and always attend the Jewish High Holiday service.

We both find being active in our synagogue very important. Our interfaith and inclusion programs make our community that much more accepting and diversified. We take great pride in giving our time to both.

Dani’s parents live 15 minutes away. We are very close and enjoy having dinner there on Sunday nights; watching football, movies and just being together. Jon is originally from California and ironically all of our siblings live there. Dani’s brother moved to California 10 years ago for work. We facetime and talk all the time. Throughout the year we visit each other. We are fortunate to have family close by, cousins, aunts and uncles. Our child will be surrounded by love from every generation. Unfortunately, both of Jon’s parents have passed.

Our friends know their children are always welcome in our home. Each time they visit we have some activity waiting for them and the children look forward to what that might be. Sometimes it’s coloring books and crayons, other times we decorate cookies, summer it’s water balloon toss, just to name a few.

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We live in the suburbs with many aspects of the country. Our community has young families and children with a school district that is ranked highly. Our home is on a cul-de-sac, children are able to ride bikes and play. Our backyard is waiting for a child to come home so we can soon build a play gym. Not far from our home are horse farms and cows, how fun it is to visit the cows and get ice cream cones.

Dani enjoys being on the Sisterhood executive board at our Synagogue. She has organized multiple vendor shows, fundraisers and recently a mystery night out. She also volunteers at our synagogues gift shop, always giving back and helping wherever needed.

Dani is confident, loving and so looks forward to being a mother. She is a compassionate, caring, kind person and will be an amazing mother filled with so much love in her. Our child will always feel and know that Dani will be an advocate for them. No one is more ready, and willing to be all our child needs in every area of growth, development, love and life.

Jonathan is a Senior Systems engineer with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon in Engineering. A favorite hobby of Jon’s is mentoring high school students in robotics. He gives them advice, helps them to understand engineering and supports them in competitions. Jon became an Eagle Scout and hopes to share scouting with our child. He is confident that scouting has helped him develop important life skills. Reading all types of books is a joy for Jonathan, which is probably why he is able to answer so many of the questions on Jeopardy. He definitely needs to try to be a contestant.

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We are comfortable with an open adoption. We would update you with letters, emails, pictures, phone calls, and annual visits if desired.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music R&B 80s /90s
Childhood memory Playing Restaurant Playing on the swing
Quote "When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take a second to say, but for them it could last a lifetime" – VialThe Minda Journal “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” – Emmitt “Doc” Brown
Movie Annie Back to the Future
Dessert Ice cream sundae Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Sport to watch or play Phillies Running

Best Wishes

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We would love to have the opportunity for you to get to know us more. Your child will have a loving and caring family. We would be so lucky to be their parents.

We have a beautiful life together filled with love, family and traditions however, each day something is missing. A child! Our hope is that you will consider us as parents for your child.

Don’t think of this as a goodbye but instead a hello. We see this as the start of a beautiful relationship and hope to welcome your child into our lives. Please feel free to reach out to us so that we may continue this conversation.

Dani and Jonathan

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