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Father-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Blake Brett
Ethnic Background Irish/French English/French
Education/Degree Bachelor’s Degree: Communications High School Diploma
Profession Director of People Operations Flight Attendant

Our Story

Hi! We are Blake and Brett. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our page. We have been together for 15 years and met through mutual friends when we were both about to embark on a new journey in life. Brett was off to chase his dream of becoming a flight attendant and Blake was looking to relocate to finish his college degree. It only took one meeting for us to realize that we had found something very special in each other and we were inseparable from that day forward.

We’ve lived in several major cities together...Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago, before ultimately finding a slower pace of life in New Jersey that felt perfect for us to call home and settle down in.

We have always shared a lot of the same passions and interests which makes us very fortunate. On a typical weekend you can find us exploring new neighborhoods, searching for a new brunch or dinner spot or at Home Depot looking to buy tools or materials for our next big home reno project. During the pandemic we picked up a bit of woodworking and built all of the furniture for our back deck.

​​With Brett being a flight attendant, we have been so fortunate to have the gift of travel at our fingertips. We love exploring the world and have taken advantage of it as much as possible, jetting off to new locations whenever we get the chance. We have been all over the place both domestically and internationally and Brett even proposed at the Cliffs of Moher on a family trip to Ireland!

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Family Life

We are both extremely close with our families and have the luxury of being from neighboring towns in upstate New York. This allows us to spend the maximum amount of time with our families and not choose who to visit when. We both have multiple siblings and are now uncles to a big clan of nieces and nephews. Being part of a big blended family, we prioritize annual family vacations and love picking a new and exciting spot each year that we have not been to before.

We have an 8-year-old cockapoo named Khloe. We rescued her from a local shelter when she was one and she is the light of our lives. We are beyond obsessed with her. She is playful, gentle and a true lover of all humans. We love to spend time at the park or going on long walks with her during the warmer months of the year. She is an important member of our family and is currently the true head of our household. We all bow down to Khloe!

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Our home:

We live in a 4 bedroom 3-bath house on a quiet street with great neighbors. We’re a 5-minute walk to two different parks with a lot of recreational activities and a nature preserve, which is amazing because we both recently took up running. There are bike trails, tennis courts and a farmer's market located within walking distance of our home.

We both love to host parties, birthdays and holidays and have friends and family over every chance we get. When we are not hosting you can find us on our big cozy sectional in our family room binge watching the latest Netflix new release, HGTV or just about anything on Bravo.

We are a short drive from the local elementary, middle and high school which are all rated among the highest in the area. Equidistant from Manhattan and the Jersey shore, our town offers a variety of short distance day trips and cultural experiences which will be so exciting for us to share with a child.

About Brett:

I am a flight attendant for a major US airline. I love to travel and spend my downtime with friends and family. I enjoy working on outdoor projects around the house and exploring our town in search of the best restaurants...there isn’t a type of food or new experience that we will not try. Being a flight attendant, I am always looking for new places to travel and experience new cities and cultures. This is something that I cannot wait to share with a child one day.

I was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. My grandparents owned a large dairy farm next door to our house and I worked on the farm for a large chunk of my childhood. I have two siblings and nine nieces and nephews who are all so excited to welcome a new cousin into the mix. Some of my favorite memories from growing up were yearly camping trips to Lake Ontario, family celebrations on our 20-acre lot, and weekend excursions with my boy scouts' troop.

About Blake:

I grew up in upstate New York surrounded by family. My parents divorced when I was young which expanded my perspective on embracing change and ultimately increased the amount of loving supporters I had in my life. I have 3 siblings spread throughout the country and 3 nieces and nephews who cannot wait to meet their first cousin.

I work in the financial technology industry as the Director of People Operations. This lets me play a huge part in creating experiences and a culture that puts people first which is a huge passion of mine. I love making people happy. I am obsessed with HGTV, and I like to think that I moonlight as an interior designer and home renovator...candidly, right now myself and our home is my only client, but this is one of my favorite activities during my downtime.

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Since the day we met we have always talked about our hopes and dreams for starting a family. Even in our earliest years of dating, we both knew that we were going to be dads one day, but for years we were not sure of how our journey would play out. With that in mind we have taken several educational journeys to figure it all out, but always knew adoption was the preferred route for us.

One of the most important things we want to bring to a child’s life is to be able to allow them to see themselves represented within the community they live in. To us this means not only seeing all different types of cultures, but also families that will look like ours and access to activities and family friends that will look like them.

We plan to keep a constant open dialogue about you with them, stemming from as early in their life as they are able to understand. We hope to include you in this journey as much as you would like and will allow. We know the value of an open adoption and of keeping the entire family unit together.

As our relationship builds, we hope to be able to define that path together. We will always let your child know that you loved them very much but chose to make a decision to better their life and give them all of the opportunities in the world that they deserve. We will prioritize the telling and retelling of the story of how brave and courageous you were to make this choice and that you lovingly helped our family become whole through your decision.

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Best Wishes

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us and we are hopeful that our views and values have resonated beyond the words on this page. We have so much love to give and look forward to providing a warm home for your child founded in happiness and love. We hope to be able to pass on our deep-rooted values and raise a child who is respectful of all, prioritizes forgiveness over judgment and values the bonds of family and friendship over everything.

We know this decision is one of the hardest of your life and we are beyond appreciative and honored to be able to be considered to venture on this journey with you and look forward to sharing an incredible life filled with love and happiness with your child.

With Love,
Blake, Brett and Khloe

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