Anna & Pawel

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First Names Anna Pawel
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Polish Polish


Master Degree


Profession Marketing and sales professional Structural engineer

Our Story

Hello we are Pawel and Anna! We ‘officially’ met at the charity event organized by our church, but we grew up in the same neighborhood so we (sort of) knew each other before officially meeting. We got married in 2002, and we will celebrate our 15-year anniversary this year. We moved from Poland to the US in 2002, initially thinking it would be for a couple of years, which I guess is a typical immigrant story. At this point, it is difficult to imagine being anywhere else but where we are right now.

We would love to raise a child and believe we have a lot to offer. In many ways, we see it as one of the most important things we can do in life. We have been quite fortunate in our professional lives, which gives us means to provide a warm, healthy and loving home to your child. We truly hope to earn your trust and become parents to a very special child who deserves everything this world has to offer.


We are both Catholics and we intend to raise a child as a Catholic. However, there are certain aspects of the Catholic Church’s teaching that we do not agree with and want to make sure that our child understands and appreciates certain universal truths that transcend religion (e.g. love, tolerance, respect). We also believe in family providing a strong foundation for life, but without being too constraining. In other words, we believe that our child should have every opportunity to spread his or her wings.

We do not have any pets at present, but we both grew up with dogs – a German Shepherd named Nasar and Swiss Mountain dog named Michu. We are thinking about an English Bulldog right now, a fat one…


We are both very active and love traveling and playing sports. Most of our trips are designed around some physical activity, such as skiing, swimming, or horseback riding. We also enjoy long hikes in the mountains and parks. Some of the indoor activities we do together are boxing and yoga.

We live in a condo building in a historic town district that has seen a significant increase in restaurant activity over the past couple of years. Our community is very welcoming and full of children and playgrounds. Our home is always open and full of joy. We host many friends, some with up to 4 children! Sometimes these visits are just for dinner and sometimes they can be for an extended weekend.

Best Wishes

We are not sure we can really comprehend how difficult this time must be for you. In very different ways, it is also difficult for us. Although our emotions may be complicated and difficult at this point, there is someone much more important than that – a child, your child. Together, we have a responsibility to make sure that our decisions, even if reached under extreme conditions, are right for this child. We ask you to help us carry the responsibility of parenthood by entrusting us with the future of your child.


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