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Mom Dad
First Names Amanda Charles
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background English/Irish/German/Russian Irish/Italian
Education/Degree Bachelors  in Leadership Villanova University Masters In Business York College
Profession Stay at home mom Contract Specialist for the US Government (Charles works from home full time)
Ages/Names of Children Blake- 6 (biological)

Our Story


It is so nice to “meet” you!  We are Amanda, Charles, and Blake.  Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  We are honored to share a piece of our lives with you and are deeply respectful of the steps you have taken to educate yourself on the options you have. We are hopeful this profile gives a sense of who we are and we look forward to learning more about you, should you decide to.   

Our story together began when we met at work and then got to know each other at the Jersey Shore. Amanda was drawn to how Charles made her laugh all the time! And Charles was drawn to Amanda’s caring and loving heart. A couple years later, we got engaged down at the Jersey Shore near where we first met.

We’ve been married now for over nine years and love doing life together! In 2015, we welcomed our son, Blake, into our family. He has brought so much fun and excitement into our lives. Both of our jobs allow us to be home and present for everything.  We love that we’re both home together - and get to do everything together as a family.

Together, we are always in sync with our decisions. We support each other through thick and thin and have patience and unconditional love for one another. We complement each other in all ways and pick each other up when the other is down. As a family, we prioritize time together.

Charles enjoys sports, reading, trivia, yard work, and family trips to Disney World!   Amanda enjoys spending time with friends, going to the beach, visiting Disney World, spending time at the lake/pool, and planning trips for the family.  She also loves volunteering at Blake's school, planning activities and play dates.

Our 6 year old son Blake is a kind, generous and sweet little boy. He loves Disney, playing games, being outside, going to the zoo, and bouncing in his bounce house. He works very hard at his school work (he is in Kindergarten now). He has a HUGE heart and absolutely adores being around other children. He constantly asks us all the time for a brother or sister, and we know that he would be such a loving and protective older brother!

We are excited at the idea of becoming parents (again).  We were blessed six years ago with our son Blake but have always wanted to have multiple children so that they could have the opportunity to grow up with siblings.  We both grew up with siblings---they were our first friends and we remain close to them today!  Our journey to become parents was extremely hard and filled with many disappointments and heartache.  Yet our relationship has emerged better from these trials and although we have shifted and adjusted our plans many times over the years, we feel like we are on the path meant for us to complete our family and we look forward to the future.  We are so excited to be adopting!  Being parents has been the best thing that has ever happened to us.  A few years ago, we moved so that we could spend more family time together.  We are so lucky that our jobs allow us to be home and present for everything.  If there is one thing to know about us is that we try to have fun and find joy every single day.  

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Family Life

Throughout the year we enjoy: trips to the beach every summer with our whole family (both of our families together!) // trips to Disney World (we go about twice a year) // Friday pizza and movie nights // making pizza with Amanda's grandparents (her grandfather's brother used to own a local pizza shop that still exists and we always use his recipe!) // fairs and festivals in the summer// day trips to the boardwalk to ride the rides // trips to the pumpkin patch for pumpkin picking in the fall

During the holidays we: make Christmas cookies with Blake the week before Christmas // help our families decorate their trees for Christmas // go all out decorating our house inside and out // have brunch with Santa and our families // New Year’s Day Amanda’s grandmother always makes us crepes // HUGE family bbq for 4th of July // Halloween party and trick or treating with our neighbors (our neighborhood gets hundreds of trick or treaters!)

Our family pet is Bitty, a golden retriever mix.  We rescued Bitty when she was a puppy! She is very calm and loving to us all. She loves giving us all kisses and cuddles and is very, very good with Blake---even when he jumps and climbs all over her!

We are both Catholic but do not attend church weekly.  We really believe in teaching our children to love and respect people and will help them make their own decisions on religion.  Amanda became Catholic after she married Charles as she wasn’t raised religiously.  Charles was raised Catholic.

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We live in a community neighborhood in South Jersey. Our home is very warm and loving.  We've been working from the inside out redoing it exactly to our taste. Our favorite part about it is our back patio where we eat dinner a lot and spend time together as a family. Our house has 4 bedrooms and a finished basement. There is a backyard with a swing set, trampoline, playhouse and toy roller coaster.

We live in a very family friendly neighborhood! Our cul-de-sac has TONS of kids. Our neighborhood is right on a lake (we can see the lake in the distance from our kitchen window!) where we enjoy going for walks. We go on the paddle boat and canoes and fish from the lake's beach in the summer. Although there is a lake close by, there are many safety precautions in place to ensure the safety of children. Our neighborhood has TONS of community events and parties for the kids, a community pool, tennis and basketball courts. Our AMAZING schools are very close by. The elementary school is within walking distance!

We moved here about 2 and a half years ago to be closer to friends and family and this is our forever home!  We are so excited for the memories and adventures that lay ahead.

In our free time, we love being outside - taking walks to the lake, going for golf cart rides around our neighborhood, grilling and eating on our patio. In general, we just love being with each other and finding the fun in the little things!

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Thank you for being brave and considering us on this journey. We recognize that it only begins with the birth of your child and continues our entire lives. We look forward to everything along the way including also making you a part of our family.

Please know that even though we don’t know you yet, that we have so much love for you and will always support you in whatever decision you make.  Know that whatever decision you make is right.  You clearly love your child so much and we hope you find small comfort in our support. 

We hope for as much contact as you are comfortable with.  We want to be able to send updates often and have an open relationship.

We are committed to honoring your child’s background.  We hope to add new traditions to our family to incorporate any ethnic background that is not our own.  Our community has strong leaders and also children with many different ethnic backgrounds.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Country or Pop Classic Rock
Childhood memory Going to the beach…crabbing & fishing with my grandpop Family get togethers at my grandparents
Subject in school Math  History
Movie Disney Movies Shawshank Redemption, Brave Heart`
Holiday Christmas or Halloween- can’t decide Christmas
Bedtime story I love you through and through Boy of Mine
Dessert Strawberry Shortcake Anything chocolate
Sport to watch or play We like to watch football as a family Football
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Diet Coke
Eat in or Dine out? I love cooking but like to go out too Dine out

Best Wishes

Before you go…

We wanted to say thank you one more time.  Thank you for spending the time to get to know us.  We really hope you are able to see our hearts and understand a little bit about us.  If you take one thing away from this profile please let it be that we support you and the decisions you make.  Whatever they are—they will absolutely be the right ones.  If you decide to move forward with an adoption plan and choose us these are the commitments we would love to make to your child:

  • We commit to honoring your child’s story.  Honoring every single day who they are and where they come from.  We will ensure they know and feel how much they are loved by everyone—most especially you.  We’ll ensure they know they were always loved and know about the family that loved them first.
  • We commit that your child will grow up very happy and so so loved.  It’s important to us that our children are happy and feel loved by us and the family and friends that surround them.  Know that the people around us are extremely welcoming, happy and excited that we are on the journey to adopt a baby.
  • We commit to be there for everything.  It is very important to us that our children know we are there for them and are committed to every aspect of their lives.  Charles grew up in a very loving home with both his parents.  Amanda’s parents divorced when she was three.  Although we both had very happy childhoods, we both have different reasons to support our value in having both parents be present all the time.
  • We commit to teaching them that they can achieve any goal they want to.  We both come from families who worked extremely hard for everything.  We commit to teaching your child about working hard and persevering in school and life to achieve their big dreams.
  • We commit to sharing the things we love with them.  Things we love are Disney World, the beach, spending time on the lake fishing, boating or just taking a walk to the lake to throw rocks in the water and talk about our day.  
  • We commit to supporting them and being there for them through the good and bad times.  Not every day in life will be easy.  But we will be there to love and support them no matter what.
  • We commit to bringing a smile to their face every day.  Every day isn’t easy but we make sure our children laugh and enjoy each day. 

One last thing before you go, we know you are facing a tough time.  When we are facing a hard time, we try to remember that after every storm the sun always comes out – it never rains forever.  That there will be brighter days—even when that doesn’t seem possible.  We always eat ice cream on bad days (and good days too!) to help bring a little happiness to the day.

We see you and the weight of these heavy decisions.  We really hope we get to meet you, we love you and we are cheering you on.  Thank you for coming to the end of our profile.  We hope it’s just the beginning of our journey.


Charles, Amanda & Blake

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