• Personalized support to assist in deciding which type of adoption is best for you.
  • Guidance throughout every stage of the adoption process.
  • Work solely with Family Options or collaboratively with Family Options and another agency or private attorney.
  • Your adoption plan is tailored to help you maximize your opportunities.
  • Competitive fees and financial flexibility.
  • Educational workshops and support groups available
  • Placement fee is paid only upon match
  • Expedited services, at your request
    Family Options provides adoption placement services for New Jersey families as well as counseling to those coping with infertility and/or the maze of adoption options. Family Options focuses on the family and on developing realistic strategies related to adoption and infertility.

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The Adoption Process

This is just an overview of the actual adoption process. Family Options guides you through each step. Click here to learn more

Adoption Options

There are several different types of adoption procedures that are available to you. The descriptions below should help you understand the different options for adoption. Click here to learn more