Abby & Jeffrey

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Mom Dad
First Names Abby Jeffrey
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background Italian/French German/Italian
Education/Degree 3 Years Music Education Nyack College in New York 4 Years at the Apprentice School in Virginia (Journeyman Electrician)
Profession Salon Owner/Manager Electrician
Ages/Names of Children Amelia-age 5 (Adopted)

Our Story

Hi, We are Jeff and Abby! Thanks for taking the time to read about us!

It was in May of 2010, when Abby came home from college to visit family and friends. Her mom was prepping for a Mother’s Day Breakfast at our church, and decided to learn how to make Cream Puffs at a friend’s house the Saturday before. Abby decided to help out because she LOVES anything to do with cooking and baking. While we were baking, our friends son Jeff, walks in. Not ever meeting him before, the sparks FLEW, and everyone could sense it. The phrase “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” was definitely evident that day. We exchanged phone numbers, and that began our story together. Jeff proposed on New Year’s Day, 2011 on the Ocean City beach with fireworks overhead. It was so beautiful and memorable! We have been married for 10 years this summer!

We are truly BEST friends and can’t imagine ever being apart! We know that’s what keeps our relationship so strong.  We struggled to get pregnant from day 1 of trying, but our friendship and love really created a beautiful bond despite the adversity. In the beginning of 2015 Abby’s  co-worker expressed to her how his girlfriend was pregnant and they were not sure they were able to parent and wanted to look for alternative options.   About a week later, that same co-worker came to Abby and asked her if we would consider adopting their baby.  With ZERO hesitation, we said YES!  In March 2016, our beautiful daughter Amelia Grace was born and our lives have changed for the BETTER! She is now a VERY energetic, loving, wild, sweet, sporty, 5-year-old! She keeps us on our toes, but we can’t imagine life without her! We love being her Mommy and Daddy.

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Family Life

We value family. Abby comes from a HUGE Italian, local, close knit family, while Jeff has a smaller, more scattered, quiet family. We LOVE holidays because that means its more family time! We have strong Italian roots with A LOT of traditions. The traditions are ALWAYS around food in some way! Italians know how to eat! : )

We were both born into Christian homes, and still hold fast to our belief in God. We believe that God holds our lives in His hands and orchestrates our journeys. We believe that He is in control! We attend Church on Sunday mornings and Amelia is in the 4 & 5’s Class. We work with a lot of couples in our church who are struggling in their marriages or addictions, and Abby is a part time worship/Music leader. We love our church!

We have 1 dog, Juliet. She is a spunky, easy going, little white poof dog, who LOVES to cuddle! In our back yard, we have 8 chickens! Yes, CHICKENS! Amelia’s grandma has a small farm, so she grew up handling animals. But, her favorite is chickens, so Jeff built a coop this past year during Quarantine, and we now have 8 babies that we have so much fun with!

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We live in a really awesome town! We have farms, and city life. We get the BEST of both worlds! We can drive 2 minutes and pick up fresh basil and tomatoes from a local farmer, and we can then drive 2 minutes in the opposite direction, and get the BEST rice at the local Puerto Rican store. We love our area. We live in a small rancher, with a BIG back yard! We have a garden , trampoline, and a HAND MADE tree house that Jeff built for Amelia’s 4th Birthday. We love to go to the beach…that’s Amelia’s Happy Place : )

We love fishing and bon fires and camping and swimming in Nonna and Pop-pop’s pool with the many, many cousins we have. We LOVE cooking and baking together as a family. Family pizza night is awesome with lots of flour ALWAYS ending up everywhere! Amelia LOVES to cook with mommy! She already is a good cook and has a GREAT palette for GOOD food! Our favorite thing to do as a family, is TRAVEL! We love to visit places we’ve never been before. Amelia has been to Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nashville, Savannah and all of our surrounding states! She LOVES traveling as much as we do!

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We have a great relationship with Amelia’s birth mommy. We send MANY pictures and videos of Amelia every couple of months. Abby tries to make a photo album for her every year so she can stay connected. If things work out, we usually try to meet with her once a year. We would love to be as open as Amelia’s birth mom if this is something you desire and are comfortable with.

We see diversity as a beautiful thing. We have always valued the many cultures that are around us and we believe there is so much beauty found in each culture. Because we live in such a diverse area, we believe that our children will be SECURE with who they are, despite the difference in our skin colors. Amelia is biracial, she is black and white. She loves her brown skin and her BEAUTIFUL curly hair! We have a strong diverse friend group, neighborhood, and family. Our public schools are extremely diverse in our area. We eat A LOT of different ethnic foods. And most importantly we are always so honest and open with discussion about Amelia’s heritage and ethnicity. She asks a TON of questions, and we love to celebrate our diversity in our own family.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music I went to school for music : ) The only music I dislike is Heavy Metal. 90’s Rock , Christian
Childhood memory Cooking Italian favorites with my mom and Mommom Camping with my dad
Subject in school Choir and English Gym : )
TV show Parenthood, The Office, The Voice, MYSTERY/Suspense The Office, Heros, Avatar
Movie Titanic, Forest Gump, Disney movies Lord of the Rings
Holiday HANDS DOWN, CHRISTMAS! Christmas
Dessert Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream
Actor Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks Tom Hanks
Sport to watch or play Football (GO EAGLES) and Baseball Football
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Coffee or Tea? Coffee BOTH
Eat in or Dine out? BOTH BOTH
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Night Owl

Best Wishes

We value family FIRST and a close second is experiencing the world TOGETHER! We try to not get stuck in the mundane day by day, so we try to create as many experiences this LIFE HAS TO OFFER. We love going to the zoo, the aquarium, family fishing, snow tubing, mountain get aways, the city experience, vacations, Disney, hiking,  and SO much more. We want our kids to not just learn about life, but to EXPERIENCE life to its fullest, TOGETHER.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Abby, Jeff, and Amelia

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