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Mom Dad
First Names Shauna Patrick
Religion Catholic Catholic
Education/Degree Associates Degree in Business Management High School Diploma
Profession Administrator Designer

Our Story

Hi and welcome to our page! We are Patrick & Shauna; we hope as you read through our profile that you see the love and appreciation, we have for each other along with the loving and caring life we could give a child.  We can’t imagine what you are going through right now and the emotions you must be feeling as you consider adoption for your child.  We applaud you for your strength and selflessness, we hope to learn more about you and offer our support.

As we look to expand our family, we felt the pathway to adoption was the best fit.  We’ve built an incredible life together and can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives to share our experiences, make lasting memories, grow together, and provide them with a loving, supportive and caring home.

A little about us…

We started dating in 2004 and were later married in 2007 surrounded by our family and closest friends.  We are truly best friends and love spending time together.  We enjoy date nights either eating out at local restaurants or cozying up on the couch.  We enjoy the outdoors; each year we take several camping trips coupled with our family and friends where we hang out at the campground and/or explore the local community.  We also each possess qualities and hobbies that makes us unique.  Patrick is hard-working, affectionate, caring, supportive and kind.  He enjoys working with his hands, shooting archery (he participates in a league each week), and riding his motorcycle.  Shauna is caring, creative, patient, and kind.  She enjoys sewing, quilting, reading and her newfound hobby of gardening.  Shauna also shares Patrick’s passion for shooting archery and will sometimes go with him to the archery range.

We each grew up within the same county where a majority of our family resides, and we are both the youngest of our siblings.  We share similar family values and pride ourselves on how well we communicate with each other.  We both grew up in a nurturing home; the values our parents instilled in us have carried forward into today.  Each day we strive to eat meals together as it helps us to connect and catch-up on things.  Throughout the last year with the pandemic, we have valued the additional time we have gotten to spend together, and it has helped us to grow stronger.

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Family Life

We are close to both our families; we speak to them a few times a week and get together throughout the year for various events and holidays.  Our family and friends are extremely supportive and excited about our adoption plans.  Each of our parents are excited to welcome another grandchild into the family.  Being grandparents has offered them an opportunity to share their life stories and experiences of when they were young to build a bond and establish a closeness to each of their grandchildren.  They look forward to spending time with their grandchildren and carve out time to attend their sporting events, dance recitals, or graduations.

One of our favorite holidays to celebrate each year is Christmas.  We enjoy the magic that comes along with the Christmas holiday; each year we decorate our home both inside and out, shop until we find the best holiday shirt/sweater for the occasion, watch holiday movies, bake cookies, take time to gather with family and of course, eat way too much!

One tradition that has continued over the last several years with some of our family is our annual camping trip over Columbus Day weekend.  The campground where we stay hosts their Halloween festivities, everyone gets into the spirit!  During the weekend they offer a variety of activities including painting treat bags and pumpkins, trick-or-treating throughout the campground, a Halloween parade and more!  Every year we look forward to getting together; we bring our large bag of goodies for the kids and enjoy a fun-filled weekend together.


We have two cats, Lilypie and Herman.  They were both rescued from local animal shelters and have made themselves right at home.  Herman loves to eat and sleep; he is a bit skittish but will allow us to snuggle if it’s on his terms.  Lilypie is more outgoing and friendly, she loves to play sparkly ball and enjoys snuggling.

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Over the last year we moved into our forever home which has allowed us to fulfill our desire to start a family.  We reside in a single-family country home in northern New Jersey with ample space to grow.  We are situated on a little over an acre where we are surrounded by nature and wildlife; we also have a beautiful pond in the backyard.  The neighborhood where we live is very rural, quiet, and safe.  Our county has excellent schools and offers a variety of things to do such as apple picking, hiking, zoos, museums, and more!

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Our desire is to establish an ongoing relationship with you which is based on mutual respect and understanding.  We are open to sharing letters, pictures, emails, and more with you and your child as they grow.

Our hope is to share our lives with a child to provide them with an incredible upbringing where they get to experience the unconditional warmth of our love while also being surrounded by our large nurturing and supportive family.  As they learn and grow, we will teach them to find joy, happiness, and cheer them on as they discover their own self, passions, and talents.  We also promise to share their amazing story with them throughout their life.

Starting at an early age and throughout your child’s life, we plan to integrate diversity, so they better understand their ethnicity, religion, culture, language and more. This will give them an opportunity to connect and learn about themselves while developing an appreciation and respect for others.  We will do this through having open conversations and discussions throughout life, reading books, attending cultural events in the community, and incorporating culturally religious and educational opportunities into their lives.  As your child grows and develops, we want to help them maintain a connection to their culture.

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Mother to be Father to be
Genre of Music Country Various
Childhood memory Vacationing with my family; particularly at the Jersey shore Time spent with family and friends
Subject in school English Math
Movie Grease, Beauty and The Beast Groundhog Day, Boondock Saints
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Sport to watch or play Football – Pittsburgh Steelers Football – Pittsburgh Steelers
Author Janet Evanovich and Linda Lael Miller Michael Crichton
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in

Best Wishes

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives and hopes as we continue to build our future.  We look forward to sharing our outdoorsy and rural lifestyle with a child and experiencing parenthood.  We hope that through our profile you gained a sense of comfort that we are the right match for both you and your baby.  We would love the opportunity to provide your child with a loving, supportive and stable home.

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