Sharon & Sean

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Sharon Sean
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian Italian
Education/Degree Masters/Doctorate Associates
Profession Attorney Retail

Our Story

Hey!  We are Sean and Sharon.  We have been married for almost 9 years.  We started trying to have children, pretty much from the beginning.  After many years and many doctors, it just didn’t work out.   We guess like a lot of people nowadays, we met online.  We still can’t believe that is where we met and laugh when we see the commercials.  After we actually met in person, we found out that Sharon’s mom actually taught Sean in school.  How funny??  It was kinda of like we were meant to meet.  We love each other very much and love just being with one another; we cherish ever minute.  We like to travel locally and often go to Ocean City, New Jersey or the Poconos.  We also have family on the West Coast and love to visit them as much as possible.

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Family Life

Both sides of our family are mostly Catholic and we plan on raising our child(ren) as Catholic as well.  We have a Labrador Retriever named Luca.  He is a goofball and loves to run around our yard and take long walks in the woods.  We spend as much time with our parents as possible and will, hopefully, be a big part of our child’s life.  We, intentionally, all live close to each other. We all like to check in and help each other out as much as possible.  We both have extended families with children. Your child would have lots of cousins to play with.

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We live in a single-family home in a diverse community.  Our neighborhood is somewhat wooded, so we get to see lots of animals roaming around.  Sean plays guitar and loves music.  He also loves classic cars and trucks.  We attend a lot of car shows when we are able.  Sharon loves photography.  She tries to bring her camera with her as much as possible.  She also loves gardening and hiking.  Anything to be outside…

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We are very eager to send letters and pictures and are open to email, telephone contact and annual visits.  We fully appreciate and understand the necessity for your child to remain connected to you as their biological family for countless reasons.  These reasons include identity, culture and medical information.

If we adopt a child that is a different race of our own we would incorporate your culture into the child’s life.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Everything (alternative, country, musicals, and rock) 70s/80s rock
Childhood memory Going to Disney with my family Spending time with my grandparents
Magazine Photography Four-Wheeler Magazine
TV show Sopranos, The Office, Masked Singer Count’s Kustoms, American Pickers, Sopranos
Movie Goonies A Bronx Tale
Hero My grandmother My grandfather
Holiday Halloween Christmas
Dessert Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing Anything chocolate
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Cole Hauser, Tom Hanks Robert DeNiro
Gadget Camera Guitar
Coffee or Tea? Coffee-Iced from Wawa Coffee-Dunkin Donuts
Early Riser or Night Owl?  Early Riser Night Owl (Recent Early Riser)

Best Wishes

We really want you to make sure you are making a decision that is best for you and the baby.  There should be no pressure from anyone for you to make a decision one way or the other.  If we are fortunate enough to adopt, we will ensure to love and guide your child the best we know how.

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