Reens & Gabe

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Reens Gabe
Religion Catholic Jewish
Ethnic Background Filipino American American
Education/Degree Master Degree Bachelor Degree
Profession Financial Services Business Development

Our Story

Hi, we are Gabe and Reens. Welcome to our page.

Ten years ago, on a cold February evening, we had our first date over dinner. We would describe it as the perfect night that we both didn’t want to end. It helped that we lived a block from each other, and saw each other almost every day since then. We were married in New Jersey two years later, surrounded by our friends and family.

Throughout our relationship we’ve created many fond memories together.  We’ve also had terrific experiences traveling to many places while learning about different cultures and tasting new cuisines.

We are always finding the best in every situation and creating new and exciting experiences along the way.

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Family Life

We were both raised by families following religious traditions. Reens attended Catholic school from elementary to high school. While her parents identified as Catholic, she had an open upbringing when it came to religion. Her parents taught her that there are many religions that exist and that it is important to have a healthy respect for differences in beliefs. Gabe honors the culture and tradition of Judaism, and would like for our child to honor that as well.

We would like for our child to be able to choose their own path when it is appropriate. We hope to be able to share each of our cultural traditions and beliefs. Given the right timing, we also hope to be able to guide them and educate them, should they wish to be part of a religion.

We visit Gabe’s parents often who also live in New Jersey. We enjoy Sunday brunch or dinners with them, which sometimes include some of our friends.

We make sure we divide our time well, visiting Reens’ family in the Philippines, her brother in Canada, and Gabe’s brother in the west coast.

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After living in New York City, we decided to build roots in New Jersey.

We live in a safe and vibrant community near the city. There are various facilities in our community for children and adults. It has a running track, baseball/soccer field, ice hockey/skating rink, and swimming pool. We walk around everywhere to shops and restaurants and see many families and young couples enjoy the area as well.

Reens according to Gabe:

Reens started a career in financial services in the Philippines and eventually moved to New York. In her spare time, Reens loves taking photos, documenting momentous events as well as our everyday ordinary life. I love that she values the memories that we create together, and we are hopeful that we are able to share our love and experiences with your child. We try to visit the Philippines as often as we can to spend time with her mother, brother and sisters and their families.

Reens’ favorite things to do include going to the New York Botanical Gardens for the orchid show, hiking, playing in the snow, planning our trips, and attending live performances.

I love that Reens is amazingly caring and thoughtful with everything we do.  She tries to make every moment special, which is why everyone loves her.  Reens is truly one of a kind and makes me a better person.

Gabe according to Reens:

Gabe works for an international company doing business development. He has a knack for connecting with people and has been successful in this field.   When Gabe is not working, Gabe likes to play the guitar, listen to music, and read. He has been learning Tagalog (Filipino language), and has managed to surprise many Filipinos with his skill.

Gabe has an easy and welcoming smile and makes people around him comfortable. Gabe is very loving, warm, kind, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. Our godchildren, my nephews and nieces love Gabe. He loves spending time, listening to, and playing with them. In my heart, I know that he will be an amazing father.

We are truly grateful that we share many common interests and complement each other in many ways. On weekends, we love gathering with friends and family to enjoy home-cooked meals, or going out to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. One of the things we appreciate about living in the area is we get to enjoy Broadway shows, operas, museums and restaurants in the city. We love exploring new neighborhoods in the city, walking in Central Park, enjoying our favorite restaurants and trying new ones as well. Cooking together is one of the many activities we enjoy. We both try to keep a healthy lifestyle by eating well and working out, but also occasionally indulge in chocolate chip cookies.

We love learning about anything and everything.  This ranges from learning about the science of food, reading up on history of places where we travel, to keeping abreast of developments in our respective industries. Both of us grew up in households where education and learning are valued and supported, and we hope to be able to share this with a child. We want to provide the best opportunities and environment for a child to thrive and pursue his/her passion(s), in whatever field he/she chooses.

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We strongly believe that your child should know his/her history.  We feel that an open adoption is best for the child’s well-being.   As adoptive parents, we will give your child a loving home, letting them know he/she is loved and how special they are.  We would like to provide updates via email, ongoing exchange of photos, or the annual picnic/visit.

Diversity is important to us.  We come from different backgrounds and are accepting of various beliefs and traditions.  If the child’s background is different from ours, we will incorporate these differences into our family.


Mother-to-be Father-to-be
Genre of Music Rock and Pop Rock
Childhood memory Grandmother cooking for the family Florida beach family vacation
Favorite Concert Bruno Mars U2
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Coffee Cookie dough
Hero My father My father
Favorite Season Summer Spring
Sport to watch or play Basketball/Tennis Hockey
Cuisine Thai, Italian Malaysian, Greek, Italian
Vacation Destination Italy Italy
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Tea

Best Wishes

Everything in our relationship has been such a positive experience.  We come from such different places in life, but found that these differences are what makes our bond so much stronger.  These differences are what makes our love so welcoming to everyone around us.

We know that this is a life-changing decision, and one you are not taking lightly. As we raise our child, we hope to be able to share the message of love and positivity, and that adoption is a way for him/her to have best possible care. We wish you all the best on this journey.

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