Michelle & Michael

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Michelle Michael
Religion Catholic Protestant
White White
Education/Degree Doctorate of Physical Therapy Bachelors Communications & Journalism
Profession Physical Therapist/Owner Business Owner

Our Story

Hi, we are Mike & Michelle and welcome to our page. We met over 10 years ago when we were introduced through Michelle’s brother, Danny. Mike & Danny went to college together at Monmouth University, but Michelle & Mike never immediately crossed paths, as Michelle was in California completing a residency program for school. When Michelle returned back to New Jersey, they were introduced to each other, but Mike had the obstacle of having to get permission from her brothers. When Mike asked Michelle’s brother, Danny, if he could take her out on a date, Danny jokingly responded, “I can get another friend, but I can’t get another sister.”

After our first date, we immediately connected and dated for three years before Mike asked Michelle to marry him during his birthday celebration. We married in a small, quiet ceremony with family on the beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina in 2013. The Outer Banks holds a special place in Mike’s heart as it created lasting memories from many family vacations growing up. And we hope to continue making memories there with our family in the years to come.

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Family Life

Michelle was raised a faithful Catholic, with a lot of influence from her grandfather. She stays connected to her Catholic church, going to mass occasionally.  Mike was raised with no major religious connection, but after meeting Michelle, felt that he wanted to honor her family in continuing their beliefs under the Catholic church.

With regards to pets, we are both very much dog people. We started our relationship with getting a black Labrador, Madison, when we first started living together. Madison quickly became a big part of our family. Our dog family grew by one when we took over the care of Michelle’s sister’s dog, Rorey, a Jack Russel/Beagle mix when her sister was unable to take care of her while starting a job after college. We then went on grow our family with two more dogs in the recent years, Bailey (black Lab) and Harper (boxer mix) because we have a huge spot in our hearts for helping animals in need. Our four dogs are a huge part of our life, always being showered in hugs, belly rubs and treats.

In terms of values and tradition, we both hold our families as big, important parts of our lives as we tend to be the central hub for family gatherings, such as dinner or pool parties. Being so close – figuratively and literally – is important to us as we know that family is what matters most – through good times and bad times. Whether it’s the big pool party BBQs with multiple family members or spending some quiet time with our nieces, nephews and godchildren – we always look forward to the opportunities to build lasting memories with those that we love.

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We own our own business and often spend time throughout the day with each other. We’ve been able to see our business grow over the past 10 years, something we are proud of.

Outside of work, we make it a priority to find time to ourselves that involves a variety of things, including exercising together, walking the dogs, and spending time with family and friends.

Our three-bedroom home at the Jersey Shore provides ample amount of time and opportunities to be outside – something we try to take advantage of on a regular basis. Whether it is golfing, paddle boarding, swimming, running, going to the beach or relaxing by our pool – we try to enjoy as much fresh air as possible.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, we also love cooking at home – trying new recipes or cooking some of our favorites – or relaxing and watching a movie together.

Another one of our interests is traveling and being able to experience different cultures, cities and more. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip to visit family in Florida, a getaway with friends and their kids, or a trip to Europe – we like experiencing what these different cities and countries have to offer.

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We are open to keeping open communication with you through emails, letters, telephone contact, and annual visits at the Family Options picnic.

We are eager to learn, understand, and integrate a different ethnic background into our lives given the opportunity. We want to understand and become knowledgeable about your culture and ethnic background since it’s an important part of who you are and who your child will be.

We have a deep understanding and openness to other cultural backgrounds. Mike’s grandmother was born in Japan and Michelle’s grandmother was born in Portugal. We both have a strong connection to our familial backgrounds and look forward to teaching your child about our family histories. This has included many conversations with our late grandmother’s about growing up, trips back to where they grew up and more. That being said we know your family history is a big part of who you are as a person and who your child will be.

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Mom Dad
Musician John Mayer Allen Stone / Johnnyswim
Childhood memory Pool days at my grandparents Outer Banks trips
Quote “Everything happens for a reason.” “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”
Magazine Food Network GQ
TV show Anything on HGTV or Food Network Breaking Bad
Holiday Memorial Day Christmas
Sport to watch or play Hockey Golf
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Coffee or Tea? Both Neither
Eat in or Dine out? Dine out Dine out
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early – early riser Night owl

Best Wishes

The potential of you choosing us – and raising a child – is not something we take lightly – we know there are going to be good times, hard times, fun times and everything in between. We know there will be questions to be answered and things to learn that we didn’t even think of. But the one thing that will allow all of us to persevere through it all is love. Up until this point, we have filled our lives with laughter, tears, smiles and every emotion imaginable. We’ve shared and created memories that will never be forgotten with each other, friends and family – but as we’ve gotten older, we know we want to create those memories with a family.

Love is something that we look forward to showering our child with. Love will make the good times even better.

Love will make the hard times easier.

Love will make the laughter louder.

Love will make the sad times bearable.

Love will make those simple times memorable.

Love will turn the unknown into eagerness to learn and grow.

We have love to give and look forward to being able to share that with your child.

Mike & Michelle

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