Megan & John

Megan John Main photo (new)
Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Megan John
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian/Irish Italian/German
Education/Degree Master’s Degree Licensed Cosmetologist/Teacher
Profession Medical Social Worker Union Worker: Machine Operator

Our Story

Hello! We are Megan and John, welcome to our adoption page.

We grew up in the same small town, but never met. First time, we spoke was playing XBOX with our mutual friends in January 2008. After months of playing together in our separate houses, we officially met in the end of March 2008 and started dating in August of that year. We have been inseparable ever since.

Our dog Buddy joined our family in 2012.  He was only 7 week old and he weighed 13 lbs. He is the sweetest boy ever. In 2012, John proposed with the assistance of Buddy and we have been happily married since 2013.

It was clear from when we first started dating that starting a family was something, we both desired. We would love to adopt a child and give him/her all our love. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our pictures and read about our story.

Megan John Our Story (wedding pic)
John Megan Our Story 03
John Megan Our Story 02

Family Life

Family and friends are very important to us.

Our family is very big and close-knit. We are always there to support one another and involved in each other’s lives on a weekly basis. Our favorite time to get together is the holidays. Each holiday has its own set of traditions. The biggest holiday we celebrate is Christmas. We always have a full house and family traditions that we are hoping to share with a child. Christmas in our household consists of multiple Christmas themed games, Grandpa reading “The Night Before Christmas”, tons of food, and lots of love.

One memory that I (Megan) remember and intend to pass down to our child would be our yearly family Disney vacations. We went as a family since I was 2 years old. Once John joined the family, he came on our Disney adventures as well. Our favorite ride in Disney was Toy Story Mania!

Family is one of the most important things to us. They teach you, they love you, and they are there for you no matter what.

Megan John Family Life (replace 1st pic)
Megan John Family Life (replace 2nd pic)
Megan John Family Life
John Megan Family Life 02
John Megan Family Life 03


We share many of the same interests and values. We enjoy being active. We love to spend time outdoors; going for bicycle rides, hiking, taking our dog for walks. In the summer, we like relaxing by our pool with our family and friends. Even though we like to be active, we also like to have a nice relaxing day on the couch enjoying each other’s company.

Megan is involved in volunteer work/community outreach and facilitates support groups. Megan’s favorite thing to do on the weekend is singing songs off her playlist, as she is cooking and baking. John is extremely into fitness and diet (but of course there is a cheat day every now and then).

Our neighborhood is very friendly, everyone is always willing to help one another. They have yearly gatherings which brings all the neighbors together.   The school system is one of the best academically as well as safest the state, which is why we chose to move to this area.

John Megan Life Style 01
Megan John Life Style (replace 3rd pic)
Megan John Replacement
Megan John Life Style


We are hopeful to have an open relationship with you that is comfortable for everyone.  We would be willing to send pictures, letters, emails and annual visits at the Family Option picnic. We also know this is a very personal decision and willing to respect your wishes with regards to communication.

One of our favorite quotes is from Maya Angelou,  “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

We both grew up in a very diverse community. It has been an amazing experience learning so many different cultures, languages and traditions. We learn so much from our friends and we appreciate them wholeheartedly. We plan on incorporating that knowledge into our child’s life.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that has been slow to change their views on many things, one including multicultural families. We understand that a time will come when we might experience diversity issues. We, as parents, will need to always keep an ongoing discussion about our differences and embrace them for they make each of us unique. We will remind our child of how beautiful they are, both on the inside and outside.

We will look into schools, camps, teams, and play groups that are diverse. We will also provide our child with books, toys, and movies that incorporate cultural diversity. As a family, we will attend various cultural events and celebrations. We will provide as many opportunities as possible for our child to be involved in their own culture and as well other cultures.

John Megan Adoption 01
John Megan Adoption 02
John Megan Adoption 03


Mom Dad
Genre of Music Country/Rap All Genres
Quote “Ohana, means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” “Everything happens for a reason.”
TV show The Good Doctor Love and Hip Hop
Movie Step Brothers Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Holiday Christmas Eve Christmas
Dessert Flan Ice Cream Cake
Actor Will Ferrell Sanaa Lathan
Video Game Call of Duty/Crash Bandicoot Call of Duty
Sport to watch or play Basketball/Celtics Football/Cowboys
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Dine out Eat In

Best Wishes

Our promise to you…

We promise to love your child unconditionally.  We will care for and support your child in pursuit of their dreams. The hope for our child is a happy childhood filled with growth and self-discovery, so they can thrive in life.  Your baby will know you made the hardest decision of your life, in hopes to better theirs.

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