Maggy & Firmin

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Maggy Firmin
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background Black Black
Education/Degree Doctorate 2 Masters
Profession Research scientist Engineer
Ages/Names of Children    Taylor (Firmin's adult biologic son)

Our Story

We are Firmin and Maggy, welcome to our page! We’ve been married 9 beautiful years. We have one son in college (Firmin's son) and would love to add more children to grow our family.  After 4 years of trying and fostering 3 children, we decided to adopt. We live in a family friendly community with diverse cultures. We reside and go to church in multicultural communities. We are also active community organizers, which is how we met 10 years ago volunteering to help hurricane disaster victims. We do everything together, especially seeing the world!  We spend a lot of time enjoying our 9 nieces and nephews enjoying afternoons at the park, museums, and the movies. We both grew up in NYC where we went to high school. We both love math and science. We love to travel and can't wait to start traveling together as a family. We want to share the world with your child.Thank you for considering us for this blessing!

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Family Life

Family is everything to us. We both come from a large family. Firmin is one of 7 and Maggy is one of 4 siblings. Our values are grounded in the Christian faith. Church is a big part of who we are.  As Christians, we practice our faith through acts of service, community development, volunteerism, and sharing our blessings with those in need. As a couple, we often serve our community and believe that we are our brother’s keeper. We enjoy hosting fun community events and friends and family game nights. We enjoy cooking and having quiet family dinners. We also have a summer camp for kids to learn science, girls workshops, and sports. It’s the highlight of our summer. If you bless us with your child, he/she will be raised with love.

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Our lifestyle is filled with fun activities from music, dance, nature walks, movie nights at home and picnics by the water. We have a network of awesome friends who are fun and supportive. We love to travel and learn about new cultures. We look forward to including your child into our family game night.

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We believe in the love of family. We’re open to sharing pictures, emails, texts and calls of our journey with your child.  We are also open to meeting once a year with you at the Family Options picnic. It is important to us that we are both comfortable with how contact is setup. We admire you making an adoption plan for your child and we would be honored with the opportunity to raise your child. We are grateful to you for considering us for this amazing journey.


Mom Dad
Genre of Music Gospel/ Classical Jazz
Subject in school Science Math
Magazine Essence TIME
TV show Blackish Magnum PI
Movie Pretty Woman Matrix
Hero Toussaint Louverture and Harriet Tubman Mandela
Holiday Christmas Thanksgiving
Dessert Carrot cake Ice cream
Actor Denzel Washington Matt Damon
Sport to watch or play Tennis Soccer
Coffee or Tea? Both Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Both Dine in

Best Wishes

Thank you for this gift of life! We will empower your child with love, culture, spiritual growth, travelling, and a life of learning. We promise to give the child a blessed life- our love will be his/her security blanket!

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