Kiley & Mike

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Kiley Michael (Mike)
Religion Christian Agnostic
Ethnic Background English/Irish/German Chinese
Education/Degree Bachelors, MBA Bachelors, MBA
Profession Finance Industry Finance Industry

Our Story

Hi, we’re Mike and Kiley and we’re hoping to adopt. We met in college in 2003 and have been together ever since. We got married in 2008 surrounded by family and friends. We still hold hands everywhere we go, and love spending time together. We can’t wait to share our life with our future child.

Mike is a social butterfly and a peacock — he’s known for his fashion sense and fresh haircuts. He’s an extrovert and makes friends everywhere. Mike is always on the go, and often jam packs his weekends with activities like golf, running, hiking, and experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes.

Kiley is often described as the Yin to Mike’s Yang. She is introverted and avoids standing out in a crowd, but has no issues speaking her mind. At parties, she will always make friends with the host’s dog or cat. Kiley enjoys reading, volunteering, yoga, planning home improvement projects, putting together Ikea furniture, and has recently gotten into running.

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Family Life

We are from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures, but our families raised us with very similar values such as honesty, hard work, and the importance of education. We each have two siblings, and we have lots of nieces and nephews. We get to have family dinners and barbecues often with our family members who live nearby (Mike’s parents, his sister, and Kiley’s brothers and grandma). With our family who live out of state (Mike’s brother and Kiley’s parents) we get together multiple times a year for holidays and family events.

We blend the traditions we bring from our families. We host Christmas at our house every year, and celebrate every Chinese New Year with Mike’s family. We have dim sum (Chinese brunch) on Sundays and have done family road trips to the heart of North Carolina farm land for family reunions. We look forward to adding new traditions as we grow our family.

On weekends and holidays we spend a lot of time with family, especially our nieces and nephew that live nearby. We attend their plays, soccer games, and birthday parties. They are excited to have a new cousin.

We are animal lovers and share our home with our rescue greyhound, Sarge (who loves kids!), and our three cats, Charlie, Teddy, and Goblin.

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We’ve made our home in a quiet suburb with an excellent school district and lots of parks and activities for families. We have a grassy, fenced-in yard and plenty of room for our family to grow. Though we live in the suburbs, we are located close to more metropolitan areas where we will have the opportunity to share educational and cultural experiences with our child.

We love to travel and try to experience as much of the local food and culture as possible, wherever we go. At home, we love cooking together and view food as a fun way to re-live our travels. We always end up singing and dancing together as we cook.

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We are open to sharing pictures, letters, and emails and seeing you at the annual picnic. We are sensitive to the level of contact you prefer, and would like to agree upon a level of openness that works for everyone so please don’t hesitate to let us know your feelings on openness.

Diversity is part of our every day lives and we speak about race and inclusion in our home frequently. As a transracial couple, we realize it is important to educate ourselves about each other’s and our child’s background, and we appreciate what a great responsibility that is. Regardless of our child’s race, we will make sure he or she will be surrounded by a diverse group of family, friends, and community members. Racial mirrors will be important if we adopt a child of a different race and we are committed to seeking out racial mirrors and role models for him or her in our daily lives. We hope to instill our love of travel in our child to cultivate a curiosity and passion to learn and respect other cultures that are different from our own.

Our most important job as parents will be to teach our child kindness, love, respect, and inclusion for all beings, and to do our best to prepare them for life as an adult out in the world.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music 70s rock, R&B, EDM/House, Pop Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, Classic Rock
Childhood memory My mom reading the Ramona books to me and my brothers. The Mickey Mouse birthday cake my dad brought home for my 5th birthday.
Subject in school English and Art Science
TV show Lost Lost
Movie Love Actually Armageddon
Holiday Thanksgiving July 4th
Food Pizza Fried chicken
Sport to watch or play Football Golf to play, football to watch
Author James Herriott Michael Crichton, James Patterson, Michael Lewis, Robert Ludlum
If your life was a theme song what would it be? You Don’t Own Me Good as Hell - Lizzo

Best Wishes

Becoming parents is the greatest responsibility, and the greatest gift we could ever be given. We intend to honor the legacy of your child by showering him/her with so much love, and to provide as much opportunity for a happy and successful life as we possibly can.

We can guarantee that your child will become part of a home filled with lots of love, laughs, and home cooked meals. We promise to do our best to teach and instill the values that made us good, kind and caring people to our future child.

With Love,

Mike and Kiley

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