Heather & Sean

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Heather Jamaal (Sean)
Religion Catholic None
Ethnic Background Irish, English, Polish, German African American
Education/Degree Bachelors Bachelors
Profession Teacher/ Mentor Teacher Data Analyst/ IT for Printers

Our Story

Hi, we are Sean and Heather and we would like to welcome you to our page.

We met through a mutual friend who was having a birthday lunch that we both attended. Sean was focusing on his career at the time and Heather was focusing on school and work. Neither of us were in a relationship and had thought we weren’t interested in looking for one. But, we started talking about different things and one thing led to another and soon we were talking about a date. Ten years later, we still love to talk about all kinds of things and very much enjoy spending time doing things together. Neither of us could imagine not having the other in our life and are still thankful we both decided to go on that first date.

We both believe in hard work but also enjoying life. Heather recently became the Director and part Owner of a wonderful Preschool that is a home away from home. Her coworkers are close and enjoy getting together outside of work. Parties, gatherings and wholesome fun are ways they enjoy time outside of the workplace as well as themed dress-ups, celebrations and creating a fun and exciting environment in which to teach inside the workplace.  Sean works in IT support for an international printer manufacturer. As a valued team member, Sean has been given increasing roles and responsibilities in his department. His best friend’s mother-in-law works in his department and they share laughs, chats, and fun together.

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Family Life

We are both very open minded about religion. Heather was raised Catholic while Sean was raised Methodist. As a couple we like to learn about other religions and views, while living a Christian lifestyle. We celebrate all the Catholic holidays, and read the Bible. We believe that any child we adopt should have the knowledge of Christian values and beliefs, but once old enough, should be able to find their own way that they wish to follow. We live by the belief that one should be good in heart and manner, respectful, and caring. We also believe in hard work, family values, and helping others.

We both share the value of family and friends. We were taught to respect and help our elders and that family is important in a person’s life. We are lucky enough to have family close by where we can visit and call on a regular basis. Although Covid 19 has prevented us from visiting the way we like to, calls and emails keep us together.

Sean is very close to his grandmother and visits her every weekend. When something needs to be done or help is needed, Sean is right there to help. His mother lives in the same town as us. Family parties, celebrations, gatherings, and traveling are a huge part of our lives with family.

Heather’s grandparents live nearby as well.  She loves to talk on the phone and visit her grandparents as much as possible. She calls a few times a week to “check-up” on them and make sure they are good. If help is needed, she is right there with a smile and lots of love.

Heather’s parents and siblings live in New Hampshire but they communicate frequently through phone calls and email pictures. Heather is often heard joking around with her mother and younger sister and chatting about the latest horror movies/books.

Heather considers a family she babysat and pet-sat for as part of her family as well.  Through her years babysitting and pet sitting for George, Lori, Danielle, and Nicole- they have created a bond as strong as blood. She considers them as part of the family and often celebrates milestones, gatherings, and parties together. Although both girls in the family are now starting their lives as young adults, they get together when the girls are back visiting NJ.

Friendships are a big part of our lives as well. We can be found having dinner/lunch together, supporting each other’s hobbies and talents, and visiting each other. Our great friend Kevin is a talented singer in the Cinnaminson Choir. We love to attend his Spring and Christmas shows each year.  We love our yearly tradition of decorating our Christmas tree. Our great friends come over, holiday music is put on, and the tree gets dressed. To us, family and friends are an important and a wonderful way to share and celebrate life.

Our pets are a huge part of our family.  We have 2 cats and 3 guinea pigs. They have been in our family for a few years and add a great abundance of joy and love. Patches, the guinea, came to us through a surrender at Heather’s old part time job with a pet store. The owner had become ill and could no longer care for Patches. Heather fell in love immediately and adopted Patches.  Later, Patches gave birth to two adorable albino babies who still live with their mommy. Bastet and Tahkarra are our 2 American short haired cats. When people say you don’t choose the pet, the pet chooses you – they are completely right. These cuddly and loving bundles of fur chose us right away and we couldn’t imagine a home without them.

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We live in a large condo in a wonderful and diverse community. There are a variety of ethnicities in our neighborhood including black, white, Asian, Indian and other ethnic groups throughout the area. Our complex has a playground as well as a basketball and tennis court. A larger playground is a short 5 minute drive down the street where we love to take our Goddaughter and her friends.

We both love walking around our complex and looking at the amazing gardens and pathways people have created. We also enjoy growing our own garden on our balcony and in the large yard behind our home.

Reading, cooking, video games, and archery are ways we like to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Long drives that provide opportunities to meet new people, new places, and surprising finds are also a great way to spend time together. In warm weather, we love to visit the local State Park with our friends, taking in nature and getting exercise walking the trails. During the holidays, we enjoy the beauty of Longwood Gardens, their festive music and their Christmas light displays.

Sean’s family owns a second home in Sarasota, FL. The home is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. When we visit, one of our favorite things to do is go down to the beach, Venice, Anna Maria Island and Siesta Key are favorites, and watching the beautiful evening sunsets.

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We believe that the birth family is an important part of the child’s life. You are their heritage, part of what makes them who they are. We would like communicate with you through letters, pictures, and emails from both sides. We are open to phone calls and annual visits as well.

Our life is full of diversity and uniqueness of other cultures, beliefs, and traditions. Our friends are from a wide array of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We have friends who were adopted with various backgrounds and different ethnic cultures. We believe that diversity is a major part of growing, understanding and appreciating other’s beliefs, traditions, and cultures. We have friends from all areas of the world, and are conscience to include their life styles into our life. Be it food, decorations, or other ways, we like to learn and incorporate diversity into our lives.

Sean loves to learn new languages and has taught himself Spanish, Mandarin, as well as many other languages. He is often chatting with people in their native tongue and learning what he can do to better communicate.  As a teacher, Heather has the skill to incorporate various cultures and traditions into her classroom and her home.


Mom Dad
Genre of Music Pop-rock/80’s Hip hop
Childhood memory Halloween parties in my parent’s basement. Taking apart a bike then putting it back together.
Subject in school Science History
TV show The 100 The 100
Holiday Halloween/Christmas Halloween
Dessert Brownies Cheese Cake
Video Game Fallout Division
Gadget Cell phone Cell phone
Mac or PC? PC PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat In Eat In
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl

Best Wishes

Believe in yourself. We know and sympathize that this has to be one of the hardest discisions in your life. But, whatever you choose to do or whomever you choose to be able to love and cherish your child, just remember you did it for the well being of that child. And believe that what you choose, if it was done with a caring and true heart, it will always work out for the best.

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