Kauai’s First Licensed Adoption Agency

Family Options – Kauai’s First Licensed Adoption Agency

Family Options Hawaii is officially in operation. The agency’s mission is to provide all of the Hawaiian islands with affordable, quality adoption services that are tailored to meet each family’s needs. Founded in 1988, Family Options continues to provide compassionate support and personal care to all persons touched by adoption. As a non-profit organization, Family Options offers services during all stages of the adoption process in an effort to educate, counsel and prepare both adoptive and birth families. They also provide a 24-hour hotline for all questions and concerns of those considering placing a child for adoption.

“We want people to know that there is someone there, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, to listen, to understand, and to offer support without judgment,” says Family Options Director of Counseling and Placement Services Sharon Murray. Family Options offers a full range of services from pre-placement information and counseling to post-placement services, using traditional and innovative means. Family Options is committed to focusing on the family and developing realistic approaches to adoption.

“As a non-profit private agency, we are not associated with the state foster care system. A private, non-profit adoption means the ability for a birth parent to select the adoptive family, and establish an ongoing relationship,” says Murray, “Our staff is there to walk birth parents and adoptive parents through the adoption process, and navigate each step with compassion and support.”

“Kauai has always been so special to me, and introducing this service to a community I love so much is really a dream come true,” says Murray, “I am eager to serve the community in extending their ohana, and breaking the stigma of what adoption was years ago. Whatever the circumstances may be, we want to be there to help, educate, and nurture families considering adoption as an option.”