David & Brandon

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Father-to-be Father-to-be
First Names David Brandon
Religion Jewish Methodist
Ethnic Background Eastern European European
Education/Degree Master’s Master’s
Profession Project Management Human Resources

Our Story

Our adventure began in 2015 after meeting online and deciding days later that we should meet. On our first date, we sat next to one another at the restaurant as strangers and ended up forming a life-long friendship. We married in the fall of 2018 and continue to love one another and build a wonderful life together. We are very close with our families and travel frequently to see relatives in New York City and North Carolina. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve enjoyed being able to connect with our families over Zoom. In some ways, it’s almost as if we can see them more — which is wonderful. We value the relationship we have with family as they are an extension of who we are and how we want to build community for a new child.

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Family Life

As a family, we value togetherness and community. We are very close with our families in NY and NC, as they visit often, and we regularly spend weekends with them. We also have a strong community of friends who make up our local / selected family in the Washington, D.C., area where we live. We feel loved and welcomed by our local / selected family and will continue to hold that part of our community close as we raise a child. We value trust and honesty in our relationships with family and friends. During religious holidays, we typically gather with either our families outside of town or get together with “local” family to celebrate. We typically spend Passover in NY with David’s family and Christmas with Brandon’s family. Every Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) is spent with our “local” family; and we celebrate Thanksgiving with our cousins who live in the city. Our goal is to celebrate holidays as a family by sharing traditions and teaching / learning about traditions that other communities are accustom.

For example, we usually take part in break-fast, which follows our friends’ Ramadan fasting period. For us, it’s a time to learn from them about the lessons they’ve learned while fasting and celebrate our diverse community. We also take part in our close friends’ Diwali celebration — the Hindu festival of lights. We feel that the important celebrations that take place among our friends group is vital to our understanding and relating to people of different faiths and backgrounds and that celebrating with them is important for building the kind of community that we want to appreciate and respect.

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We are an active couple. David loves running around our neighborhood in Washington, DC; and Brandon enjoys walking around the city and kayaking on the Potomac when it’s warm. We also enjoy day trips outside of the city and hosting friends for dinners. David makes a mean tomato sauce from scratch; and Brandon loves taking our friends along for weekend excursions. We also enjoy traveling around the world. Each December, our employers close for the final two weeks of the year; and we use this time to get away. This past year, we toured South America — spending time in Argentina and Chile. We have used this time to see Spain, Hawaii, and South Africa. We also take vacation in Mexico once a year with both of our families — time that we find so relaxing and invigorating. Each summer, we snorkel and visit the coral reefs along the cost of the Yucatan. We also take a July 4th trip to Cape Cod each year. This past Independence Day, we got up close with the humpback whales! Finally, we try and squeeze in a trip to Europe each year — using up our vacation time. Our favorite spot is Madrid, but we also have enjoyed Portugal, Paris, and Amsterdam.

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We think it is important for a child to know where they come from. Open adoption can allow children to be raised by loving and caring parents and keep a connection with their birth parents.

We not only want an open adoption for our child, but we want it for ourselves and you. We think it will allow us to honor the choice that a you have made.

We welcome the idea of being able to share with a birth family all the little steps and memories that our child will experience, as we are open to as much of a relationship as everyone feels comfortable.

David grew up in Queens, NYC, which is the most diverse part of the United States. Brandon had a very different experience. As a child, he stuck out as a gay youth in the rural south. This experience left him with a sense of responsibility to fight for equality and champion social justice. We seek out a life that is diverse and inclusive so that we continually learn from our community what it is like to walk in shoes other than our own. David, in particular, understands the cost that hate and separation of families brings to communities as he lost two grandparents in the Nazi concentration camps.

As a couple, we strongly believe that creating and building a diverse community can ensure that we do not take the world around us and the beauty in it for granted. We also hope that by modeling the kind of world we desire will lead to others working to build equality and social justice. As a couple, we hope to leave the world better than they found it.

From a diversity standpoint, we will work hard to expose a child to a diverse friends and family group. We desire to teach a child the importance of inclusive ideas and backgrounds. We believe that someone’s experience adds value to society; and we hope that learning about other peoples’ experiences will humble and empower your child to make better decisions that are less focused on self and more focused on the betterment of humanity.

As a couple, we believe that inclusiveness and diversity are fundamental to building and correcting history’s blunders and can provide the leadership needed pave a brighter future for humanity.

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Father-to-be Father-to-be
Genre of Music Hip-Hop, Country, Pop Pop (P!nk, Lady Gaga), hip-hop, country
Childhood memory Singing in the car with my dad Riding horses and taking care of the farm animals
Quote “The quality, not the longevity, of one’s live is what is important.” — Martin Luther King. Jr. “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln
Subject in school Math Art and chorus
Magazine People Magazine The Economist
TV show Will and Grace, Handsmail Tail, Law and Order Law and Order, Thirty Rock, Parks and Rec
Movie The Harry Potter series Brides Maids
Hero My Mom My Mom
Holiday July 4th in Cape Cod Halloween at sister-in-law’s house
Bedtime story Goodnight Moon Winnie The Pooh
Dessert Cheesecake Sorbet
Actor Julianne Moore Tom Hanks
Video Game Super Mario Bos. Pokemon Go
Author Tony Morrison David Sedaris and Brene Brown
Gadget iPhone Apple Watch
If your life was a theme song what would it be? Fight Song - Rachel Platten Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys
Mac or PC? PC MAC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl

Best Wishes

We appreciate that you are taking time to get to know us and make a decision that is right for you. We value your journey. Just as we want our child to be loved and accepted, we want that for you too. We want to build a family — one that is inclusive of you.

We value relationships that depend on honesty, and we hope to build such a relationship with you.

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