Cynthia & Richard

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Mom Dad
First Names Cynthia Richard
Religion Catholic Christian
Ethnic Background Irish and Austrian Italian and Norwegian
Education/Degree Masters in Mental Health Bachelors in Industrial Design
Profession Therapist/Business owner Industrial Designer
Ages/Names of Children Hudson - 4 years old (Biological)

Our Story

Hi we are Richard and Cynthia - we have been married 7 years as of this month and just visited the place we got married this past week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We met over sushi in 2012.  We currently live in Mendham Township and moved here a little over two years ago. We live 3 doors down from where Richard grew up and his family still resides there.  We have one biological son who is 4, Hudson, and have two wonderful puppies Guinness (14) and Marshall (1).

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Family Life

We have strong values of being kind to others and providing acts of service. Richard is an EMT for our township, and has served as a fireman for the Brookside Engine Company. Cynthia works as a therapist and spends her days providing emotional support to others daily. As a family, we enjoy exploring our environment, and tend to spend much of our time outdoors either traveling or enjoying our backyard. We were both raised with a Christian background, but do not currently attend any particular church.

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Richard has grown up in the community that we currently reside in and has actively been involved in the community for years both as an EMT and fireman. Cynthia recently became involved in the Stigma Free committee for the Township and is currently serving as class parent for Hudson’s pre-k class in the elementary school. As a family we love visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina and try to visit as often as we can. We also enjoy camping, kayaking, gardening, blacksmithing, and exploring.

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We would love to have an open relationship with you.  We are open to sending pictures, letters, videos, attending the annual family picnic, and emailing you.  Our goal is to have your child to feel as much love as he/she can have.

Diversity is important to our family because it a critical component in everyday life. We would like to see our family bring in more diversity overall and will make a great effort to do so in the coming years.  If we are blessed to adopt outside our own race we know we have complete support from all our close family and friends.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Alternative Rock Rock
Childhood memory Going to visit my grandparents at their deli Camping trips with family
Subject in school Psychology and Bible history Art and math
Magazine People Family handyman
TV Show Greys Anatomy Jeopardy
Movie P.S. I Love You Shawshank Redemption
Holiday Thanksgiving New Years Day
Bedtime story  Spooky Old Tree The “Magic Book”
Dessert Key lime pie or cheese cake Creme de menthe brownies
Actor Sean Patrick Flannery Don't have one
Video Game Bubble Bobble Mario Brothers
Sport to watch or play Swimming Football
Author L M Montgomery Gary Paulson
Gadget IPhone 3D printer
If your life was a theme song what would it be? The Boondock Saints opening theme song Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters
Mac or PC?  Mac PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Both Night owl

Best Wishes

We are a family with too much laugher, too much love, and too many dachshunds!

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