Chari & David

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Rosario (Chari) David
Religion “Law of attraction” “Law of attraction”
Ethnic Background White, Spaniard White, Spaniard
Education/Degree Master PhD
Profession Middle school Spanish teacher Artificial Intelligence

Our Story

Hi, we are Chari and David and we are thrilled that you are reading our profile. We are high school lovers since 2000 and looking forward to many more years. We have build our professional lives, traveled the world and moved from Spain to the United States in 2013. We enjoyed the time together and have now built the home and stability in which we want to grow our family. We have been trying to conceive for about 2 years, but is seems it is now a little late. We are eager to find a match and build a relationship in which we help each other.

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Family Life

We believe in the “Law of attraction” which states something like what this quote states: “what you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create”. We have experienced a significant growth in our lives and we are ready to raise our children as free, motivated and empowered individuals that have the tools and knowledge to achieve their heart’s desire. We did not grow up with this mindset, but have shifted over the years and we are extremely grateful to have done so.


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We spend a lot of time together and love outdoor activities and socializing. We love living in New Jersey with 4 seasons, each with different activities, so we never get to get bored of doing any of them.

During warm weather we increase our outdoors activities including: hiking, biking, kayaking, beach trips.  When the weather becomes  cold we still  enjoy short outdoors walks, but mainly spend time in indoors activities such as: dancing, indoor trampoline parks, playing by the fireplace or activities in Manhattan.

We do at least one international trip every year to visit a new exotic place (except in 2020 due to COVID travel restrictions) and we often visit family back in Spain as well.

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We all need to find our purpose in life and often understanding where we are coming from is a key piece to having a solid footing. We would like to raise a child who knows where he/she came from and feeling the love not only form us, but from you as well.

We are open for discussion on how our relationship with you will be framed and we also understand it may changes from year to year.  We will let you determine how much contact you are comfortable with.   We are open for video calls, letters, pictures…and would love to see you every year at the Family Options picnic.

We are originally from Spain and love south American and African dances (well, really almost all dances of the world). We live in New Jersey and our social network is quite diverse. We have friends with completely different ethnical backgrounds and we enjoy the diversity. When we go out dining our favorite restaurants are Thai, Indian, Chinese and Italian, but we also like all sorts of food. We are open to welcome a child to our family from any ethnic background and look forward to expanding our family’s cultural makeup.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Salsa, rumba/flamenco Salsa
Childhood memory Playing outside all day with my two sisters during summer. (: Playing in the sand on the beach.
Quote “Do one thing every day that makes you happy.” “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”
Subject in school Art Math, science
Holiday Summer break and Thanksgiving Summer break
Dessert Rice pudding Dark chocolate
Sport to watch or play Dance Dance
Gadget Foldable bike Yoga trapeze
Coffee or Tea? Cocoa milk Tea
Eat in or Dine out? Both Both

Best Wishes

We wish you and your baby all the best in life and would be forever grateful if you gave us an opportunity to be parents to your baby.

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