Anne & Jennifer

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Mother-to-be Mother-to-be
First Names Anne Jennifer
Religion Agnostic Agnostic
Ethnic Background Japanese/Caucasian Italian/British
Education Masters degree Masters degree
Profession Writer Mediator

Our Story

Hello!  We are Jen and Anne, welcome to our profile.  We met 12 years ago at an indoor ball hockey game. Anne wondered who this short person in a dress was in front of her (the hockey jerseys were all men's XL size). Then the puck dropped, Jen got it, ran around her and scored. Anne realized she had to pay closer attention. A year later we were dating.

We've been through a lot together. Anne helped Jen through her Master's degree in Conflict Studies, before Jen went on to become a professional mediator. Jen helped Anne while she wrote a screenplay, worked on two books, and a documentary film. Two years ago, Jen went freelance too, and started working from home. We decided to move to Hawaii, where Anne could reconnect with her mother's ancestral roots. We both love living here. Such a big move was hard, admittedly, but it feels right for both of us, and we aren't afraid of hard.

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Family Life

Family is important to both of us. Jen is quite close to her sister, who keeps a downstairs apartment free for when we want to stay in Montreal and visit all our family there. We envision going there at least once a year to spend time with family. We live half a block from Anne’s aunt and uncle, whom we see at least weekly. Anne's Mom lives with her husband in Arizona now, but they come and stay with us in Hawaii once a year.

We both live spiritual lives, but have left the Catholic church in which we were both raised.  Although we have left the church,  a prayer of appreciation is uttered every day, sometimes every hour, in our household. We both feel organized religion has a lot of problems, but we also know that a life without God is bereft. The human condition is one of suffering, and it is only faith in an eternal reality that exists somewhere outside our five senses – the illusion of life – that we can find true solace and a lasting happiness.

Education is important to us. Our children will receive a great deal of education, especially during the critical developmental years, in language, art, music, and science, but also bodily movement, nature, the land, the sea, and the stars.

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We are a very active couple. We both do Crossfit, and Jen is an avid cyclist, if you couldn’t already tell. Anne loves to paddle Hawaiian outrigger canoe, and also Canadian canoe (aka Olympic canoe). We have hiked a lot of beautiful places. We also do yoga, hula, downhill ski, skate ski, ice skate, in-line skate, swim, stand-up paddle,… but I only have 150 words here.

We travel a lot: In our time together, we've been to France, Italy, Croatia, England, Peru, Argentina, Japan, and also Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, California, Arizona, Detroit, Washington DC, New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles. Phew! We're trying to get as much travel in before any kids arrive 🙂

We're also involved in our community.  Jen volunteers at local biking events to bring safe cycle commuting to the island; we also volunteer for invasive species removal from the sacred lands here on Kaua'i (Koke'e Conservation and Malama Huleia).

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We are open to communication with you before and after the birth of the baby. We would like to travel to the annual picnic, where adoptive families meet up with birth families. We are also happy to send email and pictures.

We would very much like our child to meet their birth parents when our child is old enough to remember them. We think this is important to the child's well-being.  From what we understand, most adoptive children benefit from knowing who their birth parents are.

Hawaii is a very multicultural environment made up of diverse ethnicities. If you add up all the minority groups, they outnumber the Caucasians here on the islands.

We were raised in culturally diverse families. Anne was raised by Japanese-Americans (from Hawaii) and Irish-Canadians, Jen was raised by Argentinians and Italians. We've both developed a sensitivity to the benefits and challenges that come from living in a multi-cultural or even multi-linguistic environment. And maybe it's because of the way we were raised, but we think it's better to have more exposure to diversity than less.

We both know and have lived as targets of prejudice and ignorance. Anne in particular is sensitive to the hazard of assimilation. Our hope is to maintain contact with the birth parents and to keep the child's ethnic history and culture alive within the child's life, as long as he or she continues to show interest in it.


Mother-to-be Mother-to-be
Genre of Music Old school Eclectic
Childhood memory Chasing baby ghost crabs on the beach Riding my red BMX bike
Quote "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." Marianne Williamson "All polishing is done by friction" – Mary Parker Follett
Subject in school English Literature Peace and Conflict
Magazine Wired/New York Times Pedal/Monocle
TV show Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Portlandia
Movie Andrei Rublev Spaceballs
Hero Maya Angelou Marina Abramovic
Dream vacation Tibet Anywhere with Anne
Bedtime story Barbapapa Go Dogs Go
Philosopher Edward Said Mary Parker Follett
Video Game Neopets Tetris
Sport to watch or play Rugby/canoe Cycling/hockey
Author Anita Desai Margaret Atwood
Gadget Rice cooker Bike power meter
If your life was a theme song what would it be? The Pretender (Foo fighters) The Girl from Ipanema
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Both I learned never to answer this question

Best Wishes

We wish you well for whatever the future may bring you, and leave you with this ʻōlelo noʻeau (Hawaiian wise saying or proverb):

He ʻohu ke aloha; ʻaʻohe kuahiwi kau ʻole.

(Love is like a mist, there is no mountaintop that it doesn’t settle upon).

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