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First Names John Veera
Religion Christian Christian
Ethnic Background Italian Indian
Education DC- Doctor of Chiropractic DC- Doctor of Chiropractic
Profession Chiropractor Chiropractor

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Our Story

Hi, we are John and Veera, and we welcome you to our profile.  We met while at chiropractic school. One of our first conversations revolved around our love of traveling and the outdoors. Early on we noticed we had an immediate attraction to each other. We've been married over 8 years now. Before we met each other John grew up in a military family who moved every couple of years. It was fun experience for John who got to live and travel while overseas in Italy and Germany. John’s mother was originally from Wyoming so naturally he was drawn to go to college out at the University of Wyoming. While out there John picked up and loved the sport of Rugby. Upon Graduation John went out to Australia to play and after he got back he went to Chiropractic College. Veera grew up in New Jersey and was surrounded by a large Indian family.  All of her Aunts and Uncles immigrated to the United States and set up family roots all over the US. In her early years Veera traveled extensively.   In undergrad Veera left New Jersey to attend Tulane University in New Orleans. Veera loves jazz and living in New Orleans provided her with an amazing opportunity to enjoy great live music. After undergrad Veera went to London and Boston to work before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa where we both first met. After graduating from Palmer, we settled back to Veera's home state of New Jersey. We love where we live and still enjoy traveling whenever the opportunity arises.

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Family Life

Both our families get along great and mesh together seamlessly.  Our families have an appreciation for good food and enjoy having fun family get togethers.  Holidays are always a pretty big deal on both sides. We usually split up the holidays between our respective families. John’s sister lives about 10 minutes from his parents and it's always fun when we get together. John has a niece and nephew named Ani and Jace who love to hang out and play with their aunt and uncle. Veera might as well have over 10 nieces and nephews who are actually her cousins children but refer to both of us as Auntie Veera and Uncle John.   John grew up raised as Christian and Veera as Hindu but she identifies more with Christian now. We feel that the values of Christianity are the best fit for who we are and where we live. We currently have two cockatiels, Rosie and Theodore and a pet hamster named Fernando.

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We have a wonderful life together, one that allows us to be together most of the day. We work professionally in the same office. Our hobbies include: SUP (stand up paddle boarding), dance lessons (which we do twice a week), traveling, eating, laughing and enjoying company together. We live close to the beach and love our house, backyard, neighborhood and neighbors. It's not uncommon for us to have neighbors over for dinner any day during the week. We're closest to our neighbors Matt and his wife Liz and our other next door neighbors Brian and Diane. We feel that it is important that we give back to the community that takes care of us so we donate back to our local theater and other various charity events. We realize we are blessed with where we live and appreciate it every day.

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John’s family has been touched by adoption in a very personal way.  His Nana was adopted, as well has his two cousin's Harry and Joey.  Additionally John’s best friend Geoff was adopted too!  Open adoption is a shift in how John experienced adoption growing up.  For example, his cousins who are adopted have lived their entire lives without knowing a single blood relative. They have expressed to John the desire to know where they come from so that they can better understand themselves. Staying in touch with birth parents and providing updates are something that adoptive children can turn to as they grow and later become adults themselves. We are committed to providing an open environment from which an adoptive child can thrive. Letters and email communication are welcomed and an annual visit if desired is more than possible.

Diversity is our entire family, we are Cuban, Dutch, Indian, Puerto Rican, and Dominican.  We have relatives that live everywhere from Singapore and New Zealand to India and Canada. John is a Caucasian, Italian American, who was born in Italy and raised in an American military family while living on American military bases around the world. Veera is a first generation Indian American from New Jersey.  Diversity is normal. We both married outside our race but find commonality in each other's company and values. We embrace diversity. There is beauty in diversity.  We have learned so much from each other from our different perspectives. Regardless of anyone's ethnic background they are still a human being. Differences are to be embraced and respected.  We are excited about embracing a new life. This will be the next step in a new chapter of our life.

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Mother-to-be Father-to-Be
Genre of Music 80’s Music, Cindy Lauper, Billy Joel, The Police and Sting Alternative
Childhood memory I remember being in Indian and every day I would wake up, put one of my shirts in the turtle tank, wait for one to snap on and walk to breakfast with a turtle hanging from my t-shirt. I tried to take one home in my suitcase but someone caught me, I was 4. Hiking with my family in Germany and picking raspberries as I went.
Quote “History is tricks we play on the dead.” “Those who forget the past are deemed to repeat it.”
Subject in school Art History
Magazine National Geographic Explorer National Geographic
TV show The Big Bang Theory Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Movie Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Man from U.N.C.L.E
Holiday Halloween Christmas
Dessert Chocolate with more chocolate Cheesecake
Actor Chris Hemsworth Tom Hardy
Video Game Super Mario Brothers Super Mario Brothers
Sport to watch or play Soccer Rugby and Soccer
Author J.K Rowling, I love Harry Potter Malcom Gladwell
Gadget My pulse oximeter I-Phone
Mac or PC? Mac Mac
Coffee or Tea? Tea no sugar, honey and always Earl Gray with bergamot Coffee
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Wherever the fun is Early Riser

Best Wishes

We have created a home that allows us to help raise another person with love and laughter. Life is not easy but it is beautiful. Give us the chance to show another person the beauty we see in the world. We will show them just how wonderful life can be. We are ready. We thank you for giving us this chance.

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