Joleen & Todd

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Mom Dad
First Names Joleen Todd
Religion Christian Agnostic
Ethnic Background German, Italian, Czech Welsh, Irish, Czech
Education Master of Fine Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts
Profession Theatrical Costumer Professor of Lighting Design

Our Story

Hello!  We are Joleen and Todd and we are excited that you have found our profile!  We grew up in different parts of the country (Todd in Texas and Joleen in Illinois), but both of us were heavily involved in high school and college theater. We both started as actors but eventually found our true callings backstage. We met working at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, a summer theater in southern Utah. Joleen was on costume crew and Todd was a stagehand. We became fast friends through our love for Shakespeare, the arts, hiking, and mini-golf.  We then worked at Arizona Theater Company in Tucson and fell in love among the cacti.  After 6 years of dating and a move to the east coast, we were married on December 23rd, two days before our favorite holiday.  We have been married seven wonderful years and continue to make each other laugh, be the best of friends, and love and support each other through thick and thin.

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Family Life

Without a doubt, we love Christmas.  We fell in love at Christmas, and we got engaged at Christmas (under the tree at Rockefeller Center!), and we were married at Christmas. Every year the house is filled with decorations and lights, inside and out.  Our adorable tortoiseshell cat, Shelly, enjoys playing with the tinsel most of all.  We visit with our families each Christmas, where we go shopping, watch holiday movies, eat delicious home-cooked meals, and share stories.

We host a barbeque in late September to coincide with a parade for John Basilone, a heroic WWII soldier who was raised in our town.  Our friends’ children love catching as much candy as possible at the parade and seeing the marching bands, military vehicles, and fire trucks pass by.  Afterward everyone gathers in our backyard, where we cookout, socialize, and play.

We believe honesty with ourselves, each other, and those around us to be one of our strongest values. We have each witnessed and learned firsthand the dysfunction that secrets within the family can cause, and we are committed to being truthful and open even when it scares us.

We try to practice love and kindness, every day, with each other and those around us, knowing that we get as much as we give and that all human beings deserve respect.

We believe that daily self-examination of our actions and motives help us stay aligned with these values.  This attitude of self-improvement and patience with each other and ourselves keeps our relationship healthy and grounded.

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Although we both work primarily in theater, every aspect of the Arts is important to us. Through our jobs, we work on several professional live performances of plays, musicals, and dance recitals every year.  When possible we like seeing other theater pieces as well.  We also enjoy visiting museums, going to the ballet, and experiencing live music.

We also enjoy hiking and exploring state and national parks, and jogging in our local community park. Todd likes climbing at a local rock gym and playing tennis with friends at least once a week.  Joleen enjoys swimming and running as exercise and loves sewing.

We live in a small 2 story house in a friendly neighborhood. There is no fence in the back yard, rather we share the space with the neighbors to the sides of us.

A typical weeknight consists of each of us arriving home from work, grabbing a snack, and catching up while we cook dinner. When the weather gets warm, the conversation will move to the patio and grill outside. On the weekends we sleep in and make coffee and breakfast before starting chores. Whenever possible, we will catch a play or movie and meet up with friends for dinner.

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We are excited about an open adoption, and we would welcome contact between the child and the birth family through letters, email, or annual visits. We would also be happy to send update emails and photos monthly, bi-annually, or yearly. We want our child to know as much as possible about where they came from.  We are excited to tell our child their birth story and answer all their questions honestly at a level they can understand.

We would take the responsibility of honoring our child’s culture and ethnic background very seriously. We understand that if we adopt a child outside our race then we will become a bicultural family. We are prepared to reach out into our own community to give the child more experience and insight into his or her own background and culture. We would accomplish this by finding groups and organizations for our child that reflect their race and cultural background, and integrate friends into our own lives that have similar backgrounds to our child. We would also share books and other media with the child that reflect and teach them about their background. We trust by doing these things we can help the child understand his or her own place in the world, community, and family and give them pride in themselves.

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Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music Alternative/Indie Rock Alternative/Indie Rock
Childhood Memory Being with Family at Christmas Spending time on Grandmother’s Farm in Iowa
Coffee or Tea? Coffee Coffee
Subject in School Art/Painting English
Artist William Turner Edgar Degas
Favorite Thing to Cook Steaks on the Grill Pancakes
Movie Star Wars: A New Hope Empire of the Sun
Musical West Side Story Guys and Dolls
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Bedtime Story Goodnight Moon Berenstain Bears
Actor Harrison Ford Christian Bale
Sport to watch Basketball Football
Author Michael Crichton Roald Dahl

Best Wishes

We are genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person. We cannot understand what you are going through, but we want to acknowledge the pain and difficulty you are facing at this time. We also know that whatever decision you make, you will always love your child and think about them every day. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

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