Dawn & Ted

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Mom Dad
First Names Dawn Ted
Religion Christian-Protestant Christian-Protestant
Ethnic Background German, Irish Italian, Irish, English
Education BA - Social Science JD - Law
Profession Executive Assistant Attorney

Our Story

Hi, we are Dawn and Ted and we thank you for looking at our profile.  We met through an online dating website.  After exchanging emails and phone calls, we met for the first time at a local diner.  We immediately hit it off and spent every day of our first weekend together!  Our relationship developed quickly and we were married less than a year after we first connected.

We’ve been together for fourteen years now.  Our strongest anchors are our faith and our love for each other.  We look forward to sharing our love, laughter and passions with a child.

Ted and Dawn's wedding.
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Family Life

Dawn’s mom, recently widowed, is retired in a quiet town in eastern Pennsylvania.  She looks forward to being a grandparent for the first time and spoiling a baby with cuddles and hugs.  Dawn’s older brother lives nearby with his girlfriend and they are excited to see us fulfill our desire to add a child to our family.  Dawn has extended family in PA, NYC, CT and NY state, including several young cousins and a brand new baby in the Boston area.

Ted is oldest of three boys.  Ted’s parents live in New Jersey and both of them love their four grandchildren.  They are ecstatic about becoming grandparents again.  Ted’s middle brother lives in New York with his wife, son and daughter.  It’s a happy reunion when they come down for holidays and when we travel up north for visits.  Ted’s youngest brother, wife and young twin boys also live close by.  We are amazed as we watch our nephews growing up and we truly enjoy spending time with them.  They look forward to having a young cousin to share their childhood secrets with!

We live with three indoor rescued cats.  Jasmine is a sweet tortoiseshell Siamese mix, and we call her cream colored daughter, Lily, the “ghost kitty” for her timid personality.  Our youngest, Iris, sports a colorful coat and an equally colorful personality!  Iris is our social butterfly and the most mischievous of our clan.

Our life is anchored by quiet faith.  We strongly believe that God has been a part of our journeys as individuals and as a couple, and we will pass that graceful legacy on to our child, teaching them the love of God and the importance of service to others.

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We enjoy quiet weeknights in front of the TV with candles lit and our cats close by.  On weekends we visit new places and gather with friends and family, then remember God’s grace during church services on Sundays.

Our favorite exercise is hiking. We've hiked all over the state and explore new trails wherever we travel.  We find great joy in sharing all the sights and sounds of nature.  We look forward to maple sugar tapping and walking colorful local gardens in the spring.  In the summer we explore our local county fairs together and enjoy BBQ food and the swimming pool at Ted’s family house.  In the fall we enjoy warm s’mores over a fire pit at home or a fun meal by campfire at a campground. We join our family for fall weekends at the shore and pumpkin picking with cousins.  Winter brings us outdoors to admire the frozen landscapes. The holidays bring our families together in the happy chaos of gift giving, amazing Italian food and treats of all kinds, and grateful hearts for all God has given us as a family.

Our favorite place to be together is in nature.  Ted and I love to be outdoors, and have enjoyed day hiking throughout our dating and marriage.  Sometimes we like to cover mileage or elevation, but we more often keep a moderate pace with time to rest and “smell the flowers” along the way.

Our home is comfortable and often smells of candles and crockpot chicken.  We live in a neighborhood perfect for frequent walks. In warmer weather we’ll walk around the quiet streets chatting about our days.

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Wyanokie High Point, Norvin Green State Forest.
Second day at Colonial Williamsburg.


We believe that an open adoption will allow a child to develop a complete sense of identity.  We would like to learn about your background and interests so we can share that with your child and give them a sense of continuity in their family story.  We are comfortable sharing our journey with you through letters, photos, email and annual visits.

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Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music Trance Christian Contemporary
Subject in School History Psychology
TV Show X-Files Big Bang Theory
Favorite Hero Thomas Jefferson Frodo Baggins
Bedtime Story Goodnight Maine Velveteen Rabbit
Dessert Monkey Bread Ice Cream
Gadget Smart Phone Smart Phone
Holiday Christmas Christmas
Past Time Hiking Scrapbooking
Memory Together Star Watching in Maine Gazing out together from the top of Mosquito Mountain in Maine.
Mac or PC PC Mac @ home, PC @ work
Coffee or Tea Coffee Water 🙂
Eat In or Dine Out Dine out Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Night Owl
If our life was theme song it would be: Forrest Gump: Because life is like a box of chocolates! Forrest Gump: Because life is like a box of chocolates!

Best Wishes

We are excited to invest our lives and our hearts in a little soul and to be amazed as he/she grows up through their milestones.  We will encourage this precious child to sample the whole world around them and to develop their uniquely awesome self.  We have faith that God brings people together on purpose, and trust in that process as we pray for God’s best in all of our lives.

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