Maureen & David

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Maureen David
Religion Raised Catholic None
Ethnic Background Irish, German East Indian, Filipino, Chinese
Education Masters-Elementary Education Masters-Education Administration
Profession Stay at home mom (former 1st and 5th grade teacher) High School Teacher
Ages/Names of Children  Louie (2) biological, used an egg donor

Family Video

Our Story

Aloha! We are David, Maureen and Louie!  We met on and communicated on and off for seven months before meeting in person. Our first date started in the park and ended at the movies seven hours later. The date was supposed to end after the initial meeting in the park but the connection was so strong that David kept coming up with things to do so the date wouldn’t end. David proposed six months later and we married 14 months after that first amazing date.

We have a one year old son named Louie.  We pursued IVF treatment using donor eggs and after four failed attempts including a miscarriage we gave birth to an awesome little boy named Louie. We enjoy every aspect of being parents and would like to welcome another child into our family to share our love and provide the children with the opportunity to enjoy a caring sibling relationship.

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Family Life

We are very close to our families who are very supportive of our decision to grow our family. Maureen grew up in Connecticut and spent her summer vacations down at the Jersey Shore (Sea Isle City). She is the sixth child of 10 (there is a 12 year age difference from the youngest to the oldest) and has 19 nieces and nephews whom we are close to.  Even though we live far from Maureen’s family we feel it is extremely important that our son Louie has a strong connection to his East Coast family. We foster this relationship via frequent FaceTime calls, Facebook updates, and in person visits.  David grew up here in Hawaii with one older brother. His parents, who are retired University Professors, live 20 minutes away while his older brother, sister-in-law, and nephew live 15 minutes away. We enjoy weekly Sunday lunches, holidays and special occasions together as a family.

We are both school teachers, David is high school and Maureen is elementary. Maureen is and will remain a stay at home mom until our children our school age, at that time Maureen will return to teaching. Because we are both teachers we get to enjoy summer, fall, winter, and spring school breaks which means more time to spend as a family.

We plan on raising our children Catholic and observe traditional holidays.  Our favorite holiday this past year was Christmas.  We started our day by opening Santa gifts, headed to the beach with close friends and their children, and ended the day at David’s parents’ house for dinner and more gifts.

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As a family we enjoy going to the Zoo, taking weekly family music classes, going to the beach or the pool (year round), heading to the park (so many to choose from, which is awesome), hiking, stand up padding, spending time with close friends and family, and our yearly visit to the East Coast.

Maureen attends a mommy and baby exercise class several times a week “I enjoy the exercise aspect of the class but my favorite part is spending time with a diverse group of amazing moms and their beautiful children.”

David’s passion is soccer, not only does he play in a weekly league, he is an amazing soccer coach and mentor to inner city high school students. He is looking forward to the day when he can coach his children

We live on the 34th floor of a high rise with a wraparound lanai (porch/deck) with sweeping views of the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.  Our home is walking distance to several playgrounds, heath-food stores, library, festivals, and the only Royal Palace in the United States. We live a short drive to the ocean, Waikiki, the zoo, aquarium, and several kid friendly beaches.

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We are open to a private Facebook or Instagram account that you can share with your family, FaceTime or Skype calls, pictures mailed or emailed to you, text communication, and once a year visits when we fly out to see our family on the East Coast.   As you can see we are very open but it is important for you to feel comfortable with the level of communication so we will respect whatever you feel is best for you.

One the main reason we came to Family Options as oppose to working with an agency that is nationwide is because we wanted to be connected with an expected mom who lives close enough to Connecticut so when we come to the East Coast for our yearly visits the option is available to visit with the birth mom/family if they are open to it.

We value diversity.  One of the reasons why we love living in Hawaii is that the people here are so diverse. Most families, including ours, here in Hawaii are made up of a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. We have a very diverse group of friends that represent all ethnic backgrounds. We are committed to researching, as well as reaching out to friends to ensure that we can parent our children to embrace who they are as individuals. We want our children to be proud and knowledgeable of their heritage.

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Father-to-Be Mother-to-Be
Genre of Music Garth Brooks Jack Johnson
Childhood memory Climbing trees, playing bicycle-tag with friends, and going to the beach with my dad Playing outside with my 4 brothers and 5 sisters (grew up on five acres in the country- lots of places to explore)
Subject in School Entrepreneurship Math
Holiday Halloween Christmas
Bedtime story I Love You Daddy On the Night You Were Born
Dessert My oatmeal walnut dark chocolate chip cookies with ground flax seed David’s oatmeal walnut dark chocolate chip cookies with ground flax seed
Birthday Cake Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting Carvel Ice Cream Cake
Sport to watch or play Soccer, track, hiking, and Stand Up Paddling Tennis
A great family day would include: Zoo, beach/pool time, and family picnic at any of those locations Music class, trip to the zoo, then to the beach
Rainy day activity Playing inside with Louie Board Games

Best Wishes

Our promise to you…

We promise to love your child unconditionally. We will offer many opportunities to discover the world around them and how it works. We will foster a sense of adventure through nature, travel, and self-discovery. Our hope for our children is to have a happy, loving childhood and to have a secure sense of themselves.

We dream of the day when we can tell our children of their beautiful Mamas and how their love grew our family and how we will love and respect them always.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us in your adoption journey.

With much Aloha,
Maureen, David, and Louie

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