Jessica & Chris

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Jessica (Jess) Chris
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian & German Irish
Education/Degree Bachelors in Business Marketing Bachelor’s in  Communication - minor in English Literature
Profession Integrative Nutrition Consultant Rheumatology Sales rep

Our Story

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our profile! We are Jessica (Jess) and Chris.  We have been together 16 years and married for 6. We met as pharmaceutical representatives in 2003 when Chris, a NJ native, was brought to CT (where Jess grew up) for a new job. We were paired up together to share the same customers and hit it off immediately. It didn’t take long for our customers and colleagues to take on the roles of matchmakers!

Jess would often come out of an office to find her favorite latte waiting for her with a note from Chris. We started meeting for lunch in between visiting our customers or for a treat of doughnuts and pumpkin coffee after work.  Jess started to realize she was falling for this Irish guy.   We also bonded over our shared interests of running and being by the ocean. Our first official date was at our friend, Tina’s, wedding on August 23rd. We ironically got married 10 years later on August 23rd (when we announced our wedding date Tina called us to remind us as we had no clue we chose the same date)!

Some of our first dates consisted of us going for runs by the beach, seafood dinners, Broadway shows (Phantom of the Opera & Miss Saigon), Rockefeller Center at Christmas and pumpkin picking followed by a haunted corn maze in the fall.

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Family Life

We both love cooking and creating a home cooked meal together. We often host family dinners & brunch (Jess’s favorite) with our families’ and Chris’s family has been hosting “chopped” nights with his nieces/nephews. We also enjoy quiet evenings getting lost in a good movie, with a crackling fire while our cats, Sasha and Crash, cuddle alongside each of us.

We currently have two rescue cats, Sasha (queen B) and Crash (the “scaredy” cat), who fight over our attention, and are very much a part of our daily routine.

Every Fall we put out The Headless Horseman, which the neighborhood kids call “no noggin.”  We adore the magic of Christmas and enjoy the nostalgia of keeping our family’s tradition of searching for and cutting down a tree each year and stuffing each others stockings.  We often talk about what our first Christmas morning with a child will be like and cannot wait to experience that with him/her.

Each year we spend a week at Ocean City, New Jersey, a 52 year annual tradition started by Chris’s great aunt that has over 60 family members in attendance.  We all rent the same houses on the same street each year and now have Jess’s family join us.

We both are Catholic and will raise our child in the same loving faith that has helped to shape us into the people we are today. Father Bob was our first call when we had our first miscarriage and has been an integral part of our healing process to help us to accept the things we cannot change.

Jess starts most mornings by writing in her gratitude journal, an exercise she has her clients practice, while Chris will start his day listening to a daily meditation before heading to the gym.

Jessica Chris Family Life 01
Jessica Chris Family Life 02
Jessica Chris Family Life 03


We love to travel and experience new people, places and cultures. We often go hiking, skiing and biking. Chris is a season ticket holder of the Giants and rarely misses a game. Jess loves to garden and cut hydrangeas to put in our dining room. We grow fresh veggies in the large garden box Chris built and hope to teach our little one about the beauty of growing your own food.

It’s typical to see our neighbors hanging by our fire pit while their kids watch the baby deer run wild in the field behind our home. All the houses on our dead end street host an annual block party with games and music… we even had a petting zoo last year.

Jess lives for anything involving music and/or dance and health/wellness.  You can also find Jess powerwalking weekly in both our neighborhood and on the boardwalk.  She oozes with enthusiasm over her career change as an Integrative Nutrition Consultant, dedicating her energy to a preventive approach to clients’ health and wellbeing.

Chris LOVES going to the movie theatre and is known to have full conversations in movie quotes! Although we enjoy going together, it isn’t rare to see him at the movie theatre solo for a midnight show (most recently he saw the new Star Wars). He has been training in a Korean form of martial arts for 7 years.  This brings the combo of karate and meditation to his daily routine. He also does annual triathlons with his brother & cousins.  As a child Chris played football and baseball and one day he hopes to coach a child in a sport of their choice.

A typical day for us will have Chris waking up, feeding the kitty’s, putting a pot of local organic coffee on and heading to the gym. Jess will head out to powerwalk or the gym and, if time allows, we’ll eat a quick breakfast together before we both head to work. We rotate who’s in charge of preparing dinner or we’ll head over to our familys house (5 houses away) to have dinner with them and our Goddaughter. We’ll unwind with chatting on our rockers on our porch, catching up on a favorite show w/ a fire or out by the firepit before heading to bed.

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We are very comfortable with communication with you and will respect and honor the level of contact you are comfortable with. We want your child to be well adjusted and proud of his/her background and birth parents.  Shall you permit it, we’d love him/her to be aware of your courage and strength to make this difficult decision.

Developing an adoption plan for your child is a beautiful and selfless act and we would certainly honor that by keeping you updated on your child’s progress and milestones. This would include annual visits, pictures, email and telephone contact if so desired.

The most important thing to us is to make certain that your child knows that he or she is loved. Chris and I will always do what’s best for your child and if you desire on-going contact we will honor your wishes.

Diversity is important to us because we appreciate the uniqueness of all individuals.  We are inquisitive people who are always asking questions and interested in learning about different cultures. In college Jess immersed herself in learning about new cultures by becoming a member of the Multi-Cultural Club, the International Student Union and Rhythm & Pride step dance troop.   Chris was a member of a fraternity that had a multitude of ethnic and cultural differences.

We recognize that raising a child from a different race will pose some challenges but we welcome those challenges.  It’s our inquisitive nature that will drive us to incorporate some of his or her culture into our lives. This process has truly already begun for us by reaching out to our friends of other ethnicities to inquire what we should consider if we are blessed to adopt a child outside our race.  We are thankful to have them as such a valuable resource.

We would read and try our best to immerse ourselves in your child’s culture and heritage and make certain that he or she understands it as well, not just on holidays, but every day of the year.  Chris is of Irish decent and makes corned beef and cabbage each year. Jess is of Italian decent and she taught Chris how to make broccoli rabe and an authentic tomato sauce. Jess has even taught me to dance salsa because she loves the Latin culture.  We live in a wonderful and diverse neighborhood, in fact our next-door neighbors have four children who are adopted from various races.

We are confident we would bring that same passion to embracing your child’s culture, because we will love him or her unconditionally and we would want your child to be proud of who they are and where they came from.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music R&B House/Dance, Pop, Salsa/Merengue Classic Rock
Childhood memory With my family on my dad’s boat or sledding down the hill in my backyard w/ my brothers. Playing baseball in my front yard
Quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” “Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Teddy Roosevelt
Bake or Cook? Both depending on the mood Cook
Magazine Eating Well The Week
TV show This is Us Seinfeld
Movie Comedy- Liar Liar, Romantic-Love & Basketball The Godfather
Hero My Father Uncle Frank, my Godfather
Holiday Christmas! Christmas!
Favorite Color Sometimes pink, but also navy -reminds me of the ocean Blue-NY Yanks & Giants!
Dessert Warm cookie or brownie w/ ice cream Ice cream always
Actor Robert Deniro and Denzel Washington Marlon Brando. Current actor Bradley Cooper
Video Game Miss Pacman hands down Gauntlet
Sport to watch or play Dance Football
Author Elin Hilderbrand Ernest Hemingway
Favorite “thing” Wireless speaker to play by our firepit Cast iron skillet
If your life was a theme song what would it be? I was here -Beyonce Simple Man -Lynard Skynard
Mac or PC? Mac PC
Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the a.m, chamomile or green tea in the p.m Coffee all day!
Eat in or Dine out? We’re 50/50 we love trying new restaurants especially by the ocean. We’re 50/50 we love trying new restaurants especially by the ocean.
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early riser Early riser

Best Wishes

This must be your bravest, yet most difficult decision and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us.

After many failed attempts of trying to become parents on our own, you’ve restored our hope and provided an opportunity that we thought had vanished.

Thank you for your strength and we promise to cherish and love your child, as you would.

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