Emily & Peter

Emily Peter Cover 01
Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Emily Peter
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Caucasian Caucasian
Education/Degree M.A. Theatre M.S. Information Security
Profession Stage Manager Information Security Mgr

Our Story

Hello!  We are Emily and Peter, thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We met at a Freshman orientation dance the first weekend in undergrad.  We talked a bunch at the after party, and started dating soon after that.  We’ve been together since then, (~ 18 years total, married ~8 years).  We’ve spent most of our lives in the mid-west, and moved to the NYC area due to a job opportunity for Peter, and to allow Emily to work in theater in New York.  We’re currently spending our time living in NJ, working in NYC, and enjoying the zoos, theater, and other aspects of metro NYC living.  We routinely return to the mid-west to visit family, as well as the Baltimore area, where Peter’s sister and her family live.  Our goal is to stay in the NYC area for the foreseeable future, as Peter continues his work and Emily progresses her career.

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Family Life

We both value honesty and openness in our relationship.  This will continue to drive future decisions and activities.  We regularly discuss impacts to our family life, and work to make sure we are both informed and prepared for upcoming plans and deadlines. As we’re non-practicing Catholics, we would raise our child with a deep understanding of religion’s importance in forming moral and spiritual foundations, and if they so choose when they are old enough, will support them wherever they find that they belong.

We have two cats currently (Penny – an orange Siberian, and Leonard – a silver Bengal) who are both ~ 7 years old.  Leonard is a curious cat who is always interested in whatever is going on around the home.  Penny knows the home is her kingdom and enjoys reminding us humans of the pecking order.  Both are spoiled and loving life.

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Emily Peter Family Life 01
Emily Peter Family Life 03


Besides working downtown, we do a variety of different activities.  We like zoos and aquariums and are members at the NY zoos (WCS).  We also have active memberships at the Manhattan Plaza Health Club, where Emily does aqua aerobics classes regularly and Peter enjoys his lap swimming.  We attempt to be creative when cooking dinners at home and try to ensure we are eating dinner together.  Our apartment complex has a nearby park where we do bike riding and enjoy the waterfront views.

Emily’s hobbies include sewing, reading, and genealogy.  Peter’s hobbies include pretty much anything electronic, watching hockey, and attempting not to burn down the kitchen with his cooking mishaps.  Our apartment is a 3-bedroom unit in a park-like complex. The facilities include jungle gyms and play areas for the kids, and has several common events throughout the year, including earth day and spring kick-off with a petting zoo.

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We would like to have intermittent contact with you (such as at the annual picnic or similar) as we feel that the contact between our child and his/her birth family will help keep their sense of self strong and healthy.  Regular updates and photos are definitely welcome in both directions, especially if there are any siblings involved, and if you are comfortable with this amount of openness.

One of Emily’s hobbies is genealogy, and if you would like, she would love to do a genealogical history for the child, so they have a strong knowledge of where they come from to help them better understand who they are.

We both have experienced diverse environments throughout our lives.  As such, it’s been important to us as we started down the adoption path that we were open to our family becoming diverse itself.  We have a couple friends that are adopted across races that we’ve discussed this possibility with and we feel that helping the child understand their origins is more than just knowing who their birth parents are.  The sense of community that being immersed in a specific culture provides is something that shouldn’t be taught.  Our apartment complex is highly diverse, with strong cultural ties to several different ethnic backgrounds.

Additionally, we both have friends that we can lean on to help gain better exposure as a family and can act as resources for questions or complex concepts that we may need to learn in order to help a child grow. Art, literature, music, and theatre will be additional tools we can utilize to help make cultural immersion fun and meaningful.

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Mom Dad
Genre of Music Country Alternative
Childhood Memory First trip to Florida with Aunt and Grandparents.  Dad surprised me by visiting during the trip. Summers at the lake with family.
Quote “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” “Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when roasted and taste good with ketchup.”
Subject in school English Physics
Magazine National Geographic Reader’s Digest
TV show Gilmore Girls The Big Bang Theory
Movie A&E’s Pride & Prejudice Real Genius
Hero My Dad Kip Thorne
Holiday Halloween Halloween
Bedtime Story The Hobbit Sideways Stories from Wayside School
Dessert Angel Food Cake Cheesecake
Actor Adam Pascal Hugh Jackman
Video Game World of Warcraft Minecraft
Sport to watch or play Watch (Hockey) Watch (Hockey)
Author J.R.R. Tolkien Terry Pratchett
Gadget KitchenAid Stand Mixer Raspberry Pi
If your life was a theme song what would it be? Imagine (John Lennon) Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python)
Mac or PC? PC PC (although work forces cooperation with the Dark Side)
Coffee or Tea? Diet Coke Lemonade
Eat in or Dine out? Eat in Eat in
Early Riser or Night Owl? Early Riser Night Owl

Best Wishes

We want to help them be their best

Family dinners and game nights and pets

They’ll be encouraged to learn

And we’ll grow in turn

Together we’ll conquer life’s quests.

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