Diane & Michael

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Mother-to-be Father-to-be
First Names Diane Michael
Religion Catholic Catholic
Ethnic Background Italian & Polish Irish
Education B.A. Communications/ Bookkeeper Certification B.A. Sociology
Profession Women’s Boutique Owner & Certified Bookkeeper Director of Operations - Restaurant Chain

Our Story

Hello we are Michael and Diane! We met at work in Philadelphia, fell in love and quickly moved to Michael’s home state of NJ together.   We knew we would be perfect together because of our similar upbringing.  We both grew up in close families that share the same values.  Faith, our love for each other, community and tradition were hallmarks of our upbringing.  We loved the same things such as traveling, music, food and spending time with family and friends.   We married 4 years after meeting and just celebrated our 13 year anniversary.   We feel blessed everyday as we know our life experiences have brought us closer together and have made us stronger as a couple.

It was clear from early in our relationship that starting a family is something that we both desired.  It’s such a blessing to be surrounded by so much love, acceptance and support and we can’t wait to share that with new additions to our family.

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Family Life

We live in a small beach town in NJ.  Our neighbors have become our close friends.  We always believed in surrounding ourselves with as many good people as you can.  Getting the opportunity to share everything we have, especially our love with everyone around us is what life is truly about.

We live close to Michael’s immediate family who we spend a lot of time with.  We enjoy hosting dinners at our home and getting together with Michael’s parents, siblings, their spouses and our niece and nephews.  Diane’s family lives in Florida so we travel there a few times a year and they also love to come to our house during the summer and Christmas.  Our two families have become very close.  We feel so lucky that our families have blended together perfectly and they are so supportive and excited of our adoption plan!

Our friends, who we consider family, are also supportive of our adoption plan.  We share holidays and special events together and have been blessed to be included in their children’s lives. We have become Godparents to a few and considered honorary “aunt and uncle” to most.

We were both raised Catholic and plan to raise our children the same.  We will be open and supportive of them and guide them in what we believe should be the foundation of their personal growth- love, kindness and respect of others.

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We enjoy being outdoors in the warmer months, spending lazy days at the beach with family and friends, surfing and fishing.   We love to ride our bikes around town and spend time with our friends and neighbors having bbq’s in our backyards.   During the colder months we love to sit by the fire listening to records, cuddling with our cats and watching movies.  We also love to travel to the mountains to snowboard.

We travel to places near and far with family and friends trying out a variety of restaurants and experiencing live music of all kinds.  We feel so lucky to live so close to NYC, our favorite city, where we travel multiple times a year.

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We know that you are facing a very difficult decision.  We will be supportive and respectful of the level of openness that you choose.  We are hopeful that you want to meet with us to learn about the type of couple we are and the kind of parents we will be.  We want to learn about you and your wishes for your child.

We believe that openness will help with the development of the child and are prepared to communicate with them about their adoption.  We are comfortable with visits, phone calls, letters and sharing pictures.  The well-being of our child will always be a top priority for us.

We are prepared to bring a child of any ethnic background into our loving home.  Our families have taught us to be respectful and that everyone is created equal.  We grew up in homes where everyone was always welcome and accepted for who they are.

We believe that love is the most important thing when raising a child and we will do that unconditionally.    We do not believe that family is something that should be defined.  We believe that family and love is limitless and has no boundaries.

We have always embraced and respected cultures we have been exposed to.  If we adopt a child of another ethnic background, we will embrace and learn about their heritage and culture as a family.   We will do everything we can to ensure that our child grows up with a healthy self-esteem and a love for all backgrounds.

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Mother-to-be Father-to-Be
Genre of Music Pop, rock, electronic, dance, alternative. From Jam bands to Alt Country and everything in between!
Childhood memory Christmas Eve with family every year & 2 weeks at the beach every summer! All holidays and when family and friends stayed with us at the beach during the summer.
Magazine Health, InStyle Bon Appetit
TV show Modern Family, Fixer Upper, anything on cooking channel. Modern Family, Ugly Delicious, Mind of a Chef
Holiday Christmas Thanksgiving
Bedtime story Charlotte’s Web Loved the ones my Dad made up.
Sport to watch or play NFL Football NFL Football
Eat in or Dine out? Love to cook, but also love to dine out! Both
Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl Night Owl

Best Wishes

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  We will always appreciate your bravery in making this decision and know your selfless act of love is what gave our family this precious gift.

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